Mega Privacy

Mega Privacy has received another update that brings a host of added functionality to the cloud sharing service. Among the new features include the ability to download content directly to your phone's internal storage or SD card, as well as additional download preferences.

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Here's the latest in version

  • Added download options and preferences.
  • Download to phone storage and SD card.
  • Making use of the new FolderPicker SDK dialog
  • App opens on mega:// file link and lets the user import or download the linked file
  • SDK update
  • Added 1080p splashscreen and new app icon
  • Changed View Original to Download
  • Various fixes

With new features being added on a weekly basis and 50GB storage space available to all members, Mega is turning out to be a decent alternative to the likes of OneDrive.

QR: Mega Privacy

Thanks Zapella!