Messaging Skype beta for Windows 10 Mobile updated with stability improvements (Updated)

Microsoft is pushing out an update for their very new Messaging Skype and Skype video Preview apps for Windows 10 Mobile. Build 12748 is now live in the store up from the previous 12738 version, which was released this past Sunday.

As usual, there is no changelog. However, we can say with certainty that the app is more stable compared to the older version. Previously, on our Lumia 1520 the app was very shaky with frequent crashes (sudden closeouts) that made the app very tough to use as default. However, after installing today's update and rebooting the device the app is much more stable.

Messaging Skype and Skype video preview are two apps for Windows 10 Mobile that let you dynamically change between SMS and Skype chat within the same messaging app. The Skype video app lets you place direct video calls to users with the option to disable video as well. Although it may seem odd, this breaking down of Skype into components makes using the service easier. The reason is users can now have parts of Skype throughout the OS making it quicker and simpler to use.

Update: As pointed out, the Skype video preview now has a Settings option that lets you sign out of your account, find contacts and manage your account.

Microsoft is still expected to have a universal Skype app for Windows 10 that encompasses all these features and more for the power users. No details about that app are known, but presumably the Messaging Skype and Skype video preview will also come to Windows 10 desktop users at some point as well.

Anyone with a Windows 10 Mobile device can grab the update and either use the app as their default or keep it as a secondary system to tinker. Remember, you should soft reset (reboot) the phone to make sure the app stability increases. Stay tuned for our hands-on video later today with Messaging Skype beta for Windows 10 Mobile!

Download Messaging Skype beta for Windows 10 Mobile

Thanks, Bart W., for the tip!

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