What you need to know

  • Metro Exodus takes place after a Nuclear war devastates Russia.
  • The Two Colonels tells the story of a n infamous metro station in the game.
  • This DLC is set to release tomorrow, August 20, on all available platforms.

Much of the narrative in the Metro series is built on lies, but the truth is about to come out. If you've played Metro Exodus, you'll recognize the name Novosibirsk, a dead, irradiated city that you eventually visit. Its downfall remained a mystery until now. The Two Colonels tells the story of what exactly happened as Miller investigates the station.

The Two Colonels comes to Metro Exodus tomorrow, August 20. Metro Exodus is part of Xbox Game Pass right now. Though the DLC is not free through Xbox Game Pass, members do get a nice discount on it.

Russian underground

Metro Exodus

New DLC on the horizon.

Find out what happened to the station below the dead city of Novosibirsk in Metro Exodus' latest DLC. Metro Exodus brought the series from the underground up to the nuclear-devastated surface as Artyom and other survivors searched for a home.



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