Microsoft 365 for consumers rolls out today, here's how to get it

Microsoft Editor Extension
Microsoft Editor Extension (Image credit: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft 365 for consumers is available starting today.
  • Office 365 plans will automatically switch over to Microsoft 365 subscriptions.
  • Microsoft 365 Personal (opens in new tab) costs $70/year and Microsoft 365 Family (opens in new tab) costs $100 per year.

Microsoft 365 for Consumers is now rolling out to general users. Some features that are part of Microsoft 365, such as Microsoft Editor, were already available to Office 365 subscribers, but the new branding kicks in today. Microsoft 365 brings all of the same features and services as Office 365 but adds new functionality that will continue to grow going forward.

While Microsoft 365 adds new features and will get people access to other services and features as they come out, its priced identically to Office 365. Microsoft 365 Personal (opens in new tab) costs $70/year and Microsoft 365 Family (opens in new tab) costs $100 per year. Microsoft 365 Family allows you to share the subscription with five other people and includes 6TB of cloud storage.

If you already have an Office 365 subscription, it will automatically turn into a Microsoft 365 plan. If you don't have a subscription, you can sign up for one through Microsoft's website (opens in new tab).

The change to Microsoft 365 branding officially happens today, but Microsoft started rolling out some of its features as soon as it was announced. Microsoft Editor was already available to Office 365 customers, for example.

Over time, Microsoft 365 will have many new features, including Microsoft Editor, Money in Excel, PowerPoint Presenter Coach, and the consumer version of Microsoft Teams. We break down all of the new features in our guide on Microsoft 365.

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  • I still have a couple prepaid office 365 subscriptions. Those are still valid right? I can't redeem them because my current subscription was bought with Best buy geek squad and they want you to buy from them smh
  • Just go into your MS account and add them to your existing one. I've done that and each one just extends my time.
  • I just got off with Microsoft Supply and they tell me Microsoft Teams for Consumer is not yet available through Microsoft 365 Family.
  • That's because Microsoft Teams for Consumers hasn't launched yet.
  • So what is available if it's available now and everything will be available later?
  • Microsoft Editor is already here. I think some of the other new features have rolled out, though I'd have to check.
  • The new features aren't available yet. I can see that in my MS 365 account (it switched over automatically) and also in the last paragraph of the article.
  • Why would I paying for this when Google Docs is free and easier to access?
  • Ok then don't? It's pretty simple.
  • Don't be a troll. Microsoft Office online is also free and is still way better and more capable than Google Docs. This is a premium service that offers even more features.
  • If you want an answer, you can find it on the Office site by reading up on what features it offers. If you don't want an answer, why are you asking? I think that we both know the answer to that.
  • Got it. $70 for 1TB of cloud storage. That isn't a bad deal on its own. Everything else is whatever. If you really need to local install those legacy programs for personal use, then more power to you.
  • Those "legacy programs" allow me to work completely offline, can't say the same for Google Docs!!!!!
  • I'll counter that with a question of my own, why would I use Google Docs when Office Online is obviously superior and also free?
  • I just keep using Libre office, currently meets my needs.
  • The free online edition of Office is really good and helpful. Not as much productive since it's in a browser and has some limitation but way better than G-suite. Regarding O365 I have been using it and sharing it for less than 1.5$ per month and per user and it comes with the full Office suite and 1TB of OneDrive storage that I use to automatically backup pictures taken with my smartphones and other devices. It cost almost nothing and I just love it.
  • How are you able to get it for that cheap? $1.5 per month.
  • I think he's dividing the cost by the number of users he has on his account, so $1.50 per user for him.
  • I just wish they would have a gamepass ultimate family that could be bundled with this.
  • Me too, but it wouldn't make sense for them to include it since Xbox Live Hold itself is $10 a month or $15 a month for Ultimate. They'd literally just be giving away Office and Game Pass if it was included.