Microsoft acquires MinecraftEdu, announces upcoming Minecraft Education Edition

Microsoft has announced plans to launch a special release of the company's popular block building video game. Called Minecraft Education Edition, this new title will offer the tools for classrooms to recreate and explore various worlds to aid in learning. For the time being, this edition of Minecraft will offer better mapping tools and an in-game camera for screenshots, but more importantly pupils will be able to download and take home a copy of the Education Edition without having to purchase the full game.

The company is able to launch this special edition of its game after acquiring the mod MinecraftEdu. Lings Primary School in Northampton, UK already uses MinecraftEdu in the classroom, teaching pupils about Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and tasking them with recreating the play inside the block-filled world. Microsoft is certainly taking Minecraft in the classroom seriously.

There's also a neat website for teachers can submit and obtain worlds and lesson plans to use in the classroom. It's welcoming to see teachers and the education sector welcoming the inclusion of gaming in the curriculum, recognizing the benefits the medium can bring to pupils. The company plans to launch Minecraft Education Edition later this year.

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  • My 7yr old daughter would love an excuse to play Minecraft in school
  • XD
  • My 9yo daughter is currently taking a math class through Minecraft, she loves it. Also, a few months ago I walked my kids through boolean algebra by way of Redstone logic gates.
  • Hopefully they open this up for purchase by anyone.
  • US Schools? Don't know about that. They are mostly Googlofied.
  • I thing it is a great move by Microsoft buying Minecraft. There are so many areas this can be applied to and keeps kids interested and engaged. Imagine teaching history via Minecraft, recreations of historic towns, buildings or events where each child can explore it in their own way.
  • With hololense sometimes in future
  • How many times they need to buy it?
  • In future they should be cheap like budget smartphone
  • Did you read the article? Says the educational version can be given to the child.
  • Minecraft was a game that turned into serious business.
    I wonder why google didn't see this, they must be underestimate the minecraft
  • Do not underestimate the power of the dar.. Minecraft!
  • A large screen windows mobile laptop (locked down and minimal maintenance), preloaded with Minecraft EDU + Office Mobile and priced <$250 could probably work really well for Microsoft in the education market. They could take on chromebooks the only place they are doing well.
  • It seems like this would be a great idea, Isnt there an education version of OneNote?
    Edit: Yep -
  • Now you can play while you study!
  • I would have happily done my homework if this was in back in the days :-D
  • Is it just learning how to build and be creative?
  • Read the article and find out.
  • I did not know that the mine craft has this much potential. Now I am thinking about combination of hololens and minecraft. That will be epic! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
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