Microsoft adds media embed support and more in its latest Sway update

Microsoft's recently launched web-based presentation service Sway, which had an open preview launch in December, got a new update today. It now allows users to embed content from a variety of media sources to its Sway presentation.

The company says:

"Sway now also lets you easily embed a variety of web content types from other services in your Sway—including videos, images, audio clips, maps, charts and documents. This expands the types of interactive multimedia you can include in Sway to help communicate your ideas.

Some of those sources include Excel Online, SoundCloud for audio support, Vine and Vimeo for video support and more. Today's update also allows Sway user to import content from older Word .doc and PowerPoint .ppt file formats. In addition, PDF, Word and PowerPoint content can now be added directly from a user's OneDrive account. Finally, Sway users now have a "Separate" option for any grouped cards.

Source: Office blog (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • Thanks!
  • I love Sway. Hope we get a mobile app soon.
    Here is a Sway of My Sways.(So Far) :-)
  • Thanks for sharing your examples. I'm trying to figure what makes this different than just creating a blog post though. Why would I use this instead?
  • Its more dynamic and easier to create. Sway has huge potiential. I liken it to PowerPoint and .PDF's having a baby ;)  
  • lmao
  • Yah !i remember SWAY..!
  • I hope they make it mobile friendly. Crashes on internet exploder
  • They have an app on IOS, I hope similar will be available for us with 10
  • Let me know when they give the home OS as much support as iOS.
  • Glad this is finally working. However its still not working as announced. In regards to video files I can only get .wmv's to work. Support for Mpeg, MP4, and .Mov still not working. Anyone else having the same problem?
  • It's starting to bug me that Microsoft gives better support to IOS/Android than WP :/ I hope Windows 10 changes all that :)
  • I used Sway to share orthopaedic instruments with my friends. A feature to save original quality media (image, video, audio) from sway would be extremely useful.
  • Were you able to use a video format other than WMV?
  • When is sway coming to windows phone. And I guess, it should come to office 16.
  • Great application!
  • Kool