Microsoft and HP team up for new Windows 10-powered education program

Microsoft is teaming up with PC maker HP for a new education program that will use Windows 10-based devices from HP. It's called Reinvent the Classroom, and will see a number of classrooms all over the world getting some cool new technology.

HP stated:

"Reinvent the Classroom will place state-of-the-art Learning Studios in more than 60 school locations across the world to support advanced blended learning, international collaboration and the maker movement in education. With tools like Microsoft Office 365, Skype and HP Adaptive Learning, these schools will shape the future of learning. "With Microsoft, we are delivering exciting new devices and solutions that help schools and students rethink the possibilities around learning, creating a vision for the Classroom of the Future," said Alex Cho, vice president of Commercial PCs, Personal Systems, HP Inc. "This vision is manifested through HP and Microsoft's Reinvent the Classroom program, showcasing how innovation can create more immersive learning environments."

HP also revealed plans to release two new Windows 10 notebooks made specifically for schools:

"The HP ProBook 11 G2 Education Edition notebook is constructed using industrial co-molded rubber to protect against the rigors of the classroom and has up to 18 hours of battery life -- this notebook is built to last. The powerful and versatile HP ProBook 11 EE is powered by Windows 10 and offers up to Intel Core performance with an optional touchscreen, empowering breakthrough experiences miles beyond netbooks."The HP Pro 310 x360 Convertible PC Education Edition with Windows 103 is blended learning ready with a rotational hinge allowing for four modes to suit any learning style: stand, tent, notebook and tablet. The Pro 310 x360 features an Intel Celeron or Pentium processor, and solid state storage up to 256 GB."

The HP ProBook 11 G2 Education Edition will go on sale in February with a starting price of $359, while the HP Pro 310 x360 Convertible PC Education Edition goes on sale in March starting at $449.

Source: HP (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • Microsoft needs to do something. Here in the states at least in NC most of the classrooms use macs and iPads. Would love to see the next generation grow up with Surface in hand.
  • Or at least more Windows products
  • MS must start offering schools/uni Windows 10 laptops at manufacturing price. That's the best way of tackling cheaper ChromeBooks and iPads.
  • Don't look at the US to get a proper picture of the world. iPads we have too but hardly any mac. Most devices are 2in1 Windows devices next to the Teacher's PC.
  • I agree. My daughters' school bought hundreds of Chromebooks and is forcing Google Apps for Education on the students. I don't want my kids using that crap, but I need compelling options to show them as alternatives. Acer Cloudbook is a start, but MS needs to have a comprehensive package that offers what GAFE does, and a whole lot more (besides not data mining your kids' data, of course).
  • Price is a little bit more than normal
  • I know schools where they are rolling out Surfaces. It's exciting. But with more power, people need to learn more too. And that's a good thing.
  • Why can't they use the best processors?
  • Why should they?
  • How countries on this planet?
  • The convertible needs to support pen input, then it'll be useful. Every school I've worked in love the idea of going all digital with OneNote for Classrooms but they still need the students to be able to write in certain subjects, especially English, Maths, and Science so every initiative I've started has never gone further than Computing/ICT. Great to see Microsoft finally getting involved in the education market more. Both the iPad and Chromebooks are gaining far too much traction.    
  • Sounding good to me, I wish they did stuff like this when I was at school !!!