Real Madrid

Microsoft will livestream a press event from the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid, Spain on Tuesday, where the company will announce a new and major partnership with the Real Madrid CF soccer team.

The event will happen at 6:30 pm Madrid time (1:30 pm Eastern time). Officially, Microsoft says of the announcement, "A digital transformation is coming to the world of soccer (or as it's more commonly known worldwide, futbol) that will change the game for millions of fans." However, Forbes is reporting, via unnamed sources, that this is a four-year deal between Microsoft and Real Madrid, adding:

The unique partnership includes exclusive digital content and virtual experiences delivered to fans through a new digital platform, and business solutions to increase efficiency and performance of the staff."

Forbes estimates that the partnership will be worth about $40 million. Microsoft already has a $400 million multi-year deal with the National Football League that, among other things, gives the American football team access to special Surface Pro 2 tablets on the field. Is this new Microsoft-Real Madrid agreement going to help bring more fans to the company?

Source: Microsoft, Forbes

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