If you are a fan of running, spring is the time to get started outside. Today, Microsoft and RunKeeper have announced a contest whereby you can win 1-of-10 Microsoft Bands.

The challenge? Run or walk 26.2 miles throughout the month of April. Moreover, unlike real marathons, you do not need to do this all at once! Ten winners will be randomly selected from the pool of qualifiers to win a Microsoft Band.

All you need to do is log in and accept the challenge. Then, your distance is calculated using a RunKeeper app. Ironically, there is no official Run Keeper app for Windows Phone. However, there is the highly-rated Caledos Runner or Catchme apps, which plug into Run Keeper for data keeping.

Microsoft Band users can also jump in for a chance to win another Microsoft Band. That is because Microsoft Health links up to RunKeeper to keep everything in sync, and you can see our tutorial on it here. Alternatively, if you are a Fitbit users, you too can link your RunKeeper account to Fitbit under the RunKeeper settings > apps.

RunKeeper is a free service, although there is an optional Elite Package for $9.99 a month that adds advanced reports, insights, comparisons, and even live broadcasting of runs.

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To enter, just head to the blog post and tap 'Accept the Challenge.' We already signed up!

Source: RunKeeper