Microsoft announces Surface Earbuds with gesture support

Surface Earbuds on table
Surface Earbuds on table (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft announced the new Surface Earbuds at the October Surface event, costing $249.
  • The new earbuds support gestures and a variety of Microsoft-focused features.
  • The new Earbuds will work with the newly announced Microsoft Surface hardware.

Microsoft announced new earbuds to go up against Apple's AirPods. This new accessory offers up to 24 hours of battery life and should not only work with Microsoft's latest Surface hardware but other devices too. The main highlight of the new Surface Earbuds is the design and gesture support.

Each Earbud has a flat surface to allow for full gesture control, letting you manipulate media playback, volume, and even supported apps like Microsoft Office. You'll be able to translate content and much more. These new Surface Earbuds will come out later in October for $249.

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  • Wow, those are ugly and expensive. You look like you have a satellite dish stick in your ear, no wonder it fell out of her ear on stage. Fail! Have you ever thought, "I really need ear buds that somehow work with Office"?
  • If you can put a skin on them -- that would be awesome. 🤘🏼
  • Uhm, yeah. A lot.
  • I'd put up with them looking like ear-rings, if it truly could manage 24 hours playback time, rather than 4 hours playback and the case can re-charge it 5 times, which seems to be the way manufacturers currently claim long playback times.
  • That battery life is insane. Very impressive if true.
  • Not ugly; just too big, by about 25 %. Expensive yes, but not terribly.
  • Can't decrease much in size, as the dish control would practically become unusable.
  • How does the aesthetic looks of something have anything to do with it falling out of someone's ear, unless what you're saying is it was so big she accidently bumped it with her hand? And if that's the case say that. This comment was weaker than your usual ones.
  • The large circular design sticks too far out of the ear. Long and curly hair will knock these out of your ear easily. The center mass of the device is probably biased towards the large circle as well. It's not a good sign when the product falls out of the presenter's ear during the reveal.
  • Satellite dishes are big and heavy. Imagine trying to keep a satellite dish stick in your ear.
  • Well the price is higher than I expected but the size and style is not that much different than say the Jabra I use now. The addition of Office features is actually a useful thing in the Enterprise market, especially when you have to consider accessibility (esp. In Education). I hope they eventually get the price to $199 and offer them in black.
  • 8 hours per charge with 24 hours total is pretty good, but that's way too expensive. The simple pairing is nice, but that's a 1 time use feature that really doesn't matter. Swipe to skip a track, 3 taps to launch Spotify, and double tap to answer a call??? Swipe should be for volume, 2 taps to skip (industry standard), and 3 taps for previous track (industry standard). A voice assistant could be used to launch a music app. With how far these stick out from the ears and their large size, long and curly hair will easily pull them out of ears. The only idea I have for why they're circular is to have a similar visual style with the Surface Headphones. Should've come up with a more sensible design. I'll keep using my Bragi Dash Pro until the battery finally dies or when a company finally has a compelling product to upgrade to. Sony's new wireless buds almost make me switch until I saw the low water resistance.
  • You did notice that volume is controlled by rotating, right? So why have the same functionality supported by two gestures or to leave a gesture unused? I don't think we can talk about industry standards for a gadget with a lifetime of 1 year.
  • It was weird for me though to not hear anything about Cortana integration!
    I mean, since they repositioned Cortana to be more "conversational" and "a skill embedded in Office 365", then an Office-integrated, business oriented Earbuds seemed like a perfect match! Yet, not a single word about it!
  • I am right there with you. I was very bummed that they didn't mention anything about Cortana.