Microsoft announces a $15 mouse to win over new buyers, people on the go

Sometimes we become so involved in Microsoft’s larger hardware endeavors like the Surface and Xbox One that we forgot about the company’s smaller creations. Today Microsoft has unveiled the new Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850, and while the item will be looked over by many tech enthusiasts, it is an essential part of Microsoft’s offerings for consumers.

The new Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 is advertised as “a super lightweight mouse designed for people who live life on-the-go”. The small piece of hardware was designed to feel comfortable in both right-handed and left-handed users and will use a 2.4 GHz wireless transceiver to communicate with your PC.

You may wonder why we are even bothering to cover the release of what would seem to be such an insignificant run-of-the mill PC accessory, but the reason is simple – the mouse costs less than fifteen dollars at $14.95 USD.

Before working in technology news, I worked in retail, and I soon learned that one of the most purchased accessories purchased with a new PC is a mouse. As consumers pick up new laptops, the first accessories to add-on to the systems are brand new wireless mouses (Touchpads do not get much love). A majority of the consumers I worked with would simply grab the cheapest option they could find. In the end, this decision path usually led them to a Logitech M310 or equivalent series mouse. The Logitech M310 is usually available for $29.99 USD and was constantly on sale for $14.99 USD.

Microsoft mice were always an available option, but never seemed to be as cheap as Logitech’s offerings. The new Mobile Mouse 1850 from Microsoft hits a price point that will make consumers gladly choose their device over Logitech. Therefore, while you might smile at the new 1850 and think it is an insignificant piece of plastic – it just might be one of the top selling accessories and serve as much welcomed income for Microsoft.

The Wireless Mobile Mouse will be available later this month in a variety of colors including Coal Black, Flame Red, Orchid Pink, Pantone Purple, and Wool Blue.

Do you use a wireless mouse with your PC - what brand is it?

Source: Microsoft

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  • Mighty
  • Might get myself one!
  • Logitech
  • MicroTech
  • I have Microsoft wireless keyboard
  • Congratulations... Duh!
  • I like turtles  
  • Microsoft Arc Surface edition.. Gotta have Bluetooth for the surface pro 2 since there's only one USB port..
  • would be nice if you can use it with your Lumia xxxx phone and use miracast like connection to the TV and whoala. Ubuntu will be killed even though it still not released.
    And the OS must be Windows RT not WP.
  • I really really hope we will see Bluetooth keyboard/mouse support for WP8. In my view it shouldn't be too hard since winrt already has it. Also yes, I would super love to see miracast on phone!
  • Windows 8.1 will be bringing something similar to Miracast.
  • It is bringing Miracast and keyboard and keyboard and mouse support
  • I've heard Miracast support many times, but I've heard nothing suggesting 8.1 is bringing support for external keyboard/mouse support. The linked list also doesn't suggest such features are coming. Only Miracast, plus some video out via USB feature.
  • There are literally thousands things that Windows has but not Windows Phone. That Bluetooth support should be one of the things which are particulary easy to put into Windows Phone sounds not reasonable.
  • Lumia xxxx sounds like a porn parody
  • I have a dell wm112
  • Should've just lowered the price of the surface arc mouse.
  • Yea those are nice we have one on our desktop however the signal strength seems to be a little weak at times.
  • I use Microsoft wireless mobile mouse 1000
  • I was just thinking that this looks like the newer cousin of that mouse. I have a Mobile Mouse 1000 that I bought quite a while ago for about the same price as this to use with my laptop and I still love that little thing. Battery lasts for a good long time.
  • Need an equivalent with bluetooth that is not as expensive as the wedge.
  • I've used this mouse for 7 years. Still ticking. Paid $35 dollars for it, brand new:
  • Would have been awesome if it was bluetooth. So I wouldn't have to plug anything in.
  • My thoughts exactly!
  • ^this...
    I prefer Bluetooth over the usual wireless. The current Bluetooth technology already have low power consumption.
  • Same. Already have a Microsoft wireless mouse that I love to bits (got it + a wireless keyboard for $25, nearly four years ago). It's serving me reliably, so I have no interest unless it's Bluetooth.
  • Don't think I'll be buying another Microsoft bluetooth mouse til they get that little bluetooth sleep bug in Win 8 sorted out. I have a Sculpt Comfort Mouse that I paid a pretty penny for that's sitting in a drawer because I got tired of having to turn it off and back on every 15-20 minutes because the connection would drop.
  • Im using a Microsoft Explorer Touch mouse. Never going back to scroller mouse, touch ftw!!!!
  • Instabuy.
  • Logitech Unified all the way. On my desktop I use a Logitech Performance MX together with their T650 touch pad for the best non-touch screen desktop W8 experience. On my tablet I use a Logitech Anywhere MX. I also use Logitech keyboards linking in to my Unified system, and on the tablet I use one with a touch pad attached for convenience. Microsoft stuff used to be good, but the build quality of their mice is not what it was. The Logitech Anywhere MX is the king of portable mice, and it truly does work anywhere.
  • I had a Logitech Performance MX, but it was a little too big. I replaced it with Logitech G9x, which is a corded mouse, by it is awesome, especially for gaming.
  • Microsoft has to stop making mice that need that stupid USB connector. I wish there was a Bluetooth equivalent for the Touch Mouse or the Arc Touch.
  • As someone who has a Win8.1 tablet, no Bluetooth no thanks. And there is an Arc Touch with Bluetooth, search for "Arc Touch Surface Edition". Beware though it's pretty pricy.
  • Then tell the PC manufacturers to quit making cheap laptops without bluetooth. People with more sophisticated systems and bigger wallets are obviously not the target market for this particular mouse. They can't just cater to one segment.
  • Ooh I want the purple one to match my purple Type Cover 2 for my Surface 2
  • I am insane...using an expensive one...i use Microsoft Sculpt wid my PC & Android doesnt patches up wid Lumia 1520.
    Microsoft plz allow bluetooth mousing!!
  • I'm a PC hipster. Use a Logitech trackball mouse ;) will never go back
  • pfft!  hipster!
  • I'm no hipster, but sporting the Logitech Marble Mouse on my workstations.
  • I agree with the comment that Bluetooth would be ideal. Right now I'm using a Logitech M325 for my laptop. Typically, I will pull the dongle out of my laptop, stow it in the mouse and put it in my pocket for use with my Surface RT. I wouldn't mind having an extra diminutive mouse for use with our portable devices.
  • Seems....
  • I have several Microsoft wireless "mice" -  model 3500.  They work flawlessly and I prefer them over the finicky touchpad's I've come across.  Of course, YMMV.
  • Loving the pink one. It's on my wish list!
  • I wish it was Bluetooth enabled, I would readily buy it. I have an XPS, so I don't wanna engage a USB port for the mouse. Bluetooth is great for this purpose. Currently I use Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse. But I hate touch scroll, it hurts my fingers. I personally feel, wheel scroll is better.
  • Why not bluetooth?  I don't want the mouse taking up that precious USB port on the tablet.  
  • I use the Arc Touch Mouse SE.
  • a lot of people still don't really know how to use touchpads. they don't know how to scroll with 1 or 2 fingers. they don't know that they can simply tap the pad to click and don't have to press a stiff or mushy button the other big problem with touchpads is configuring the speed and sensitivity. your average user doesn't even know that they can do such a thing. configuring those settings is absolutely critical
  • Its more "doesn't want to" than "doesn't know to".
    Tech doesn't dictate what people do, people dictate what tech should do!
  • Its a combination of the two. Its more like "don't want to know how to".. Change is SCARY!!!!! 8P
  • This
  • I was always using Microsoft Mice but few weeks ago when I needed to replace my 8 year old MS laser mouse [left button started acting up] I found out that Microsoft no longer offers a decent wired mouse and it seems to continue here, I am sick of all this wireless crap; like I want another device with a battery to charge/change. As a result after 15+ years of using MS wired mice I went with the Roccat Lua, great wired mouse, only issue was a squeek in the wheeel at times, I wonder if it will last as long as my last MS mouse.  
  • Nice. I might actually get 1 of these. I wish there was a bluetooth version as well though. Then I'd buy one of each. Posted via the WPC App for Android from my Q10!
  • I think just about every mobile OS was involved in your comment :P
  • HAHA :D :D
  • MS Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500
  • Would be nice with Bluetooth so it doesn't waste the one USB port on the Surface.
  • Agreed, but Bluetooth is more expensive. ;)
  • Yeah, lack of Bluetooth is my gripe for the Microsoft Touch Mouse I have as well: It's great otherwise. Hope Bluetooth prices come down soon :P
  • I actually REALLY like the Microsoft Sculpt Mobile. It's around $20 and works very well. Great accessory for a small laptop. (I use it with an Inspiron 3137 11")
  • Microsoft and will get the new one when released
  • anyone noticed that pics on Microsoft bolg are clicked with Nokia ProCam
  • I know's as if they own them..oh well.
  • I use a Logitech M570. I don't think I can go back to standard mice after experiencing the superiority of finger trackballs. And by finger I mean including the thumb.
  • I may get one of these to pair up with my Lumia 2520 and Power Keyboard. Looks like it will fit right in.
  • Is it better than SS Rival for CS? No?
  • Available in Europe Q3 2019.
  • Get a Roccat or other EU brand and screw Microsoft if they don't want to release in EU at the same time as in US.  
  • I have a Roccat, but I only use it for gaming. Otherwise I use the touchpad, not a mouse.
  • I use touch screen only '-'
  • Being Bluetooth, will zina shut down all apps running when a text shows up?
  • I am unemployed!
  • I use a Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse (model 1490) when I'm at home.  Other than that, I prefer to use the eraserhead pointing stick on my Lenovo.
  • I have a MS Arc Touch Mouse at my desk ay work, my desk at home, and in the bag with my Surface Pro 2. Love it. My wife has one, too.
  • I am using belkin bluetooth mouse with my laptop but it is having issues like random connectivity loss in windows 8.1
  • Yes. Microsoft.
  • Lenovo mouse for $10!!! Really nice too
  • Using a Microsoft Arc Touch. Best mouse ever
  • logitech m570 one of the last true trackballs available
  • Will it be compatible with the Surface 2?
  • For large hands, the Logitech M5xx series is still one of the best.   My M510 is full size and has some nice weight to it if you use two batteries.
  • I have a cyan mobile mouse 3500. Looks good next to my red 920. I believe I got mine on sale too for around $15 last year
  • Kinda surprised with their move into hardware that they haven't targetted the Gaming market. Would be great to see a mechanical keyboard/high end mouse etc. They could even extend the xbox brand to cover it.
  • Looks very nice. I'm now using mini Targus wireless mouse.
  • A Bluetooth option would be nice for my Surface 2.
  • Does anyone know of a mouse that supports left, right, and top swiping to be Windows 8 friendly? Something similar to touchpads on new laptops? Ideally, with side buttons? I got the surface docking station as a gift and I'm looking for a mouse that will help making up for the loss of convenience due to not being able to swipe from left and right.
  • Look into the Microsoft wireless mobile mouse 4000. I think it has those features.
  • i dont see the point because you have to use a usb dongle. at least on my surface 2, i buy a motorola bluetooth mouse for fifteen dollars on amazon. i think it was made for one of their tablets but hey, no dongle.
  • No. Using Steelseries Katana Dota 2 Edition.
  • i always use a wireless mouse. using it for 5-6 years now. i use Logitech, best performance so far. this also looks promising, gonna try.
  • I do use a Microsoft mouse and I love it. It's the wireless mobile mouse 4000. I desperately wanted the wool blue option but it was way overpriced. Instead I acquired a black one for around $10. I'm happy. I use it with my 17 inch laptop.