Microsoft announces a $15 mouse to win over new buyers, people on the go

Sometimes we become so involved in Microsoft’s larger hardware endeavors like the Surface and Xbox One that we forgot about the company’s smaller creations. Today Microsoft has unveiled the new Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850, and while the item will be looked over by many tech enthusiasts, it is an essential part of Microsoft’s offerings for consumers.

The new Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 is advertised as “a super lightweight mouse designed for people who live life on-the-go”. The small piece of hardware was designed to feel comfortable in both right-handed and left-handed users and will use a 2.4 GHz wireless transceiver to communicate with your PC.

You may wonder why we are even bothering to cover the release of what would seem to be such an insignificant run-of-the mill PC accessory, but the reason is simple – the mouse costs less than fifteen dollars at $14.95 USD.

Before working in technology news, I worked in retail, and I soon learned that one of the most purchased accessories purchased with a new PC is a mouse. As consumers pick up new laptops, the first accessories to add-on to the systems are brand new wireless mouses (Touchpads do not get much love). A majority of the consumers I worked with would simply grab the cheapest option they could find. In the end, this decision path usually led them to a Logitech M310 or equivalent series mouse. The Logitech M310 is usually available for $29.99 USD and was constantly on sale for $14.99 USD.

Microsoft mice were always an available option, but never seemed to be as cheap as Logitech’s offerings. The new Mobile Mouse 1850 from Microsoft hits a price point that will make consumers gladly choose their device over Logitech. Therefore, while you might smile at the new 1850 and think it is an insignificant piece of plastic – it just might be one of the top selling accessories and serve as much welcomed income for Microsoft.

The Wireless Mobile Mouse will be available later this month in a variety of colors including Coal Black, Flame Red, Orchid Pink, Pantone Purple, and Wool Blue.

Do you use a wireless mouse with your PC - what brand is it?

Source: Microsoft

Michael Archambault