Microsoft announces new Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop - your hands love you again

Microsoft has always had a skill for developing ergonomic keyboards and mice; their latest addition to the computer accessory world appears to be no exception. The company has just announced the new Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop.

The new keyboard has a unique split design down the center, which is coupled with a cushioned palm rest and the signature dome shape. Ergonomic keyboards help to reduce pain for users who type for hours on end by keeping your wrists at a natural angle while working. The included mouse is also designed to be more ergonomic with sculpted contours.

From the press image above, the Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop, appears to be a collection of three pieces - the keyboard, the mouse, and a separate number pad.

Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop

The new ergonomic combo from Microsoft will be available later this month on the 15th with an MSRP of $129.95, but if you just want to pick up the keyboard you can do so for $79.95 – the mouse for $59.95. You can find a listing for it already at the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab).

Do you use an ergonomic keyboard when working?

Source: Microsoft

  • OOOO, me want!  Who's going to be the FIRST to buy it for me?
  • it looks weird to me with that empty space in the middle
  • So they just cut the hump out the old ergonomic keyboard?
  • Just waiting for that 6tagram post
  • Looks like we already have one ;)
  • Where?
  • trolled :D
  • The keys, look at the keys, so flat.. My god, I'd like to try to type on that thing, just to try it out.
  • I am wondering if there would be a learning curve for this keyboard!
  • I see what you did there.
  • The mouse looks clever. I like that.
  • No need for keyboards, my hands love me once every two-three days LMAO
  • Damn!!  You BEAT me to it .... LMAO
  • I'm not sure that mouse looks ergonomic but it is nice to see Microsoft is not neglecting bigger desktop hardware. I hate trying to fine a mouse in the store anymore. They all seem to be tiny, junky and use Bluetooth that can't stay connected.
  • Let me be clear here, I love Microsoft's mice. I started with a MS Mouse 2.0 (before the IntelliMouse in the mid-90s) and rushed out to buy the first wheel mouse in 1997. However, it never ceases to amaze me which many different forms "ergonomic" takes. I remember the ads for the first IntelliMouse which pointed out how they had measured all those hands to find the perfect shape. I guess the perfect shape of hands has changed a lot over the last decade or two... ;-)
  • Tired of my keyboard... Just now!
  • Lol this fckin keyboard xD ima use it to murder my roommates. Ill knock em out using that fat shitty mouse hahaha xD
  • Love my sidewinder - just wish it had mechanical keys.  Would be nice to see some higher end versions from MS, no need for a package, just a high end keyboard that'll last a lifetime please! :)
  • I used to get wrist pain until I switched to the Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, also sold as the Ergonomic Desktop 7000 (including a mouse). The mouse is good too. Will definitely be looking out for this new one once prices drop!
  • Gotta buy expensive gaming mice to get a good mouse these days.
  • I actually have never used one of these keyboards that have different angles for each hand... I wonder if I would get used to it...
  • I've used them from day one and love them. I'll be picking this up quick. I type faster with ergonomic as well. Great looking keyboard.
  • Yea, same here, I've been using them for many years, still have a old white one as I pull it apart every 6-8 months and clean it completely out.
    I might jump at this one but, I will wait for a wired one, I dont want a wireless setup on my desktop (Why need to replace batteries every few months or find the case the battery goes dead one day and I cant use my computer because of it).
    I'll have to see it in the store...wonder how well it will work for gaming.... as I use my PC for a ton of gaming, I wont give up my razor mouse tho...
  • WHY won't they put a TAB key on the number pad?  Am I the only one who uses a TAB key while using the number pad?
  • You might be the only one. I don't think I have ever seen a tab key on the number pad.
  • Although not the prettiest design, here ya go... And another... I just want Microsoft to make one now... but it's not really at the top of my list of wants, which is probably why they don't bother.
  • Since our users do a lot of data entry but not any addition, we remap the "+" key to be a tab key. They can't work without it now. Just a simple registry change.
  • Makes sense actually, when you sit on the desk, your hands are always pointing slightly inwards to the center. Me want this, it looks and probably feels just right. :)
  • I kinda don't get it. Who will spend $130 on these? They are just  expensive. I understand the design is very cool and convenient. However, average cusomers won't spend that much on these, and they don't even have bluetooth. Apple's keyboards are aluminum, and have bluetooth combine with the magic mouses are still cheaper...  
  • @MidahoX - This is not targeted to "average consumers". Apple's keyboards are for the average consumer. These ergo keyboards are more targeted to people who actually type a lot during most of their day. Apple's keyboard is more comparable to Microsoft's Arc Keyboard, which sells for $59.99, and as a consumer, I'd choose the Arc over Apple's any day.
  • have you every typed on one of these type of keyboards ? It's a major difference in comfort. I can type double my rate and more accurate on one these type of keyboards..
    Go on to a desk, take your hands and put them on your desk, natrually you will see they go in at a angle, you will see why MS made these type of keyboards. If you dont want to spend $130, they have some older models that are just as confortable to use for a lot less (one for $50 but, i am sure you can find one on amazon or ebay cheaper)
  • I used ergonomic before I got used to it just fine. Idk though I always switched back to normal.
  • Just curious: Has Microsoft ever made profit with their keyboards, mice and stuff? I bought and used them many years ago but they seemed to had lost interest later. 
  • I always had a hard time getting used to those split keyboards. Never used one for any length however.
  • Show!
  • I wish they put backlight in one of these ergonomic keyboards.
    I have Sidewinder X6, but I would immediately buy the ergonomic model with backlight and removable numpad.
  • When are they going to release the curved keyboard for WP?
  • However difficult it is to find full size mice these days, try finding a mainstream ergonomic mouse for a lefty.
  • Microsoft Taiwan had videos on these for a couple months already. Glad to see that it is properly announced for the West. I just bought a refurbished sculpt keyboard, really great, but definitely not worth its full MSRP. This looks really enticing though.
  • Had the first module when it first came out :), was white with num caps scroll lights in the middle.
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  • I'm happy with my sidewinder X4 keyboard.  If MS releases another gaming keyboard I'll look into it.
  • Why is this not Bluetooth????????????
  • Just swap the Home and End keys with the PgUp and PgDn keys, and I'm sold.