Microsoft announces "Surface Studio", an all-in-one touch PC for creators

Many have asked for Microsoft to build a Windows PC ever since Microsoft unveiled the original Surface back in 2012, and today it seems they finally have listened to our requests. Microsoft has just unveiled the "Surface Studio", a new all-in-one PC from Microsoft.

The Surface Studio is built for creatives, packing some impressive specs in an interesting form factor. Featuring a 28" PixelSense display with an aspect ratio of 3:2, built into the thinnest LCD ever on an all-in-one. The Surface Studio is also rocking 32GB of DDR4 RAM, an Intel i7 CPU and a 2TB hybrid storage drive.

The Surface Studio starts at $2999, with the high-end model being priced at $4199 and is aimed at creatives and professionals. Surface Studio will arrive on December 15th, with pre-orders live now. (opens in new tab)

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • MS definitely has something with Surface. These are the most appealing, and detailed, products I've seen. Surface is top of the line.... I would honestly buy a 55" Surface TV, and MS would have my business if they would please make a 6" Surface Phone.
    I honestly, deeply, with all my heart, believe that MS would be crazy to not continue to expand the Surface line into mobile, into the living room, and the body. This is MS's destiny.
  • That's probably one reason to not taint it with any hint of mobile.
  • I Disagree... With this level of attention to detail a Surface Phone could only do for WM what the 1020 did for WP... Lend much credibility from a super appealing hardware standpoint.... If MS can make the best LCD ever (amongst other things) they can do the same with a Surface Phone, it's camera, battery life, and design... We know now that MS has the potential to make the best phone on the market. They just need to insure W10M is flawless with future update releases.
  • I think you misunderstand my point. I am talking about a hint of mobile at the current time that everyone is crying for. I would love to eventually see a surface phone. That would probably be the first surface product that I would actually buy. In its current state though, announcing Surface Mobile would just do nothing for the platform except make people buy it, then realize they can't SnapCrap or Pokémon and return them in masses. If they talked about a possible future release right now, it would only take attention away from the OEMs.
  • Ok. I see, and that's a good point... They should expand the Surface Line, and it's popularity, first, then when the time is right go for mobile.. I guess that's in line with my point as well.
    Then again, for now, a Surface Phone v1 would be for enthusiast, and the enterprise, until MS is ready to go for the consumer 100% with a Surface Phone 2, or 3. I just think they should get on the market in some fashion sooner than later. They need to keep the little they have. In 2 years they will have lost everything if they don't maintain some amount of focus on hardware by themselves with a great Surface product... MS can't rely on OEM's to do what they obviously can do better. Besides, if HP can make a device, and be excited about it, and expect good, why can't MS do the same?... I think if MS doesn't make a mobile device, but they make other hardware, they are telling OEM's that they don't even have faith in WM10. Why should other OEM'S make devices if MS won't???.... MS needs to set the example first with a Surface Phone.
  • But what if they kept that part where you take a 3D picture on your mobile and transfer it to Microsoft paint 3D. That would only be available to windows phone. Surely that could be a deal breaker. If Android or ios cant do it people would opt to a phone that could??? But yes Meghan did say all devices meaning Android will have it
  • You think people are gonna give up Snapchat, a working FB app, and every other important app in the world to them, for a Paint companion app?.. Lol. Not likely. If they need Paint that bad they would just use their current W10PC.
  • No not just for paint but if you add all the apps Microsoft do and if they kept it for windows mobile only they might add up to be deal makers Office ??
  • That's what they needed to do with WP7, and beyond, and I agree that would've given WP an advantage.... But, that ship has sailed. They would be shooting themselves in the foot at this point if they did that, and shutting out millions of users... That would only work if W10M gained significant MS, and MS had enough influence on the market to get consumers to switch... Every MS app they make, being exclusive on WP, wouldn't convince many to switch without sitting next to apps like Snapchat in the store. It's just not yet enough.
  • One thing I've learnt from a year of using Windows 10 Mobile is that it will never be flawless or even 'finished', which to me is a good thing. The other positive is that other mobile OSes are similarly flawed.
  • Yes, of course we can only expect "relatively flawless" in reality... But, MS's internal expectations should be FLAWLESS! This is not Google.
  • "Best phone on the market?" I highly doubt!
  • I do mean from a hardware standpoint, as I mentioned. That is highly possible for them to do now.
    Of course I'm not saying hardware alone is the answer, rather if they are set on focusing on enterprise a Surface Phone has a market... Why not? HP is doing it, and we don't disagree with the X3.
  • how big is your pocket?  
  • I'd get a second job.. That big.
  • Im looking at my 1020 and smiling :)
  • Nice! Sad doe..
  • Down vote all you want, but you know at the current time that any hint of mobile in its current state will be the quickest killer of the Surface line possible.
  • Nutella won't let that happen.
    A Mobile phone called a Surface would kill public perception of the high end, exquisite surface devices. Microsoft isn't Samsung, the surface line wouldnt recover from such a blow.
  • Not true... Surface Studio first, phone second... Greatness lends credibility to the lesser.
  • Ok armchair CEO
  • I'm not going to down vote you because your just ignorant you don't understand what makes windows 10 mobile. Different from ios/android you try to compare them when it like apples and oranges apple and android makes one update a year they got a year to polish it windows 10 is ever evolving I don't understand what's so hard to understand that and to see it for what it is awesome
  • Damn, you don't have to start calling people ignorant. Just his personal opinion.. Lol. Man, we're just talking about phones here. You don't know him. Chill.
  • You just get all these people that say windows 10 mobile is unfinished they don't understand that's the whole point its ever evolving I apologize to him for calling him ignorant but come on if your really a windows 10 fan you should already know this fact
  • It's all good.. I think everyone is frustrated with MS, and their mobile situation.. There wasn't one mention of mobile... Nevertheless, this was a universal W10 show. They just showed what they had.
    But, it's like Jason said... By them practically ignoring W10M, they are discrediting their own W10 as one OS on every device concept.
  • The Fast and Slow ring are and obviously should be unfinished but windows 10 pc and mobile like the Anniversary update should be finished and bug free. Ms are a software company it should have been so so polished by now.
  • Well, you have a good point.. We can't argue with that. Lol
  • JD - I actually do agree with you, and I do understand this fact. I never said that W10M was unfinished, but if you use that to mean ever evolving, then yes it IS unfinished. The latest podcast that was sent out even stated that MS believes that W10M is not ready for the surface name. There are features that haven't been implemented yet. I firmly believe being a fan boy that Windows has the potential to be, and in some was already is, a superior platform.
    My whole original point remains the same. In its current state, Windows Mobile is not ready for the Surface name. I of course was exaggerating that it would kill the name, but the point would remain the same. If people with iPhones and Galaxies that own and love Surface products see a new device, they will buy it. Then they will realize there is essentially nothing to do because they can't chat on snap Crap, or can't go catch Pikachu, or even deposit a check, or redeem their free ride from T Mobile every Tuesday. This will cause tarnish to the Surface name, and only hurt mobile at the same time.
  • "Un-finish-able" a better way to look at it?
  • Yes. Much better.
  • I am with you in that belief too. MS really has the building blocks of a supremely integrated and compelling platform offering. We are seeing some signs of that cross-pollination of ideas in this keynote. Now they have proven that they can do personal computing hardware as well as anyone else, but I agree with you that Mobile (OS) is not worthy yet of the Surface name. Think of the features we have seen here (Studio - thinnest LCD and that base; Dial - that Wheel UI; MyPeople - personal hub; 3D image manipulation, etc.) being brought into a Surface phone. But, apps...
  • Yes, apps. This is the freaking lynchpin if there is one, even in enterprise customers. This will be an issue even after the paradigm shift happens, because average users will be so used to using their apps for everything, they will hate bots or whatever is next. People don't like change, hence why Jason's latest article makes sense. A new phone? No! Mine is better!
  • Yepers
  • You're*
  • Windows is 10 mobile is almost a year in the public and it still buggy.  You really think this is a good thing? Its a disgrace. What makes windows 10 mobile different? It's lack of apps and trust me that not a good thing.  
  • First of all, W10M is not "in the public".. Lol. iDroid is in the public. Second, we're talking about enthusiast, and the enterprise here..
  • Tell that to HSBC and the other thousands not making apps for us.
  • What he's saying is let the Surface line fly high at the moment and don't weigh it down with a Surface phone - I agree with that. Wait until Windows 10 for mobile is ready before releasing the Surface phone otherwise you'll just be tainting an obviously very good brand. You call a person ignorant for stating a very valid point. <smh>    
  • We known what he's saying. But, there's no reason it would weigh anything down... Is the HP Elite X3 weighing HP's lineup down?... No, because it's not entirely for the consumer market, and that's exactly where a version 1 Surface Phone would sit as well. Not like most would know it exist right now. The fact is that the Surface didn't really take off till version 3. The sooner MS starts the better. Everyone knows a Surface Phone wouldn't be consumer worthy until version 2, or 3, anyways, just like the X3.. The fact is that MS has no more time to waste.
  • Yep, you know what avatar_of_apathy is saying. I think you made that clear in your previous responses. I didn't say you didn't. That's why I responded to jdholland79's post not yours. :-) Anyway, HP brand vs Surface brand, no comparison. At the moment, the Surface brand is synonymous to high-end, top of the line quality. MS (Panos) worked hard to get the Surface brand to where it's at so when people hear "Surface", they think high quality. There's nothing high quality about Windows 10 for Mobile right now so if MS releases a Surface Phone with this mediocre OS of W10M, that'll just ruin the Surface brand.
  • As it is today yes I agree but Microsoft are a Software company. Whish they would come up with better software for mobile. There has to be more they could do? I know it cant be at all cost.
  • Yes, there always has been more they can do with mobile. That's the problem we all agree on.. We all believe MS doesn't do all they can.
  • I agree with you. Or they come from the HoloLens angle (imagine a phone with some holographic and *useful* 3D capabilities). I am still rooting for a Lenovo Yoga Book-like mobile device (5.5- to 6-inch is a good size).
  • It should have all modern innovations. Tastefully, and without gimmick.
  • nope, Design or HW specs itself doesnt sell a bad platform. People buy phones for FUN, how the hell shoudl they enjoy new games or soc. applications on WM?? Nobody will care about a high end phone with high end material if the OS is unsupported
  • Yes, and I've said that before as well. You're right. But, unfortunately we're not talking about the consumer market at this point... A Surface Phone would have to initially appeal to everyone else besides those you mention... There is a market for a Surface Phone. It's just all about how MS markets the device.
  • Then you make it supported Microsoft has got alot of developers the own you just start putting games and apps that you can't find on any other phone like gears of war 4 halo 5
  • Lol. Yeah. That's what they could've done with WP7, but they had no vision.
  • Or powerful enough hardware but with a surface phone they could do what Nintendo is doing with the switch use a high end nivida tegra gpu and make it great but maybe if they were smart they would make the surface phone for enterprise and make a phone like I described a Xbox phone made just for gaming
  • I've always said that a x86 phone that could run PC games would be a first, and amazing... You could use any wireless mouse, and keyboard, with it.. 6.5" screen. Yep.
    Nice to dream.
  • I would buy an Xbox phone for sure, even though I haven't opened a gaming app in weeks. Damned WC App!!
  • Think about it... They sell Surface Hub's, and they don't have all the popular apps. That's because they are marketed to the right type of consumer.
  • No, we have one. They are pretty much useless crap with the installed dumbed down OS. We exchanged the SSD to get W10 Enterprise running on it, to be able to run TeamCenter+NX and other business software. The msoftie I told that stared at me, disbelieving. I said, well, if Office had an easy to maintain CAD/CAM-solution incl. version control, we could use this, as Siemens has no plans. But this is not the case. Even the most woah parts of this show were mostly due to PhotoShop.
  • Oh, and another reason... they should really cancel Skype for business. Such a overcomplicated mess, where Google Hangouts and Skype works OOTB. Skype doesn't work on the Hub.
  • That's besides the point!!.. Lol. You just came here to ***** about the SHUB..
  • And nobody is actually thinking that the Xbox Scorpio can be a Xbox Surface? I mean, Surface Phone, New Surface Pro, Surface Book, updated Surface Studio with Kaby Lake and Nvidia 1060-1070, Updated Hololens and a Xbox Surface (Scorpio)?
  • It's the destiny of all of us and MS is taking us there!
  • Lol.. Easy now.
  • Dude, after seeing your step by step, earnest insight as a consumer, I have to say, thank you for not staying quiet. It makes it all the more real for the positives. I'm am optimist throughout, and am extremely excited for the future.
  • I like to balanced between positivity, reality, constructive criticism, and tough love for MS... I give credit when it's dude, and today It's due... I also criticize when necessary, and today it is necessary as well. Lol
  • Surfaxbox
  • I'm with you on the Surface Phone. I've been rocking a 640 waiting patiently for APRIL to come. unfortunately, it now sounds like the Surface Phone won't be coming in the spring but may be a year from now or the following spring. That has me reevaluating my phone situation.  I'm also concerned that they haven't dont a Surface refresh. I own a Surface 3 and it's my favorite device I own (despite just purchasing a nice 15" HP laptop), I think they would be foolish not to continue the "little brother" of the surface line. It's perfect for High school/ college students and offers a wide range of form factors/ price ranges to comsumers.
  • You will get it all, your phone in 2017, in the car 2017. Your TV will probably be in 2018. The MS future is amazing.
  • Surface TV will probably be their next step!
  • I was wondering if I was the only one who thinks about that.
  • Cost?
  • Left Kidney
  • And half of your right
  • What if I already gave that one for a surface book?
  • You still have your liver? How 'bout half of that :)
  • Well, at lease that one regenerates! =P
  • LOL
  • Dammn!
  • If they could do this with an ultra-wide display.....
  • Actually for "creatives" 3x2 is much better.
  • I been waiting for this. This is what I am buying. Screw the tiny 100 million phone market. And screw silly pathetic apps. This is real computing. Buying this day 1 for my children and family. School work, and business. Thank you MS.
  • This is sarcasm, right?
  • Nope. People go one about mobile. When in reality its actually a tiny market that makes its money on constant upgrades yearly. Based on a model of free hardware via contracts. Which is actually a loan. There are only actually just over 100 million unique android users. Which after 8 years on the market is a very small chunk of the computing world. In the west people think OS on phones is a big deal. When in reality next to the 2.4 billion windows devices worldwide is so small. Phones as they are have plateaued. The market is saturated. Even at its small time numbers.
  • Can't wait until I can play with one in a MS store....
  • Tomorrow, he said
  • RIP Abraham
  • Computing accelerated....
  • Game changer... RIP iMac
  • Also RIP MacPro, this is much more attractive for creative professionals than the MacPro
  • Awesome work horse with some style.Love to have it one day.
  • I like MS, Panos is turning into a salesman, and not a very good one, its realy annoying now.  As for the product , I WANT ONE!
  • I can't wait to see this work on real life! Bye bye iMac. The nly reason that you are rocking the business is your brand. Nothing else. Seeing Surface studio on an animation company like Disney, Pixar and etc is a dream that will soon came to life. :D
  • Looks awesome! But who is it aimed at? I often wonder this with all-in-ones, which are basically desktops without any of the customisation and with extra cost. It would be nice to see it take some of the creative market share from Apple.
  • people who want a fully digital studio/canvas/drafting board?
  • You people are declaring the death of the iMac too soon. Unless this has a desktop 6700K and a high end GPU(which it probably give the size of the enclosure that houses the components) then the iMac won't going anywhere.   However, its nice to have some good competition, because PC AIOs were just plain terrible compared to the iMac.
  • It has a 980m gpu which is faster than the highest end Imac gpu. 
  • You people are declaring the death of the iMac too soon. Unless this has a desktop 6700K and a high end GPU(which it probably won't given the size of the enclosure that houses the components) then the iMac won't going anywhere.   However, its nice to have some good competition, because PC AIOs were just plain terrible compared to the iMac.
  • Microsoft announces "Surface Phone." Oh wait! Read it completely wrong.
  • yeb phone is DEAD!  
  • This will run Revit and Civil 3d nicely. Which an iMac can not do natively.
  • Very sexy.
  • Well they are very expensive (as expected) so should have gone with SSD instead of HDD. Another complain would be the GTX 980M. Should have gone with GTX 1060/70
  • Wrong video chip, wrong memory, wrong processor, wrong storage. If as the ad implies, this is aimed at artists and not playing games then the proper video card for color accuracy is a Quadro; GeForce is for playing games. The RAM should be ECC to avoid occasion artifacts from undetected flipped bits. Of course that means a Xeon processor to support the ECC RAM and for the higher speed floating point instructions which are heavily used by imaging/video software. And lastly there should be 5 M.2 drives, one 512GB for Windows and the application software with the other 4 (1TB each) in a RAID-0 configuration for files. A lesser point, a max of 32GB of RAM is barely adequate. I'll stick to my HP Z420 with 5K HP monitor (though the 3:2 aspect ratio would be nice, 4:3 would be better with 1:1 the best). This follows the Apple design mantra, pretty is more important than functional, I.E. the ridiculous iMac. Didn't Microsoft notice that the "make it pretty but useless" design team is destroying Apple?
  • Tablet, whiteboard, laptop,!
  • I would buy some lower specs model (i5 / 8GB RAM / 256 GB model / just 24" screen) But thats too much. I hope they will release also lower specs model :)
  • The $2999 price is for an i5, 8GB, 1TB model. The i7, 32GB, 2TB model is $4199.
  • It is time to upgrade!
  • It's a little disappointing that it's still Skylake, so no USB3.1 or Thunderbolt3.
  • Holy crap! I5, 8GB RAM, 1TB storage, graphics card with 2GB memory is what you get for $2,999? Umm...... I think Microsoft just out-Appled Apple with the pricing structure! Sure, it looks good, but a lot of the professionals who would buy one of these would at least want the middle tier with 16GB RAM and the Core i7 for $3,499
  • I guess the major price driving component is the display.
  • Windows phone is DEAD!  
  • You already said that. Chill, dude.
  • Nice device. But 2.999? A product for professionals obviously. Today's event was for graphical artists of all kind, not for writers. I just hope that coming devices are more affordable (phone!!!!) and this was not the beginning of MS leaving the private customer hardware-market.  
  • Only model worth buying, IMHO is the i7/2TB/32GB/980 graphics version for 4199. I about fell out of my chair at that price. Why does the base model only have 8GB of ram? 16GB doesn't cost much more even for desktops and laptops currently, but they withold RAM like it's made of pure gold. And why.. WHY do these come with expensive as heck SSDs at 1-2TB in size? Why not a 512 and allow for y'know.. network attached storage or external storage options for those of us who don't feel like paying the extra $500 for that monster SSD? Damn you, MS ... you kill me. $3700 for one with a 512SSD, 32GB of RAM and the 980 graphics would be a sweet spot.
  • I wish that monitor was sold by itself. 
  • They really need to get into that market. I would buy the **** out of a few of those monitors.
  • Only model worth buying, IMHO is the i7/2TB/32GB/980M graphics version for 4199. I about fell out of my chair at that price. Why does the base model only have 8GB of ram? 16GB doesn't cost much more even for desktops and laptops currently, but they withold RAM like it's made of pure gold. And why.. WHY do these come with expensive as heck SSDs at 1-2TB in size when you only put 8GB of RAM in it?!? Why not a 512 and allow for y'know.. network attached storage or external storage options for those of us who don't feel like paying the extra $500 for that monster SSD? Damn you, MS ... you kill me. $3700 for one with a 512SSD, 32GB of RAM and the 980 graphics would be a sweet spot.
  • Sorry for the double post, guys. Stupid browser. >_<
  • I'm actually wondering if it's an SSD in there or just a hybrid drive. 1TB SSD on a machine with 8GB of RAM like this does seem odd Edit - they're calling it a "rapid" drive, so it's probably not a straight SSD
  • I hadn't caught that. Thanks. Now that makes it even more overpriced. Ouch!
  • I was omw to pre order, then I saw the price. They're really pushing it with that asking price. It's $1000 over imo.
  • Sigh, Let's fast forward to summer 2018, Microsoft has just cancelled the Surface Studio 3 as it is no longer focusing on the Creatives market , the Creatives can go make love to themselves /S I am speaking as a Microsoft "consumer" using a band 2 and L950 /S In all seriousness how can I trust Microsoft to back this device sector in the future?
  • Look at the time (on the lockscreen) of the Surface image. June 18 ¿What does it means?
  • Most professionals that would be willing to spend this kind of money probably already have a 27" Wacom Cintiq hooked up to their desktop. I'm not quite sure who their target audience is.  They'd have to show that this is better than using a Cintiq. The fact that it's an AIO is actually a negative, because a lot of artists need  A LOT of RAM, and it's not uncommon to have systems with 64 or 128 GB, expecially if they are working in 3D programs like zBrush. Many professional digital artists like their systems to have the flexibility to eventually add RAM later. The price is pretty insane considering what you get.
  • lol Someone downvoted me because I gave my opinion as a digital artist.
  • Surface phone is the only product missing to complete there circle of products. 
  • For "creatives" who buy Macs this is definitely appealing.
    For people who are accustomed to buy Windows machines they know it's overpriced. For that kind of money they can build a far better "creative machine". So not that appealing unless the person really doesn't have space for a tower. Also Just no. For that kind of money, to me, it would have to be a gorgeous AMOLED screen to justify it.
  • My initial reaction was the same as yours. I'm a professional artist. But then I priced it out. I was thinking that if I built a similar device with quality parts and a Wacom Cintiq 27HD Touch, it would be pretty close in price. Then add the Dial control (which is pretty cool), and it makes the price is actually competetive. The problem comes when I want to upgrade to a new computer in 3 or 4 yrs.  The monitor itself is a huge part of the price. I would want to be able to keep the monitor with my new PC, but if this is an AIO, then I would have to pay for a whole new monitor again as opposed to using a Cintiq and keeping my monitor.    
  • But that's the thing isn't it? Upgrade-ability. Unless you really need the space, it's always a better deal to build a machine from scratch than go with anything Apple or an AiO. With an AiO, as soon as you want to upgrade a single component, you have to throw this one away an buy a new one. If you build it, you may pay a similar price the first time, but you'll be able to pay a lot less in the long term and you'll be able to make the computer last a lot longer. So unless the idea is to try to make people buy PCs every year as they do with smartphones (which won't stick) launching this AiO targets really a very very specific market: creators who work on Apple devices. They are accustomed to have to buy an entirely new computer every time they need an upgrade (hence the clamours for Apple to update the MacBooks etc). Windows customers won't.
  • Yeah.  If the monitor was sold by itself, I'd totally consider getting it. As an AiO package... well, I'm not willing to pay the premium of the monitor every time I upgrade. But is this really an AiO? I imagine the PC is in that little box on the bottom, so if the monitor can actually be disconnected and attached to a new PC then I may be looking at my next large purchase.
  • Just got confirmation from Mary Jo Foley on Twitter that the monitor cannot be separated from the computer.  Bummer.
  • Actually the trend is toward upgrading via external devices.   For most people, the only upgrades needed are storage and perhaps a 2nd monitor.  My grandson thought he needed a new Mac desktop for his music composing since he was using a MacBook.  I gave him a large monitor ... problem solved ...and an external drive for extra storage.  AIO's can have RAM upgraded ... just not the video card or internal storage.  Not knocking your towers ... I do the same thing. 
  • "you have to throw this one away an buy a new one" I think the idea for an "upgrade" here is to sell your old AiO to someone who thought the purchase price of a new machine was/is too much (use your $3000 AiO for 18 months, sell it for $1500-$2000 hopefully and get the next gen). There is some more work that needs to be done in being able to migrate all of your stuff easily but it is better than it has been... As for the initial price concern, the idea there would have been to buy M$ stock back when the Surface1 came out :)      
  • Well as a professional 3D animator, compositor and editor for the past 20 years, and have exclusively used PC's that I have built myself, and never used Apple products, I disagree with you
  • Would you care to explain "why"?
  • I think his comment was more about the typical "Mac" creative.  The fact that you say you do 3D Animation pretty much means you're not in the group he's talking about. You're about 10 times cooler. 
  • You do NOT want AMOLED for a Windows machine. AMOLEDs burn in. So, unless you want your Start logo, Cortana, an X on the top right corner, volume logo and the like BURNED into your enormous, beautiful screen, no man. AMOLEDs aren't ready for that kind of use.
  • Microsoft went there, with Surface Studio something to compete with Apple.
  • Very nice. But anyone can build a better PC with that money
  • That depends on how you define "better".  There can be a lot of value in the Dial if developers make use of it.  The screen itself uses PixelSense technology, which is more than just a touch screen. It is what allows things like the Dial to interact with the screen, and is the same technology used in the old Surface Tables. It's actually pretty awesome stuff that people won't be able to buy off the shelf. (unless you want to buy a Samsung SUR40 for something like $8000)
  • I agree with Reflexx as a self employed small studio professional artist I have built my own high end PC's for years, and will continue to. My high end PC's I have built don't have the ergonomic advantages of the Surface Studio, and I'm not just talking about saving desk space. Touch, the pen & inking, screen tilting, and more. I would gladly have a Surface Studio working side by side with my PC towers any day
  • You can get a touch screen monitor. And if you ditch the normal stand and fix it to one of those desk arms, you also get the flexibility of movement. The pen and inking are a plus, sure. Though I wouldn't be surprised if we started seeing monitors with pen support going forward. Now that OLED screens are becoming more popular and considering that Samsung is investing heavily on them and on digitizing options, I wouldn't be surprised they'd be something we get to see more and more in the future.
  • As I mentioned in my post above I have always used and built my own towers for over 20 years. I'm going to build a new PC tower very soon that will easily out spec the Surface Studio, and yes I can buy a touch monitor extra arm etc. but I want more efficient solution. Plus the pin and inking is invaluable for myself and many other professionals The bottom line is it comes down to choice, this is a professional device and professionals have different needs. I myself will definitely be investing in a Surface Studio as an addition to my business
  • There are monitors with pen support, and the good ones are expensive. Right now, the Wacom Cintiq 27HD Touch is the king, and it runs around $2800 for the monitor just by itself.  There are some other options, but artists sacrifice a lot with the other ones. It's probably stuff that lay-people really don't care about.
  • So expensive...!!!
  • MIcrosoft just reinvented the desktop computer in a profound way. Every person in the creative industry will be wanting to dump thier Macs in favor of this new desktop. It's revolutionary and has the power to transform industries. Well done Microsoft!
  • Exactly what did they transform.  AIO's have been around for a long time with nice profiles.  They added a pen and made the screen more flexible.  How is that revolutionary ?   Step into a Microsoft Store ( I did last night ), and look at one.  There simply is no major WOW factor.  Not one person in the store was even looking at any of the 3 on display.  Not even the salespeople were showing interest.  People using MACS are not going to drop them ... there is a whole lot more invested there then the device itself ( learning, software, compatibility across platforms, etc ).   People are very hesitant to change from what they know, and based on experience with Microsoft ( fix delays, dropping products, etc ), they will be very cautious before buying these. 
  • Ok Tim we get it, your a hater. No need to embarress yourself. No you did not see them in a store because they did not display them till AFTER the release. Stick to your Apple forums and gush there, don't know why your even in a Windows forum other than to hate.
  • If you believe that, you must be on the speed dial of every single con artist in the country.  1)  I have a 34+ year history of total loyalty to Microsoft and have no interest in Apple forums.  2)  My comments were an appraisal of this release and strategy and has nothing to do with hate.  That's simply not in my make up.  3)  My comment on MAC's for the creative industry is being reinforced by market interviews already of people who are using them, and being asked if they will be making the huge investment ( consider all the costs please ) in the new Surface Studio.  4)  My current equipment includes a Surface 3, and a Surface Book, plus Lumia Icon ... and a Dell Tower for development work.  5)  I do software development and it is 100% Windows based.  So why not get real, drop the insults, get with reality, and realize an expression of concern, or a probing question, does not need a name calling, false assumption, response?  Would that be too hard for you ? 
  • Its so cool to be a creative guy, x64 is not going to go away anytime soon (perhaps in next 20 years).  Entertainment industry is one of the most lucrative today, just check how much money AT&T wants to pay for TimeWarner Congrats to all the creative people in the entertainment industry that make use of real creative tools like the Surface Studio to produce amazing movies and TV shows
  • I just priced the top end unit - in Canadian dollars (Our oh so worthless currency) and it comes out to $4000.00 Now add tax and GST; oops sorry, HST and 13% * 4000 = $4520. This is a down payment on a house in Toronto LOL! or at least a monthly mortgage payment in Vancouver!
  • its the price of a kidney here in 3rd  world to be england.
  • if it wasnt for their none mobile platform id have invested heavily in their line, its gorgeous, but no mobile no seel, soz but i need a mobile phone with apps and suport from a consumer point of view and as sexy as the ale in one is its not whole without a mobile phone.  But gz on the all in one.   They should have made a constant lumia choice till they were ready for surface phone but another year another no microsft offering and lets face it the 950 looked terrible to most.  At least panis knows decives need to look good..
  • now this is a nice addition to the surface team, glad to see it has been added
  • I love the direction surface is going in , this is so much nicer than a cintiq, very elegant, gorilla glass, touch and pen? Nice! I was hoping to see a nice big screen with the pen so this is a great starting place, the name also suits it perfectly... Studio.... The surface line is certainly creating a fully equipped environment with clean lines , I hope microsoft stays with this direction, it is a breath of fresh ( if expensive) air. This machine shows respect for the customer, It would be nicer to have a dockable screen, sure with a bit more upgradability. I'd love to see it fold flatter and be easily transportable inside a robust case. So future iterations and some healthy competetion should help breed even better beasts. Well done microsoft for 'not' following mac, this approach is entirely different.    
  • Could this be my next all-in-one purchase? 
  • Cool cool cool stuff by Microsoft!
  • I went to the local Microsoft Store last night for a hands on with the new Studio.  They have 3 on display.  Not one person was even looking at one.  In fact, not one salesperson was even near one to draw attention to them.  They were the lonliest devices in the store.  This is a very niche machine.  Maybe some gamers will find it interesting, and perhaps some graphic people ( if there is software to make it sing ), but otherwise, this is not in the price point for the average consumer.   If Microsoft wanted to attract consumers, they would have retained the Surface 3, or released an entry level Surface 4.  If they wanted to compete against Apple, they would have stayed in the phone market.  ( Eventually, with the full continuum of products market share would have risen drawing back mainstream smartphone apps ).  This product is an attempt to enter a market already owned by Apple, which is about like expecting to take out Android in the smartphone market place.   Maybe instead of focusing on the surveys of the 12-24 demographic, the leadership should bring in a cross section of the buying public and actually LISTEN to what they have to say.  I believe what they will hear is:  Connect reliably, communicate effectively, provide reliable products, document clearly, and use trained support rather than script readers.  AND make sure that the updates are fully tested, and do not disrupt our daily work ( ie. no returning settings to defaults ).   
  • They dont have any Surface Studios on display yet. But nice try.
  • 1) You apparently didn't listen to the event carefully because they clearly stated they were on display and people could try them out at the Microsoft Store in their community..  2) Check The Microsoft Store @  The Shops At Mission Viejo:  Walk in the door and there is a display of one running to the left, and another to the right, of the front door.  Then on the counter along the left walll, to the right of the large xBox display, you will see a 3rd.  Each display has the Surface Studio, a Dial, a Mouse, and a Keyboard.  Each one is running.   However, in each case, they were only running the info page from the website.   NO WAY WOULD I POST SOMETHING THAT IS NOT TRUE !  Call the store and ask them, or drive over there.   BTW, these were all the $ 2,995 model ... price posted right there, and you can order one if you wish.
  • Umm, I have been by the City Creek Mall three times in the last week. Nobody could get theirs hands off of them where I was. There was practically a line behind them. Everybody wanted to touch it. So, I don't know what you saw, but these computers are a hot commodity.
  • I hope so.  At our store, no one was looking at any of them.  I love to see any of their products sell, and I refer all my clients directly to the Microsoft Store.  It has Surface engineering, so in that regard, it should be well built.  However, in a marketplace where AIO's start under $500, and 27" models start under $800, $ 3,000 for an entry level model will be a heavy price for most consumers.  I don't get why they didn't come out with an entry level Surface 4 at a price consumers would grab up ( a replacement for the now discontinued Surface 3 ).