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Microsoft announces Xbox One launch date; pencil November 22 in your calendars

Microsoft has today announced the availability Xbox One, which will launch on November 22nd. The initial launch markets will see the next-gen console hit stores and be fired up with the latest software from studios. Speculation about the dates led to some interesting guesswork, but now Redmond has put minds to rest by confirming when we can expect to see the product launch.

The initial launch markets mentioned above include Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, the UK and the US. Other regions will follow in 2014. The company has revealed they've managed to sell out pre-order supply in the US quicker than at any other time in history. It's looking to be the largest launch of a Xbox to-date. Fear not if you're desperate to pre-order, the official announcement details more pre-order stock for retailers.

The 2014 delay is included above, which affects numerous European markets. CVP Marketing & Strategy, Yusuf Mehdi explains the November 22 launch date, as well as updates on development and manufacturing in the video below:

If the news of the launch date wasn't enough already, the development team at Microsoft has managed to increase the CPU clock speed from 1.6GHz to 1.75GHz. This is a further jump on top of the 6 percent performance increase previously announced for the GPU. Sure, the increased clock speed isn't a massive deal, but it will provide more power to consumers and enable developers to go that little bit further with next-gen graphics and processing. 

So there you have it, folks. Be sure to pencil the date in your calendars and prepare for the arrival of the Xbox One. The PlayStation 4 will also be launching in the same month, making it an even race between Microsoft and Sony. So, have you pre-ordered your Xbox?

Source: Xbox (opens in new tab); thanks everyone for the tips!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Day One Edition from Amazon.
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  • 2 Day One Editions here from Microsoft Store and Future Shop
  • *Future Scrap, is the name of the store.
  • I really thought MS would try and get the jump on Sony by a week or 2.
  • They sold out of their pre-order stock and I would imagine their other stock will go quickly. I don't think 7 days is going to hurt that much.
  • Me too, I thought they would go for an October 31st or November 1st release date. 
  • They do have a week headstart in UK and elsewhere in Europe.
  • It's only in the US that they're a week behind. Everywhere else they're a week ahead.
  • I wish the WPCentral app had a button to I could click to save dates in the calender I've seen this in an app before "The Football App" does this Little hint for Jay ;-)
  • I've thought about this before but it would require me coming up with some kind of standard way for the writers to enter their dates or find/write a really good regular expression designed to find every possible representation of a date. It's a pretty niche feature for all that work but you never know
  • The former, obviously. Wouldn't be terribly onerous on the writers to link a date in relevant articles. Not sure what the toolkit looks like, but instancing the calander feature with a date seems like it would be fairly trivial.
  • Is there a way to pin stories to the start screen?
  • Microsoft screwing up again
  • Last minute CPU and GPU over clocks. Just entering manufacturing. Shortages and RRoD 2.0 inbound.
  • Yeah they just said upclock that with out doing the math.
  • Lol. Pencil.
  • For the kids, a pencil is what cavemen used to write with. It was made with a piece of wood and dark rock strip down the middle that would wear down as you wrote on this other stuff made from wood called paper, you know, the same stuff you wipe your bum with. The pencil also had this blip of rubber on the end, colored pink making it look like a nirple. It was akin to the backspace or delete key on a keyboard, used to erase what was written. But looking like a nirple they were usually sucked, chewed or twisted off before there full use was met. Carry on.
  • Called the date, I said either 11/22/13 or 11/29/13. Delay probably due to manufacturing and/or system tweaks.
  • Going to be an awesome birthday present to myself!
  • Awesome! It comes out on my birthday. Note to wife(hint,hint)
  • Same here! :)
  • Noted! Oooo wait I live in Sweden. Crap
  • That's the same date they released 360.
  • It's actually the 8 year anniversary of the Xbox 360. That's how long it's been since a console refresh.
  • Rated Everyone to Mature 17+, because Everyone doesn't include everyone. :D
  • Day off work booked!
  • Ohhh, thanks for the reminder. Now just need to confirm how many games I can buy at launch (aka wife allows me to buy).
  • Haha good idea.. And the following week is Thanksgiving (in the US). Might as well take the Mon-Wed off before the long Thanksgiving holiday! Lol.
  • Buying both consoles, I can't wait!!!!
  • PC gamer 4life
  • Perfect timing for Thanksgiving break! Got the whole week off.
  • Me too, but im really glad their all coming out at the same time worldwide.
  • Save the best for last! 11.22.13 locked down and so ready, bring on the next generation!
  • I came justify $500 now that I don't play games. I hope everyone else enjoys the system, it looks awesome. :'(
  • Play games - problem solved.
  • I'm going to be camping out on my doorstep waiting for UPS to arrive.
  • The one time I did that, they came at the end of the day... Literally... Hope u have better results!!
  • Can't play call of duty ghosts for 3 weeks??? Crap
  • I really wanna preorder but don't wanna be another early adopter to the Xbox One.....hmmm :-(
  • Yes!!, gonna go to the midnight release, I'll travel back home from Florida on the 25th of November, thanks MS for releasing before that date .
  • 1. MS did not change the the core frequency of the CPU or GPU (APU). What they did was was give each a little more headroom if games should need it - this is no different than a turbo mode.
    2. Guess: Xbox Day One consoles will be delivered to everyone who preordered the special unit on Oct 18 - the same date as Windows 8 official release.
    All other users will have to wait until Nov 22.
    It would be the best BUZZ that MS could create - and lord knows both Windows and XBO need some good PR!
  • Day one editions may also include Forza instead of FIFA.