Microsoft: Any developer will be able to upload UWP apps to Xbox Store 'soon'

Microsoft plans to allow any UWP Windows 10 developer to upload apps to the Xbox Store in the near future.

The release of the big Summer Update for the Xbox One this weekend now supports the use of Universal Windows Platform apps in the Xbox Store. However, the apps that are currently available are few in number and have been hand-picked by Microsoft.

However, it looks like Microsoft will open up the Xbox Store for UWP app submissions in the near future. A Twitter post from Mike Ybarra, the Partner Director of Program Management for both Xbox and Windows at Microsoft, stated:

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It's possible that Microsoft will make submitting an app to the Xbox Store harder than on the Windows Store, since console and PC audiences tend to be very different. However, the fact that Microsoft will open up the closed platform of the Xbox One to these kinds of apps is a huge step for developers and the Universal Windows Platform in general.

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John Callaham
  • An open store will incentivize UWP app development.
  • I ain't gonna lie... the thought that I may soon be able to buy a $299 Xbox One and essentially use it as a desktop is really appealing.
  • I really hope they allow emulators on xbo!!
  • That would be awesome. Snes8x from the windows phone as a universal app. And with the power of the Xbox one CPU even Dolphine and CEMU shouldn't be a problem
  • The problem is licensing and justifying the legality of it... a lot of people think old games are automatically abandonware, but it's not always the case - which means using certain ROMs equates to piracy, and MS can't be seen to be permitting that
  • I know but why are those emulators on windows phone devices? And on android and probably on iOS too. Emulators are not illegal but most ROMs of cause.
  • They permit it on windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile
  • yes and why not on Xbox too? And btw is there any emulator on the PC store?
  • Yes, I have a nes/snes emulator from the windows store called nesbox I believe. Sorry I do not have my pc with me today to check the name.
  • Microsoft, please resist the urge to decide for consumers what apps they will want on an xbox.
  • Microsoft will do whatever it takes for the good of the ecosystem and company in general at the expense of consumer preference as they should. This is a good move for Windows regardless if you don't like it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I noticed you posted from Android. Their store was left wide open for developers to post what ever they wanted, and it lead to 85% market share, including you. You defy your own arguments, whether you like it or not.
  • Is that the specific reason why it led to a large market share? Do you have a source for that. I mean I'm sure that contributed to it among other things, but I'm skeptical that's the sole/most significant reason.
  • People pointed to the 'app gap' so much it became a common phrase. Microsoft tried to argue quality versus quantity, but clearly lost. All phone reviews went something like, "good or decent phone, but can't recommend because of app gap". No one seemed to care there were 20,000 fart apps in the store, just that there was a large selection.
  • I mean yeah that's true right now, but because there is a large marketshare for android there are also lots of quality apps on there. I always thought what made android so big was that anyone/oem could use it which heped increase its marketshare and thus also increase the number of apps being developed for it. I mean it's the same question/argument of whether the chicken or egg comes first, but I think it's harder for Microsoft to compete being the least popular of three competitors for reasons more than just the app gap. The app gap, however, is definitely a significant con commonly cited for W10M/WP. I don't know, just my thoughts on it. 
  • 20,000 fart apps have nothing to do with the app gap.  Its the lack of offical apps for things people like to use.....Sirius XM,  NADA, square payement?  NADA, HUE? NADA,  Pretty well every major bank, hotel, retail store etc...NADA.  App gap has nothing to do with fart apps.   
  • You missed the point completely, please read the thread. The point is that "bad" apps, or even useless apps in an app store do not damage the reputation of the platform. Allowing 20,000 fart apps or other useless apps didn't prevent Android from winning the mobile war. My original statement was that Microsoft should not prevent apps on the Xbox.
  • gotcha.  Now i get what your saying.  Your message came across as the typical "yeah theres x number of apps in the app store/play store because there are like 20,000 fart apps".  
  • You can't compare Google Play to the Windows Store. Google Play has been in the game for a long time so strategies are different depending on the current situation. You play the game differently during a 2 minute warning than you do the first drive if the game. Microsoft is doing what it sees fit to sway developer interest and they have to do so with the best interest of the company first regardless of what we like or don't like. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I expect it's less a question of what apps can be allowed and more a question of whether the apps are to sufficient quality. Though even then apps like Cast and Dailymotion are hardly refined. No disrespect to the developers, I don't doubt the apps will be perfected with time. But I don't think they were really ready to hit the XO just yet.
  • it would be cool if they add UI adjustment in windows app studio for xbox one so non experienced devs can make apps for xb1 without coding the UI
  • **** students apps here too ??? No please...
  • i'm not a "student" dev, and it's a cool feature for folks that don't know how to code, brings more apps to the store and adds more variety.
  • Wow, only 3 years after they promised this to devs ? It was "soon" there too..
    I don't belive them any more.
  • Always the same #soon
  • Coming soon guys!
  • And if hey didn't say "soon" you and others would be whining that you are not getting any news about it. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  • So then my app will be avaiable on XBOX ONE Store Soon! GREAAAAAAAAAAAT NEWS!
  • What app?
  • I'm waiting for some emulators like on windows phone. Imagine Snes8x as a universal app on the Xbox one... Super Mario on Xbox one. Awesome
  • It would be cool if the uwp youtube app of Xbox comes to mobile
  • The old (current) Xbox One app won't be UWP though, it'll be built however the older Xbox One apps were built. The YouTube app on Xbox One is pretty much the same as on Roku from what I remember. We could see some of the best third party YouTube clients soon, and maybe just maybe Google bring YouTube to Windows 10 in general (Xbox, PC and Phone) as a UWP now since on consoles is probably somewhere they want to be.
  • This is huge
  • Not Really!
  • That's what (s)he said about your "private parts". Go away now, troll.
  • Good one
  • "She" Loves my private parts just fine than you.  how about you get out of your mothers basement and go outside for a change.
  • I live with my boyfriend. Some of us actually have a life, unlike you. ;)
  • Why can't there be just one store? That way all apps are everywhere regardless of devs. I understand the branding, I think that would be the best way to advance the ecosystem
  • There will be apps that the Xbox one won't run or don't don't need. I get what your saying and in a way if you could add mail ect to Xbox one one ide use it but you would find quite a lot of people won't. Also some apps are designed around touch so won't work well on Xbox one. Interesting times though. I also hope we see more involved in 3rd party apps for wp like Pokemon go for side loading if the main developers won't give us their official app.
  • The problem with side loading to Xbox One is you need to enable developer mode to do it. It's easy to do, but IIRC it switches you to a different release branch so you may not get the latest updates right away. I've seen some people who used their main Xbox to test their apps and they ended up frustrated because at times you end up with a buggy build. Hopefully the dev builds will sync up to the preview program if they haven't already.
  • It'll all be submitted through a single dev center like it is now. At the moment, we as Devs get the choice of where to submit our apps to. PC, Mobile and HoloLens. There is a tick box where you can let Microsoft automatically make the app available on new platforms if they want to, but you can untick it if you as a dev want full control over where it will be available.
  • Xbox Store? Last time I heard, they were merging it with the Windows store.
  • can't wait till i release my game in 10 years
  • This will make that Steam idiot happy.
  • This might be too much to ask, and it may result in my being pelted with virtual rotten fruit:  Perhaps a Google Drive app sometime in the future? Google play movies maybe? Google Play Music? Please? I love my Xbox One. These would be a great fit. 
  • Google will not develop them.  Just as there is no official you tube app,  there will be no other google apps.  Not microsofts fault.....well actually it is,  they pissed off google,  and they pulled support.
  • There's an official YouTube app on the Xbox One.
  • Although it's still a case of "I'll believe it when I see it" there is a tiny chance they consider some UWP apps eventually, if Xbox is somewhere they want YouTube it may eventually convince them it makes sense to release the app to other platforms since they've put the work in anyway. Saying that, they may not rush to update the YouTube app on Xbox One, it's pretty much the same as other consoles, Roku stick etc. so they possibly consider that "Good Enough" or passable so they won't bother re-writing the Xbox One app to UWP
  • You can access Google Play Movies by going to the "Purchases" section of the YouTube app. For everything else, just buy a Chromecast.
  • Hope it doesn't turn into a Moroccan bazaar like the Windows store. Definitely there's a gap between gamer community, which is much more curation centred and PC people who want every kind of stuff (yes, even fart apps and unstable software).