Microsoft: Any developer will be able to upload UWP apps to Xbox Store 'soon'

Microsoft plans to allow any UWP Windows 10 developer to upload apps to the Xbox Store in the near future.

The release of the big Summer Update for the Xbox One this weekend now supports the use of Universal Windows Platform apps in the Xbox Store. However, the apps that are currently available are few in number and have been hand-picked by Microsoft.

However, it looks like Microsoft will open up the Xbox Store for UWP app submissions in the near future. A Twitter post from Mike Ybarra, the Partner Director of Program Management for both Xbox and Windows at Microsoft, stated:

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It's possible that Microsoft will make submitting an app to the Xbox Store harder than on the Windows Store, since console and PC audiences tend to be very different. However, the fact that Microsoft will open up the closed platform of the Xbox One to these kinds of apps is a huge step for developers and the Universal Windows Platform in general.

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John Callaham