Microsoft Azure now supported by BloodHound Enterprise

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Microsoft Azure Hero 4 (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • SpecterOps has added support for Microsoft Azure to BloodHound Enterprise.
  • BloodHound Enterprise is an Attack Path Management security solution for securing Active Directory.
  • Many organizations use Active Directory, including banks, government agencies, retailers, and businesses.

Microsoft Azure is now supported by BloodHound Enterprise, an Attack Path Management security solution. The added support means that IT staff and security experts can protect Active Directory regardless of if the system is located on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid environment.

Active Directory is used for endpoint management. Since it's used by a large number of banks, government agencies, retailers, and businesses, it is a common attack target. If a malicious actor takes control of Active Directory, they can gain access to a broad range of paths to attack a system.

"For the adversary, it couldn't be more clear: no matter what you want to achieve, control of Active Directory will get you there," explains BloodHound Enterprise in a page explaining why Active Directory is frequently targeted. "This makes Active Directory an extraordinarily attractive target for every adversary."

Microsoft Azure continues to grow in popularity. The service grew 50% year over year in Q4 2021, according to Microsoft. As Azure evolves and is updated over time, its need for security increases. BloodHound Enterprise should help secure systems, even if they're fully in the cloud.

"Attack Path Management has proven to be wildly successful in helping organizations reduce their exposure to Attack Paths in traditional Active Directory; we've seen customers reduce exposure by over 30% in as little as 24 hours after deploying BloodHound Enterprise," said SpecterOps CEO David McGuire.

"But many of our users have a hybrid network, with both on-prem and cloud workloads. Support for Azure, which is our number-one new request from customers by far, will allow organizations running a hybrid cloud model to easily protect their entire identity infrastructure."

Support for Azure is available in preview for BloodHound Enterprise now and will be generally available in April 2022.

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