Microsoft Band app updated with fix for nagging Live Tile bug

A fresh update is rolling out to the Microsoft Band app (previously Microsoft Health). And while this update is a relatively minor one, it does finally bring a fix for a bug that was causing the app's Live Tile to not work.

Following an update earlier this year, the app's Live Tile ceased to work, failing to "flip" and show progress towards your calorie or step goals on the tile. This update (via WinSuperSite) appears to fix the bug, causing the tile to animate and properly show your goal progress once again.

Have you experienced this bug? If so, be sure to grab the latest version of the Microsoft Band app from the Windows Store and let us know if the Live Tile begins working correctly once again for you.

Thanks for the tip, Sean!

Download Microsoft Band from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Band has got a lot better recently, weather finally updating and also band regularly syncing with Win10M
    Just need a band 3 now
  • Yup. And in the earlier update (where they changed the name) seems they fixed the Bluetooth music control when using Bluetooth earbuds or speakers. Now it's easy to connect. (Before, a work-around was needed, ie first connect Band to Phone, start music app, then connect Phone to earbuds). Now it seems to connect no matter which device you turn on first.
  • Woah, I'm glad you mentioned that. I switched over to wired for everything because that was super frustrating.
  • Finally, that has taken ages.
  • Even with the right settings enabled I have never gotten the health *cough* BAND tile to animate in any way.
  • It used to work, then it broke....Should be fixed again now. I can confirm mine is transparent again and shows the Band battery life on the tile
  • Sweet! That's been a long time coming. I am also happy to confirm that the tile can be made transparent again! Great job MS Band team!
  • I keep my "band" tile small, so I can't comment about the flipping but the previous update fixed the persistent "5" count on the tile. Maybe that fix broke the live tile for others.
  • This is great news, and some say the band and app are dead.
  • Well...they fixed a bug in a feature that was previously working until they broke it, which is great but I'd still keep an open mind about the future of the Band
  • Can confirm the fixes are working fine for me personally.
  • Wonder if the in app feedback system works now or still just crashes out like it used to. Kind of ironic that the way to report issues was broken.
  • It's crazy fast now. The live tile is awesome :D
  • Did a soft reset, unpinned,pinned back... Still no live tile on my 950XL, anyone else having this issue still?
  • Nope mines fine
  • I've been dreading this moment for a while but it looks I can't escape WDRT
  • Nope. Working fine on my 640XL release preview.
  • It's transparent again! Whoot!
  • Updated in background, toggled live to on in preferences, voila! Transparency returns to the band tile on my 950xl.
  • A nagging bug? That little black dot on the live tile ruined your day? You need to get out more often, amigo. And the new feature is swell.
    EDIT: What I mean is I already have all the data I need on my wrist, instantly and conveniently. So, the tile is of limited benefit. Nice yes, but not crucial. I'll add, I sure as heck hope the Live Tile is updated only when we manually open and sync the app to the Band and is not fed by a continuous Bluetooth link to the phone, which will just needlessly deplete the battery. 2¢
  • Update: I see we can choose which items show on the Live Tile or shut off Live Tile altogether. I'll shut it off. :-) It's all on my wrist already.
  • I don't use the live tile so I don't care about that, it was way to slow when it did work and no live tiles at all work on my computer because I use a custom DPI setting (MS has still not fixed that, worked fine on win8). I do have transparancy turned on, but nope still not transparent after update. Turned setting on and off, unpinned, and pinned again, no transparency. Still broken. Also the band app on my computer says it can't find my band and crashes when I try to choose manage tiles, personalize band, or my microsoft band. Used to work fine when it was health, the band name change update broke it. So this update did nothing for me. :o(
  • I never had the live tile working until now. I didn't even know it could be transparent!
  • To me, I have all the data I need, instantly, on my wrist. So, a Live Tile is not so critical, nice yes, but not crucial.
  • To me, I have all the data I need from the Band on my wrist. So, a Live Tile is not so critical, nice yes, but not crucial.
  • Live Tile is working. Will the app now update in the background without having to be started? I don't use it with a band, just with the motion sensor in the phone. Real time updates would be a good thing.
  • Yes background syncing is also back!
  • Holy Jesus, it actually works. I thought it was from lacking of RAM to my Lumia 735 running W10M.
    Btw the app had working Live Tile on Windows Phone 8, I have it installed on my Lumia 630 and it was working all the time.
  • My band just doesn't want to communicate to my phone running W10M, it worked the first week then stopped. Every once in a while I will get a text in a one way communication, trying to respond just gives "connecting". Great that the tile now works, not that I care, but how about fixing these communication bugs.
  • What phone? What Windows build?
  • I had to revert my BLU LTE back to WP8.1 since the W10M AU caused the Band app to crash upon launch. Even 14393.189 didn't do anything to make it work. Can any BLU LTE owners with 14393.189 & a working Band app give a shout out? I'd gladly go up to W10M again. Thanks.
  • Now that MyFitnessPal has gone away, any chance they will add a food diary with bar code scanable ability.  I would like to track my food and tie it to my health monitor.  "Hey Cortana, how many times did I eay chicken in February"....  I just might as that...   Mr. V
  • Cool! Working now.
  • All good! Much appreciated.
  • Don't forget that backgound syncing was also not working, so you needed to open the app to sync. Great update, the app is now usable again!
  • Ok, now Satya can fire out all the rest of the team.
  • I had the bug, and that's why I uninstalled it