Microsoft is bringing its Edge browser to Windows 7 and macOS

Windows 7 update prompt
Windows 7 update prompt (Image credit: Windows Central)

As Microsoft announces plans to rebuild Edge from the ground up, the company also said it plans to bring its new version of Edge to older versions of Windows, including Windows 7, and Windows 8, in an effort to make Edge available to more markets. In addition, Microsoft will introduce a version of Edge for macOS, making Edge a true cross-platform browser.

Microsoft is revitalizing its commitment to Edge with this move, as it wants the world to take its web browser seriously. For any web browser to have a chance at competing, it needs to be available in as many places as possible. As such, Microsoft is building a brand new browser for Edge that will be powered by Chromium and its Blink rendering engine, and it will be available as a Win32 program on Windows. A Mac version is also in the cards, but that will likely come later at an unspecified date.

Microsoft's Corporate Vice President of Windows, Joe Belfiore said the following in a blog post:

Microsoft Edge will now be delivered and updated for all supported versions of Windows and on a more frequent cadence. We also expect this work to enable us to bring Microsoft Edge to other platforms like macOS.

We don't yet have an ETA as to when we can expect this new version of Edge to be made available. Microsoft says a feature-incomplete developer preview will be ready in a few months for Windows devices, which will be our first true look at the new version of Edge.

Microsoft Edge and Chromium: Your questions, answered

Microsoft building a web browser using Chromium is a huge deal, and it showcases Microsoft's true commitment to building the best browser it can. EdgeHTML wasn't helping Edge along, and Microsoft believes rebuilding it using Chromium will give it the push it needs to compete with Google Chrome and Firefox.

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  • What, so no UWP anymore?
  • That's what it sounds like to me. UWP is officially dead.
  • Microsoft Edge is not truly UWP yet as it needs O/S level updates. This should have happened ages ago as this would have increase the usage and adoption of Edge tenfold. Furthermore they can repackage the Win32 version Edge and put it in the store.
  • The reason Edge needs OS level update is not because it's not UWP. Actually the reason is just opposite. Edge is UWP and many update is UWP update (HTML rendering is part of UWP that could be used by other apps). The problem is Edge can't properly separate the update of itself and UWP, so it updates with OS instead of independently.
  • Yeah, I don't think this has anything to do with UWP.
  • This doesn't necessarily exclude UWP
  • Should have happened ages ago as it would have enabled increased adoption and mindshare. Plus they can repackage the win32 version of edge and finally put it in the store.
  • I guess it's nice it's coming to Windows 7, but I doubt there will be enough interest on the Mac to make it worth the effort to develop and support it. Why would anyone pick it over Safari or Chrome on the Mac? Seems like Microsoft's attention would be better spent elsewhere.
  • Would that mean the Win7 and Win8 version of Edge be smoother and more fluid than the Win10 version?
  • Why would it be there all will be running same version.
  • now can we have Xbox app on MacOS?
  • Does it really make sense to bring Edge to Windows 7 since W7 reaches end-of-life in another 12 months? At work, I'm currently stuck using a Win 7 laptop with IE11 and would welcome Edge as a replacement. But still, does it make sense to put the time and effort into something that only has 12 months more to live?
  • Windows 7 doesn't go out of extended support until 2020.
  • Tremendooo!
    Msft already has experience with this on Android.
  • Google just want's everyone's info so they can sell it and make money of it.
  • I bet edge uses c she'll in the rebuild so that the core can be swapped. Ms never said edge html was done. I bet edge cromium is for win7/8 and android and ios because those don't support edgehtml. And edge html is for windows 10
  • What the ****..
  • How about EDGE for the mobile version of Windows? Will it be or not?
  • Windows mobile is obsolete now. It just never took off. Time to get a new phone unless you don't care about apps.
  • Do you suppose they could "re-launch" Internet Explorer and offer it in the store? Would that be too crazy? I know the "Internet Explorer" brand sends chills up peoples' backs, but could it possibly work? Perhaps a new modern version that uses the chromium engine and is, for the most part, decoupled from the OS. There could even be a legacy mode for those old banking applications. I just want the whole damn thing taken care of. The browser needs to be separate from the OS. I don't want to have multiple versions of a browser on my system. I am unfortunately one of those users who actually needs to have IE on my system for running payroll.