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Microsoft is bringing MS Paint to the Windows Store for free

Earlier today, reports began mistaking Microsoft's plans to deprecate MS Paint starting with the Fall Creators Update with killing the program outright. It turns out that isn't going to be the case, with Microsoft announcing today that MS Paint is coming to the Windows Store for free instead!

MS Paint, first introduced to Windows over 32 years ago, will be coming to the Windows Store for free very soon. It looks like Microsoft is planning to take MS Paint out of Windows 10 by default, placing it in the Windows Store instead for anyone who wishes to continue to use it.

Windows 10 will continue to have an inbox paint app known as Paint 3D however, that's already available to users running the Creators Update. Paint 3D is the modern-era version of MS Paint, with new capabilities and functions that bring it up to 2017 standards.

So, for those of you who were worried that MS Paint was going away, you can now relax. MSPaint.exe is merely being moved into the Windows Store, so you will still be able to use it whenever you need.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • Bring Media Center to the Store for free.
  • lol, let it go.
  • MC and Zune will always hold a special place in my heart. :-)
  • u can still download zune as ur music player, just search google.  such an awesome app.
  • Thanks. I'll do that. on Bing though.
  • Yeah, though I'd recommend MusicBee instead. It's much better for things like tagging and editing than Zune. I liked Zune, but I had to switch because the tagging was so hard to correct/add over a large number of files, plus album art is really easy to manage in MusicBee.
  • Me too, I like MusicBee a lot, it also syncs nicely with Windows 10 Mobile. The only thing it's missing (for me) is a jump menu symilar to the one on Winamp (awesome).
  • You can but, if you have any older Zune DRMed music, with Windows 10, it's dead and you can use it.
  • You can download a version of WMC that works on Windows 10 from My Digital Life. I've been using it for ages, works really well
  • Zune software had an amazing UI. Id love to see something like this in the Windows 10 player. And integrate Spotify.
  • Never!!!
  • I agree with him, media centre was great. Even if it was a small one time purchase I'd get it
  • A sweat shop is not a gym.
  • Still use it every day... cablecard setup, it would be nice to update to Windows 10 and still work with my cable cards...Still one of the best guides of any HTPC software... add EPG123 and you have better guide data than most DVRS do. For the type of apps they use it for, how hard could it be for them to release it for Windows 10 ?  I am sure not very hard if it was a unsupported app.
  • Theres realy no other program that can record live TV as well as WMC.   Really wish MS woiuld just open source this and just kill off whatever propieatory codecs that it licensed.  
  • See my comment above - there's a version available that works on Windows 10
  • I just cant get it working....theres an article on Windows Central too...that also dont work. 
  • Yes, there is a verion for WIndows 10 (it's actually hacked from 8.1), and it works...FOR THE MOST PARt, does not work fully with cablecards and a big update in Windows  will remove it... It's a headache unless you completely disable updates...
  • Many of those proprietary codecs are what made WMC work.
  • Also bring System Image Backup to the Windows Store.
  • More importantly can they bring movie maker to the store? That was the best little video editor.
  • And whilst at it, how about Multiplan, me, MP and my 8080 powered Panasonic - what a team we were in '79
  • I know that, for now, they might have a number of marketing reasons to name this 3D Paint 3D, but I very much hope tha,t in the long run, it will only be called Paint, with the old version in the store maybe changing to "Classic Paint" or something else.
  • I agree, I get they want it to be obvious it does 3D but makes it sound like that's all it does. At the same time average Joe won't know about the name change to Classic, maybe a prompt in Paint (3D) that explains why the new one is better, but that paint classic can be download from the store
  • Don't they already have "Fresh Paint," that they could rename to just "Paint" as well?
  • I have to agree with the Zune sentiments...probably the most attractive MS app ever. The full screen monochromatic images with the scrolling text overlay...simply breathtaking.
  • Yay, we are getting a free program for free!
  • The best part is that MS is bringing its own app to its own store! =P
  • Maybe it will be a universal app, then we can use it on the Xbox, too? I want paint on my phone as well.
  • Have Fresh Paint or Paint 3D made it to UWA status?
  • Fresh paint has always been uwp, hasn't it?
  • It is nice to see Microsoft dogfooding the centennial bridge. Honestly if they didn't feel it was a good way to port Win32 apps to the store how could they expect other developers to use it? 
  • I know. There was no need to add that "free'" because it's obvious.
  • Smart move ;)
  • Great news!
  • why didn't they just kill it? people are blowing this out of proportion. Paint 3D does everything paint.exe can and more!
  • because then trolls would claim "Windows is dead" and spread false information around just like they do with Windows phones.
  • Some people might prefer the simpler tool of copying pictures and maybe drawing a circle or arrow on something.
  • I've seen some people say it's difficult for them to use Paint 3D due to accessibility issues
  • 100% correct, it have a simple uncluttered ui and for simple stuf like cropping it is fine. I have photoshop on here, ok it is an older version, but if i just want to crop something i use paint as it is quick. Putting pain in the store is one way to get people to use the store I suppose.  
  • Paint 3D is on some devices slow.
  • It is slow on my Surface Book with dGPU. Not unusable, but not Paint by any means. I use Paint often for quick hit stuff.
  • That is quite unfortunate that it so slow on your surface book. Outside of application startup(which i think legacy apps have always been faster) paint3d runs perfect, even on my old i3 4gb acer laptop.
  • Why should they? What are the benefits?
  • Does it?  I don't use either very much, but I tried them out.  In Paint I was able to turn on Rulers and Gridview.  Those are useful features to me.  In Paint3D I could not find options to do so. In Paint I was able to find 2D stencils and it was pretty easy to apply line and fill color and style to them.  In Paint3D I could not find 2D stencils, though the 3D ones were super easy to find. In Paint3D I tried to mark up some images and messed it up badly because I'm horrible at using 3D objects.  Most of the time I want to be stuck in 2D and don't even want to see options for 3D lest I accidentally click on something. Ideally they'd made Paint3D into "Paint" and include all the 2D feature and improve both the 2D and 3D features.  Right now I see Paint3D as more of a showcase for the 3D stuff Microsoft wants to push, but it's not as good as a simple 2D editor.
  • 2d stencils as in shapes? it's right next to 3D tab. It's now called the Stickers now for those who are wondering, with all the shape features in tow plus some extra. What you're describing is simply familiarity with Paint's UI and outside grids and rulers (which aren't there, yes) Paint3d is a redesigned Paint with added 3d features, none of which are forced on you either i might add. The 3D features are found in 3 places. 1) as a single option in the Text tab  which gives an option to choose either 2D or 3D text.  2) In the 3D tab where the features actually are. 3) Remix 3D which functions as a 3D clipart store.So it's very hard that you'd even accidentally switch between the 2D and 3D It has some nice new features too like the change history slider, the stamp tool, more colour options, magic select, more lines(up to 5 point  line now) and custom stickers(stencils).That said i highly encourage you to send feedback to get the missing features added(grid,rulers, canvas rotate, and invert selection). It certainly won't replace Paint.Net but it can definitely replace regular paint for most people, and all if they add the 3 missing features(that I noticed).
  • This makes perfect sense. Why clutter up an operating system with apps that can be added from the store by those who want/need them. One of the problems with Windows has been as features were added, bloat became an issue. This way features become apps and they can be updated as desired, not on the OS update schedule.
  • Don't underestimate the move to put it in the store: the Store is available only to whom has signed up for a MS account. For us it might be a given, but thousand of people have never peeked at the store for this reason. Paint in the Store might be MS Trojan horse for them, by forcing to sign up and peek around it just to grab it. For the same reason I might imagine the "add Windows functionalities" panel available in the program & features control panel might be deprecated soon and offer things like IIS, Hyper-V and others things only through the Store. Want them? Sign up for them, dudes! ^_~
  • I dig your definition of a Trojan horse 😄
  • Why wouldn't they just get a MS account?
  • Because we do not want to. some of us do not want our machines connected to Ms server all the time, windows 10 does enough spying as it is.    
  • Ah, one of the tinfoil hat brigade....
  • Just because I do not want Ms to know what we are doing on our computer do not mean i am one of the tin foil brigade. i do like a bit of privacy. windows 10 does spy on you, there is no getting away from that fact. I also have no need for an MS account,. it offers nothing for me I need. I have email already via my own domain, I have a office package on my computers, so I do not need an online one, I use drobox for the couple of docyuments I have online and i am thinking of moving them back to my NAS. I use skype, but I have got an old Skype username and to be honest skype is awful now, so I am looking for an alternative.  So I do not need an MS account.    
  • Ad47uk, Don't mind BonzeUK,  he's a kool-aid drinker....
  • Ad47uk,
    Don't mind Stevie, he's a class A d*ck
  • Then simply set your firewall to strip out anything that you don't want Microsoft to see. Or get a package that just feeds Microsoft dummy information.
  • You can not stop Cortana and you can not stop Windows 10 sending the info, there is a way to stop cortana and that is to rename the directory, cortana can't run then, that is until the next big update and Ms resets it then. Loads of thrid party software saying they stop the spying, but they don't.   Saty with Windows 8.1, at least with that I can stop the spying.    
  • @ad47uk; That is ridiculous. 
  • What is, the spying part or the the fact I donot need an MS account?  
  • Why have you turned off all privacy options then?
  • What do you mean turned them off? nWhen i was using Windows 10 I flicked everything to off and the telemetry to it's loswets setting and i also killed Cortana, but windows 10o was still leaking data like tea strainer . 
  • Every telemetric was off by default when I installed Windows 10... And it is also the least privacy intrusive system available by far.
  • You can not turn off telemetry on Windows 10, even the pro version you can't, there are two options, basic and fulll and that is it.  windows 10 is very intrusive and if you think differently well there is no hope.    
  • Why doesn't it send anything through the firewall then?
  • It may do and your firewall may just let then go, also do you know what you are looking for? 
    Use wireshark .. this article shows some info about the telemetry
  • Do you know anything about firewalls... I see everything that gets sent from our computers...
  • some firewalls arte better than others, if you can not see what Wijndows 10 is sending out then I suggest you get a better one.  
  • It is a corporate hardware firewall... Sorry.
  • So are you using Wijndows 10 enterprise? As far as i know that do not have telemetry, but i could be wrong.    
  • We have a very mixed park.
  • Strange that you do not se anything from Windows then on your firewall, because it certainly send info, always have done to a certain degree, but certainly worse with Windows 10. Also with older versions of Windows you could stop the bit of info that did go out going out, even with the telemetry that MS have dumped on Windows 7 and 8 it can be stopped by getting rid of the updates that makes it possible. Sadly not possible on Windows 10. My problem and this is not just Wijndows 10 this is life in general is that we are loosing a lot of our privacy and yet people do mntop seem worried about it because they think they are getting something out of it, but they are not or very little and it is the companies that doing the invasion of privacy that gets the most out of it. I go shopping and I get asked about a Loyalty card, so they can spam with stuff they think I want, if I do not produce a card then surly it means I do noit have one and do not want one.  MS trying push people into the MS account and their eco system, so they can spy even more and Google is no better, but at least with Google you know that is how they work because they have always worked that way. Even my bank seems to follow my spending habits, we notice you do not use your debit card in stores, please use your debit card instead of cash and please use the contactless option. Which is strange as I asked for a card  without contactless and get it months ago.  Even my Inkjet wants to send info to Borther.       
  • No, it doesn't send more than Windows 8 or 7 if you keep all privacy options on.
  • But Windows ten do send more info than Windows 7 and 8, why you can not see it on your firewall I do not know. Have a look around the net and search out Windows 10 telemetry.  
  • Because it doesn't... Obviously your info is exaggerated.
  • i suggest you have a serch on the net and find out what info is sent from Windows 10. If you do not think it does then fine, stay deluded.  
  • I have data in front of me... Maybe you should research if these claims are made up, over exaggerated or outdated? You should be aware of the term "fake news" by now?
  • What a load of rubbish. even Ms say they have telemetry, why do you think they have two settings, one bbasic and one full? If windows 10 did not send data then there would no need for these settings, even then i do not think they go far enough.  
  • I am telling you what is being sent when everything is turned off. Try any firewall and check for yourself. Easy and fast.
  • I am not using Windows 10, I am using Windows 8.1 and I got rid of the updates that put telemetry on my machine.
    As I said before, I suggest you do a search for windows 10 telelmetry and you will see that it exsists. I do jnot know how often the data is sent, but I do know it is.    
  • Olay, so you have just read somewhere this is the case... You haven't checked for yourself.
  • Oh for goodness sake, it is a well known fact, it have been one of things some people have been on since Wiondows 10 first came out, in fact before it came out.  even Micrsoft says ithey have telemetry, look here.  why do you think there is so much software around to try and stop this telemetry? If these companies was making money from it i would say yes to make money, but a lot of this is free, not that they work because of the way windows 10 sends the telemetry. Why does Windows 10 have a option to change telemtry from full to Basic if it did not send this data out? Telemetry in Windows 10 exists, it sends data to MS, if you can nto see it on your firewall then that do not prove that it don't send the data, Even Windows 7 and Windows have telemetry these dyas, unless like me people stop the updates that does this.  have you been hiding under a rock for the last 2 years?  
  • It is a well known opinion. Without merit in a professional environment... It stays at just that... An opinion.
  • i can not be bothered anymore, if you can not see something that is in plain sight of your eys, then I really give up. Makes me wonder how you tie your shoes, never mind use a computer.  
  • Like I said... I have it in front of me... It is you who only go by what you have read. I am trying to educate you and tell you to get your own experience with it but you still stand by what you have read.
  • And besides... Windows 10 sends NOTHING through our firewall. Maybe you should check what people have installed on their computers at your place?
  • It is my computer, there is no one else here apart from the cat and I do not think he will be using my computer.  I suggest you either get a new firewall or MS is finding ways of sending the info without firewalls seeing it. i suggest you get something like wireshark. You only have to look at all the different articles about the info that MS collects.  
  • i really must check things before I click on comment. mind you I did have a headache at that time, so that is my excuse :)  
  • But your are probably more than willing to use a Gmail account...
  • No you do not need a MS account, you do for Windows 8m but not for windows 10, you can download software from the store in Windows 10 without a MSaccount, I have done so myself. If that will change is another thing, I really thought MS would force a MSaccount onto people who want to use the store, just like Apple have, but so far they have not.  
  • Did you try to download an app from Apple store, Google play store, LG store without account? It does not work and it makes sense for them to get some of these details because they need to deliver your contents that might be regions restricted. If you order online you'll need to provide some details about you also
  • Region restrictions, fit a global company ... Never, that's... That's unamerican.
  • As i said abovce you do not need an MS account to use the store, well not yet anyway.   you can nto really compare Android to windows,.  Mac Os yes as it was built for computers, but Android have always been for tablets and phones.  
  • i wish Ms would realise that then instead of putting apps that a lot of people may not want and making it difficult to uninstall, like X-box app, mail and people app, some of the games they install as defualt on Windows 10, but they can be removed. news apps, maps apps and other apps that either need powershell to uninstall or thrid party software.   Paint was small it took up very little space on the hard drive, the same with notepad and a few other apps. Windows 10 is just getting bloated with apps.  
  • I do believe that is what they're doing...replacing and removing all the legacy apps that are using older winAPIs and features and moving to their new UWP counterparts right...why would they have both a legacy.exe application and an identical .appx uwp application. Most of those apps you existed on windows in some fashion or another. and the others like news and maps exist due to the world  we live in now, and what we use regularly( we love consuming content, and even linux distros these days come with default map apps and all that jazz). The ones that don't have a uwp version remain until they can be replaced completely(unless you're the media centre which is gone for good). Same thing they did to calculator, wordpad, character map, scan and fax,calendar, games for windows live(xbox replaced this in a nutshell),windows outlook(now separated into mail and people), snipping tool (which is still there but windows inkspace does this job but only partially). Notepad may be the only exception due to what people use it for i.e. batch and configuration files. as for games...idk but windows but unless you bought the OS standalone or windows server and installed it. manufacturers have always bundled extra games on windows(usually popcap games or wild tangent). what's one game bundled candy crush so life ending we can't ignore it? and finally for app sizes i do believe they'll either remain or get smaller e.g. paint is about 6.5mb  right , and even paint3d is only 40mb(more if you download a ton of 3d assets but initial is 40mb) and i doubt paint uwp is going to be much larger than those..hardly space hurting in this day an age, but you could alway dust off a CD or a 3½-inch HiFD floppy if you really need the space...
  • I understand what you are saying, but my problem is that a lot of these applications are fixed and can not be removed without third party software or using the powershell, something we really should not have to do.  I know MS wants us all to use these apps, like mail and people and maps so they can get us into their cloud eco system, but some of use have no interest in doing so and so we should be able to remove the apps with ease.  Even if a Linux distro do come with these sort of apps they can be easily removed, sure I would prefer say Mint to just be the OS and a GUI and allow me to choose the software I want to use once installed, but it is not difficult to remove software and replace it with stuff I use, like Firefox, I replace with Chrome. The other problem is some of the universal apps are naff, the mail app is awful, i tried if for a few days, if you have more than one email account on it it is a pain to get the extra folders. Thunderbird while a bit dated these days do the job a lot better.  As for games, there are games and games, something like solitaire was fine, just a simple game. Candy crush is all about making money for King Digital Entertainment plc and no MS now as I expect King pays MS for having it as default in Windows 10. King for some reason reminds me of companies like wild tangent and i wonder what info their game is sending back.
    My original OS, windows 7 pro  was retail, I updated to Windows 8 pro via a MS offer of getting it cheaper, and then in turn I updated to Windows 10 pro via the free offer, now i have gone back to windows 8. 
    Since i have the pro version I really thought i would not have the games and Xbox stuff installed as default,, but it just shows that MS just want to bring Windows down to a Mickey mouse OS. As for space, not all machines have large drives, my brother have a Lynx machine and storage in that is around 64GB, so even a few Megabytes from an app that is not used is too much. But then we all know what MS wants us to do and that is to use their cloud system.  i still use DVD and Blue-ray for archiving, I still have a zip drive, not that I use it these days.            
  • Lol and all the furor on the internets for naught
  • Yay
  • The verge, and other anti-microsoft sites have been spreading Click-baity headlines on ms paint
  • Microsoft added vague change to changelog without explaining, the Internet rightfully explodes, Microsoft explains itself as it should have in the first place.
  • Well, MS said it was deprecating the program...that doesn't necessarily mean it's removing just means that it could be removed at any point in the future and it won't get updated. Saying it's being killed != deprecated.
  • But that's the problem. Deprecate in software has always meant the item was on the list of things going away, possibly replaced with something else. What Microsoft should have done was add a third list to their announcement: Items moving to the Store. Seriously, would that have been so hard?
  • Does anybody really need the meaning of deprecated explaining to them? It's a really old and well known thing in software. Should they also explain the meaning of right click?
  • I know someone who does not know what a right-click is. Everything is just a click to them. Two buttons on a mouse? pshh it all means the same thing. Then I get texts asking why their computer is behaving oddly when they click on things and menus pop up instead of the program opening and that they need a new computer because this one isn't working. So please, can you explain the meaning of right click? Maybe it will help someone
  • If someone doesn't know what it means and they are reading a support document, they should freaking search for the answer, not just conclude what they think it means. Do your due diligence as a reporter. As for your friend...they need to learn about computers period.
  • Yeah I have tried lol. I agree with you they can simply look it up and do research. Also this person thinks Apple (the whole headquarter office) walks on water and that Steve Jobs was god, so it is kind of pointless for me to even try
  • Will I still be able to open it with Run -> brush? That's the important question :D
  • It will be a app using the Project Bridge Centennial.
  • Any news on Movie Maker getting a UWP update now that its been killed off?  Can't believe MS is serious about Windows 10 -- particularly 10 S -- as a consumer or student play, without a good first-party movie editor?!?!? 
  • You didn't watch Build 2017, did you?
  • no, it that a prerequisite for asking questions on this site?  
  • No, but it has been well covered in the news and it is in the FCU articles as well.
  • There are only two serious consumer operating systems out there - and the other is effectively dead - so as always, Microsoft don't really have much to do much in this space and can continue to beta test Windows 10 with the public / Insiders. The largest operating systems in use (Android and iOS) aren't really designed to support movie editing in any meaningful way so can be discounted for this use case.
  • They are releasing a revamped movie editor in the FCU... Ios is not bigger than Windows.
  • No that's what they promise, there is no such thing in FCU. In the best case it takes 6 months more for them to deliver than what they promise (but frequently it goes to 1 year). In the worst case it can take as much as 3 years after the announcement. Also iOS 10 is bigger than Windows 10, it will be at least for some time, maybe in 5 years things will change but you can't take that for granted.
  • They tend to miss a few features... But i haven't heard anything about video mixer being re-scheduled. You have a source?
  • It is not included in Insider builds. And they said there will be no new features in Insider builds till the new cycle.
  • This is an app... Not a feature in Windows...
  • Then it has nothing to do with Fall Creators Update as it can't be included in it in any way. If you have provided the wrong fact regarding that, I gave the wrong answer based on the fact that you have provided.
  • You do know that they have internal builds, don't you. Just because a feature is not in the insider preview doesn't mean it isn't coming.
  • I know that it doesn't come to Fall Creators Update and that was stated above. And that's all I am talking about.
  • Oh and if you guys are referring to that video/photo mixer thing that is being built into the WIN 10 photo app -- from what i have seen thus far, it's no where near the capability of Movie Maker...
  • I think MS paint will be available in Fluent design which can attract their users.
  • Hopefully there'll still be a way to re-add it back via the registry instead of having to get the store version. Store apps have their advantages too, but sometimes you just want to stick with traditional desktop apps.
  • The store version will be exactly the same. Why bother messing with registry?
  • Store apps do have their disadvantages vs desktop apps, and MSPaint is one of those apps I'd personally prefer to remain as a desktop app.
    Either way it should be about choice. Prefer Store apps? Then this is great news for you. Prefer it to remain as a part of Windows natively? Then add it back via the registry.
    I don't see what the problem with that suggestion is.
  • But it's the same app. There is no disadvantage. They aren't rewriting this (that they have said). Other than having to download it it's the same experience.
  • Except there are disadvantages of it being locked as a store app e.g. Mods cannot be made for it. Granted this is for an older version but it's the first thing that came up whilst I'm on my phone: Either way I don't see what the issue is for hoping it'll still be possible to add it back in as it has been possible with many other features Microsoft has removed. Hell there's even plenty of guides even on WC re-adding or removing changes MS have made over time, and I don't see anyone complaining on those about users being given the option. I mean if you're happy using the store version then happy days.
  • You see i have never wanted to mod paint lol. This explains why i didn't understand why you would want the exe version
  • No hard feelings. There are also other pros & cons but it's hard to think of specifics when it's not in front of you as they become norms, whereas some of them are far more noticeable e.g. When it comes to games (e.g. Good luck trying to import your save from TWD1 into TWD2). Either way the good news is MSPaint will be safer as well be available on W10S. I just wish they'd do the same with Paint 3D so I could uninstall it...
  • Get
  • I have too as well as Photoshop. I like to use different tools for different jobs.
  • one time it's free, the next day it's paid. It's good that I'm still on Windows 7
  • I guess you are still using black and white TV...
  • What are you talking about?
  • You can try Windows 98 too.
  • nope he should be using Ubuntu or Debian since it's always free.