Microsoft is changing how it's asking customers to upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft's free Windows 10 upgrade offer comes to an end in July and the company is looking to change the way it's asking customers if they wish to take advantage of the free offer or not. Microsoft has been rather aggressive in its marketing on older Windows installations, with some people even being upgraded to Windows 10 without wanting to altogether. That's set to change with this upcoming prompt refresh.

Terry Myerson released a statement on the matter to The Verge:

"Since we introduced a new upgrade experience for Windows 10, we've received feedback that some of our valued customers found it confusing. We've been working hard to incorporate their feedback and this week, we'll roll out a new upgrade experience with clear options to upgrade now, schedule a time, or decline the free offer."

The company will now offer three distinct, clear options to customers (as shown above). You can either upgrade now, schedule a time that suits you, or decline the free upgrade offer. Hopefully this should cool off some of the heat that has been directed at Microsoft over the issue including a woman who successfully sued the company. Those on Windows 7 and 8 have just a month to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. After the promotion ends, you'll need to fork out to update your PC.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Too late . The windows10 upgradegate bacame a meme now like internet explorer
  • Which is really a shame since it did damage MS and Windows 10 reputation because of this, at least for another while. If they were at least aggressive in acceptable way without being so sneaky, maybe they won't get this reputation they're now having. If they seriously think Windows 10 is a worthy upgrade, they should've just polished and make the OS rocksolid that people will love and want without a constant annoying reminders (at least for some people who easily get's annoyed by these kind of things). Advertise it and don't intentionally try to be deceptive on messaging about the upgrade offer that people will get's confused. The injury could've even not this worse if the system cheker actually checks the proper compatibility if the PC is really works optimally with Windows 10 and if one factor doesn't pass, it shoudn't let user install or download automatically in any way except of user specifically chooses to. Many having a problems, big or small after installing Windows 10, issues about the driver, apps installed, some hardware not working proper, nor simply Windows 10 was just that buggy (especially on the first few months, though there is still some random bugs lurking around). If Windows 10 was at least rocksolid and really polished OS, maybe some people woudn't even mind the "auto-install", maybe some may even love it that their PC is being updated on their behalf without issues.
  • Embarrassing...
  • Great step. This is the only great news so for about W10, for me ;-). Hopefully their next move will be stop compulsory forced updated on all W10 and W10m. I really don't like my net getting crippled for all my PCs and W10 mobiles getting updated in the background while I am working. Besides , I do not need .NET, defender updated stall. I will get those when I want to, in my free time.
  • They did get sued for $10,000 after all.
  • AND didn't appeal their loss. It's not the suing that matters - it's that they lost the case.
  • They didn't lose. The case never went to court. They settled.
  • They paid/lost 10k to avoid future loss. MS cheerleader??
  • What is $10.000 to Microsoft?! The plan was to aggressively push Windows 10 from the beginning. Rightfully so, it's a good OS. People are being drama queens about it. So yeah, pay off the $10K, move on with your plan.
  • Wow another one who loves being controlled.
  • Or just someone who knows what's up and how things work. If you don't like "getting controlled" then go use some effing Linux and stop reading blogs and news centrals of master spies Microsoft.
  • You know what's up... Roflmao... I like change, I just don't let others dictate to me when I change..... U obviously cant think for yourself and let others decide what is best for you. Gold!!!
  • My only fault is that I replied to a kid online.
  • A bigger fault is you sellin cheap PCs to cheap people. Responding to kid like me with that nonsense... Priceless.
  • So stating facts makes me a MS cheerleader? What does ranting about non-existent things make you?
  • Yeah mate u said they didn't lose. So if u lost 10k because of being a scumbag u came out even??? Please try harder with your facts....
  • It is a fact that they didn't lose. They went for an out of court settlement. The case never even went to trial. How could giving 10K instead of spending a million in an extended trial be called losing in any way?
  • Ok you win, you are "the man" no one is telling you what to do NO WAY! Way to go!!! What a tool...
  • It isn't about the amount. It's about precedent. Because Microsoft lost in a Windows 10 upgrade case, it opens the door for others to sue on the same basis (or class action).
  • WHAT! Did you even read the final settlement doc... WOW what an idiot! Wait, I noticed that DJCBS and SAM 77 are never in the same room at the same time....something is amiss here ...
  • Time to borrow tin foil hats and get to the bottom of this conspiracy.
  • Time to lose 10k and call it not losing.... Too funny
  • Oh gawd mindless fanboi clutching at straws. Truly priceless!!! DJCBS who??? Roflmao.
  • WHEW, I was hoping you would reply to me... Will you "like" me on Facebook.. please.... what a tool!
  • Ok ok you win... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft should just let them miss the free offer and see how will lose out in the end... Some people don't like change
  • Some people like choice while the mindless love being controlled. You obviously like being controlled. Which equals u know what!!!
  • Reminds me a little of Brexit. I can hardly wait for those delaying until the last day, then forgetting to upgrade that day and whining that it's not fair they have to pay to upgrade and will continue to whine about how they don't have access to all new apps developers are releasing.
  • Lol sounds like you love the banker scumbags.
  • Are you serious... wait, of course you are serious. W10 offers much improved performance and security. You do get that most botnets are running Windows XP and the people who run those botnets want those users to stay on XP? You can't just run ancient software forever and have the rest of the world be ok with it given the consequences of not upgrading on a connected network. It's also free, W7 had its day, time to move on...
  • Yeah im serious. Its calls if it ain't broke don't fix it. Win 7 works fine for me. I will upgrade to 10 when I choose and not when MS wants to FORCE it upon me.
    I know of one company with highly regarded techs that advises against the win10 upgrade. They have no issues with the clean install of win 10. So yeah ill go with my own choice and also their industry experience. You can suck up the MS bs and continue being mindless.
  • You say yourself that some people like choice. Perhaps you should acknowledge that no one is forcing you to upgrade, and that other peoples choice is to upgrade. You know of one company who told you not to upgrade. I know quote a few companies who have upgraded all their pcs and their employees aren't wining. If you don't want to 'be controlled' and you 'like change' then perhaps you shouldn't let the company who develops windows tell you what's in the next update. Perhaps you should do ut yourself, enhance won 7 yourself and then you wont be controlled and you can have your change too. And while you're at ut, you can declare you self as the only non mindless person to 'upgrade'
  • You know one company, hahhaha, twit! Yeah well I know two companies that like Win10 so there..
    Oh and how are they FORCING it on you, gun to the head, waterboarding? What a tool!!!
  • Well, I can tell you that so far, this 43 year old IT Manager has upgraded over 60 PCs across our network, along with 2 desktops, 2 laptops, and 2 tablets at my house, and had no issues at all.  Even in our corporate environment, with a myraid of different applications, printers, and other peripherals, server-based software, group policy, actoive directory, etc., I've not had one single issue.  My only complaint is that I wish the Pro versions of the upgrade did not include games and Candy Crush, but I can didable those. Windows 10 is a solid operating system with a host of great new features.  And those of us here that use Windows Phone are able to leverage a lot of interoperability and auto-synchronization to boot.  It has worked on everything from one of the original Dell Mini 8 netbooks from 7 years ago running a first generation N270 Atom processor and 1GB of RAM, to my i7 workstation at the office, to our Dell Venue 8 Pro tablets. Support for Windows 7 will end in just a few years, so I don't see the point of not upgrading while it is free.  The only PC of mine I have not upgraded is my home theater PC, because Windows 10 does not have Windows Media Center, and I use my HTPC for live and recorded TV with Time Warner Cable.  There are work-arounds to sideload Media Center onto Windows 10, but I haven't had time to explore those yet.
  • I definitely like and agree with many of points except that you don't have to generalize,many choose the upgrade because they really wanted it and not because they was force to upgrade
  • I choose to choose not to upgrade. No different. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I really don't think MS is forcing it on anyone. There's a reason why there is a prompt. My father has a lot of trouble using computers. You could say he is definitely not tech savvy and I've cleaned many viruses and adware off of his computer. However, he still has Windows 8.1 on his desktop and has not upgraded to Windows 10. What does this tell us? It tells us he is not being forced. The Windows 10 upgrade icon is in his Taskbar but it's not forcing him to upgrade. Ever. Of all people, I expected him to end up on Windows 10 and he's not. There is no "Force" that you speak of so stop using that word because it's obviously not true. Stop making blanket statements about things you don't know. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol Control or guided direction doesn't equate to being mindless. Everything is about choice and some people can appreciate direction and control. It's not always a bad thing.
  • Those people are mindless and cannot think for themselves. If you like being controlled then we can call you sheep.
  • I love how you invoke the royal "we" herd mentality when calling others sheep.
  • Isn't there a degree of control in everything that we do, even when we think there is a choice? You can say what you will about sheep, but they are smart enough to know that the herder has their best interest at heart. Those sheep that stray away, sometimes the coyotes get them, because they want to do their own thing. All I'm saying is, there is a time and place for everything. A time to follow and a time to lead or do your own thing. That doesn't equate to being mindless.
  • Dude shut up sam 77 Posted via the Windows Central App for Refrigerators
  • If MS wanted to force WIN10 upgrade on you they could have done that without you knowing. They wanted you to decide that is why they introduced 'Get Windows 10' banner. What if the upgrade was part of the usual Windows update?
  • I'm hoping Android OEM do the same..FORCE upgrade my phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Problems were caused by the gumbies who had their PCs set to auto upgrade and when it did they screamed rape.
    Stupid plonkers
  • It wasn't confusing. It was intentionally deceptive.  
  • Seriously. And then having people being updated not by their own will is messed up.
  • Yep. Socially engineered to confuse people, just like adware that comes bundled with software. In both cases the intent is to sneak by people who aren't paying close attention. And mind you, I've been using Windows 10 since the first insider build, so I'm a fan of the OS itself.
  • So, if you decline the offer will it get rid off all the Windows 10 spyware from your computer  (GWX etc) ?
  • I'm going to go out on a limb and say you don't even know what 'spyware' means....
  • also, the illuminati, amiright?
  • This is laughable. The damage is done Microsoft, the offer ends in one month any way --- at this point there was no harm in leaving it as it was for the next 30 days. Why repsond to the feedback now after the internet blogs & comment sections have been filled with negative feedback on their aggresive and deceptive approach for months? If they responded sooner it would be a different story.
  • All part of the plan. Really that hard to see? They've been pushing Windows 10 all the way, so they release this update now to shut up everyone. "Here's your decline button, now shut up and move on."
  • Yeah Mr "I know what's up" get up to date on current events. Lol its so disappointing when they shoot themselves.
  • Sam 77 stop criticizing everyone. You're like a little kid. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I believe he noted that he as a kid prior... it shows... part of the "me" generation... we call them snowflakes.. "Rise up!! Rise up people... wait what are we rising up against? Someone tell me..."
  • Wow two lil MS babies that got butthurt by the truth!!!!
  • What truth? That people cant read dialogue boxes and that the average pc user clicks on the highlighted option without thinking of the effect it will have? Grow up
  • The truth, what because you SAID it was... wow, you really are a mindless sheeple...
  • They are responding now because they just lost a case in which they were sued by an individual and won. It sets precedent for further cases.
  • They never went to court so they (legally) never lost
  • Doesn't matter. It still gives precedent and confidence for others to do the same.
  • Actually no, settled cases DO NOT give precedent.  Confidence, perhaps, but not precedent.
  • Sure, you may be able to battle semantics however, the point is should not be clouded. No one at MS wants further legal action which would gain momentum and a PR black eye against W10.
  • I wish we could roll back from the awful NXOE that was forced on us too. The original Xbox One UI is what I paid for. Forced "upgrades" are utter garbage, particularly when they remove features people made purchasing decisions on, like Kinect gesture navigation.
  • Original ui was crap. Slow like hell.
  • The original UI was significantly faster than NXOE. NXOE is a sluggish mess.
  • Indeed. Have you ever navigated the Playstation interface? It's very fast to move around in. MS loves all those UI layers and sound effects for some reason.
  • Really? So they cut gestures for an overall far superior design and you're that mad? And won't the addition of Cortona make those gestures obsolete anyways? It'll be so much faster to navigate by voice rather than flapping your arms around like you're helping a plane taxi to a runway.
  • I don't find the NXOE design "superior" in any way, but no, that's not what I'm mad about: I'm mad that they forced NXOE upon me when I didn't want it. No, Cortana has nothing to do wtih gesture navigation (also, I've been using her for weeks on Xbox One and she is a nightmare--inaccurate, slow, and clumsy). Launching apps is faster by voice, but navigating apps is significantly slower: "Hey Cortana, page down, page down, page down, page down". If you were flapping your arms around then you were not using Kinect properly, as those movements had nothing to do with navigating Xbox One in the previous UI. The gesture commands were quick, accurate, and convenient. That you aren't knowledgeable or skilled in using them doesn't change that.
  • When you signed into the Xbox One for the first time and agreed to the EULA, you agreed to automatic updates. Don't go around complaining that Microsoft "forced" something on you that you agreed to. Your lack of understanding on how things work is not an excuse to complain about Microsoft. They said they would do something and they did it. Its your fault for not paying attention. If you don't like automatic updates then go back to playing an NES or something.
  • Haha so predictable. MS you are a bunch of sleazy operators!!!!
  • Who cares? I bet the 200 million + people who upgraded loved their upgrade. And more than half probably didn't notice a change, such is the vast majority of MS's pc users' tech knowledge, or lack thereof
  • *300 million
  • Thanks
  • Microsoft should update theirs system like android. No free update, buy a new hardware. Maybe if ppl will be forced to buy new pc every year they will appreciate the free update.
  • Forced to buy a new PC every year??? Got to be one of the dumbest things I have ever read.
  • Not really, I have the yearly, "I need your cheapest computer" customers everyday at work. And they always complain as if it's our fault a $189 pos desktop doesn't last.
  • Its your fault/incompetance u didn't explain to them a $189 pos is a pos. Sound like u take a lessons from MS of screwing ppl over. Sell em a dud PC so they cone back and buy another dud PC.
  • Oh yea, I clearly do exactly what you said. Not! Hell we don't even make money on those machines. Most are sold at 10% or more below cost. Cheap people just can't be convinced. They don't care what I have to say, they just want to be in and out for the lowest price.
  • The twit has no idea what customers want... he is a mindless "I hate Microsoft because Apple/Google said so.." then tells everyone THEY are mindless.. trust me the Bay Area (USA) is FILLED with these idiots... still a HUGE minority but you can hear them chirping...
  • No idea what all the fuss is about, Windows 7 is great sure, Windows 8.1 too, but seriously if there's a free upgrade just take it lol. Why cling to the past unless you are an enterprise that needs to heavily control roll out and do testing for comparability? This mind set of people being "forced" is just annoying and people not wanting to change and complaining about everything is really annoying too, just get on with life there's more important things going on than an upgrade to your PC!
  • Another one who loves being controlled. Think for yourself at all?
  • Explain to me how is choosing to upgrade to 10 being controlled?
  • He has a choice. Hardly being controlled. For your information, I have a pc on dual boot, with windows 10 and windows 7. I use windows 7 for old games which don't run on 10. On my windows 7 installation, I have had the upgrade prompt for the last 4 months. It hasn't upgraded me automatically. If it pops up I decline the prompt. Simple. It hasn't upgraded me automatically. Seriously, there are a kind of pc users who get scared when a dialogue box pops up, and they click the nearest button that their curser is near to to somehow 'get rid' of the box. I've seen it with my own eyes. They don't even take a second to read what the dialogue box says, or what option they click on. Im sure those people who are claiming an automatic upgrade without their permission are forgetting a time where they allowed the update to occur via a dialogue box, via an instant reaction, clicking on some button without reading what it said etc. I've had this w7 installation, and it's not upgraded me without my permission. It prompts yes, but I just decline the prompt.
  • I chose to fresh install, took matters into my own hands and made the decision that I want to be using the latest and greatest software, is that being controlled? Conversely, my wife didn't want to upgrade at first and despite all the prompts she managed to avoid the upgrade completely until a few weeks ago when she decided she wanted it and asked me to do the upgrade, she's just an average user and wasn't confused or deceived or tricked into upgrading, the people who "have been" are the same people who install 100s of tool bars and wonder why their computer is slow. While I would prefer Microsoft had implemented this change from the beginning to make it 100% clear to dumbasses and avoid all the stupid articles about "forced" upgrades, it's not like they did anything you don't find on every single website in the world where you have to tick or untick a box to not not not maybe not definitely be contacted by 3rd parties, people should be used to it by now, and if you're not then tough luck.
  • Dude... Were you ever thinking about growing a brain? :D I see what you want to do here with these stupid comments, but it just doesn't work. By calling others mindless sheep all day, you only prove, that you're the biggest mindless sheep here. And that's it. Get a life, and don't be an "I know everything better than everyone" douchbag. No one likes those guys, just sayin' ;) :D
  • The big issue is that windows 10 doesn't support all software and hardware that it's trying to upgrade from.
  • The only device I had some problems with while upgrading, was an old Fujitsu laptop, that came with XP out of the box. Windows 10 didn't recognize the integrated sound card automatically, so there was no sound. But I solved it in a few hours :D
    And other than that, Windows 10 runs flawlessly on every device I installed it on.
  • Congratulations. Obviously that totally invalidates all the issues others have experienced.
  • I never said it. I just wrote a harmless comment about my experience :D
  • (EDIT: Reply to the already "deleted" comment about "It wasn't consfusing, but deceptive" if I remember it correctly) Yeah, if a user actually reads the instructions thoroughly, it's not that too consfusing, but it was indeed rather deceptive. On the UX world, this is called Dark Patters (or something like that), which is a common tactic on some rather sneaky installers that leads you to download unwanted softwares even you "think" didn't installed it. Though Microsoft way is bit more subtle and just sneaky enough within a fine balance of being deceptive and just plain (intentionally) confusing for users. They sure know the psychology of most users where people will likely scan portion of messages and what button gives more highlight, not to mention that many users didn't even realize that close button can just do the same job of closing the message (again, taking advantage of user's poor understanding of Windows UI). This is rather disappointing of Microsoft to eve resort in this method just to have Windows 10 installs. Yes, we all want to be successful and have large install base for developers to take notice, but not this way which just further destroys their reputation and distrust already have on some people. This is just a new low for them. (whoops, my comment is a reply to somebody here but it was deleted or something... It was about the UI or the messaging regarding the upgrade offer "Isn't confusing but deceptive" comment) P.S. I don't really hate Microsoft in general, but in this topic about Windows 10 Upgrade methods I'm still rather disappointment. I can see why Microsoft wants people to upgrade to Windows 10, even "forcefully" which on the other side of the coin I even find it as a "necessary evil" since many users are just too stubborn to update stuff even it's free and does good generally on their systems (not all perfect of course). But they should've at least think about their reputation they're getting, especially that many people for a long time already aren't fond anything about Microsoft but they just use Windows nor Office (and other MS stuff) because they have to whether for work or simply that's what they got with their computers and no other better options.
  • Well said!!!! A new low for MS and its supporters!!
  • Deciding to RUN Windows 10 is, itself a decision you twit! Nothing mindless about it... now having some random issue with people for making a choice or an issue with a company for moving forward... thats a new low...
  • You become mindless and a passenger after the upgrade. Because you are no long in control of updates and other things like private data leaking out of your system. Heck, Microsoft has even secretly inserted telemetry code into people's own developed binaries without their knowledge. Such an insidious and sneaky company they have become.
  • I think by the time july 29th comes, W10 will have over 20% of the market with over 400 million installs, so as such I think MS achieved their objective for the free upgrade and now, new PC sales and xbox running windows 10 will surely get them to the 1 billion mark in 3 years. So well done MS, good way to strategize, and for all those resisting the upgrade because they are such tech wiz's who know everything about binary data input collection and how MS spy's on everyone and on how W10 was the worst thing to happen to the globe, you're just gonna miss out with a ton of amazing features which are going to come with the anniversary update and then the redstone second wave.
  • Wow another MS character with zero integrity.
  • You're quite right about yourself there
  • Do you even have a life?
  • It's not always about spying or some **** like that, it's about 'if It ain't broke don't fix it' my PC work and run great with Windows 8.1 why would I want to change it.
    By the way I did the upgrade last, and I have 2 BOSD in 24h and I wanted to go back to Windows 8.1 my PC end up in a mess and I have to reinstall 8.1 altogether.
    I have a friend who have the PC as me and didn't have the problem.
    Yeah you have that sometimes the Windows 10 can completely mess your computer up.
    My PC is stable with Windows 8.1, why do I have to retry it and possibly end up with many problems?
  • Longer support lifetime, for free. Otherwise you can pay in 4 years when windows 8 loses it's updates.
  • Pay? why? just because they stop to support 8.1 my PC will not magically stop to run, hell I have a friend who have a PC just for run XP on it because one of hers graphical software run only XP You guys you know many people use theirs PC to work or getting things done not for admiring Windows.
  • A couple of days back I got a chance to use windows 8.1 on my friends laptop. it was so messed up and totally counter productive if you want things to be done quickly. I can understand people who love windows 7 but sticking to 8.1 is a disaster. windows 10 is way easier to use and more fun for touchscreen devices
  • I totally agree.
  • Wait you agree with someone else's thought? What you cant think for yourself... what a mindless twit!
  • Wow MS crybaby. Running out of tears yet???? Roflmao... The other seems to have stopped but you still bawling...
  • I like messing with you... you are funny... a little snowflake... like the car... going ask daddy to buy it for you...
  • Overall, I like Windows 10 better, except in one area: touchscreen devices. Windows 8.1 was, by far, the best touch-screen OS ever, and it's way better than Tablet Mode in Windows 10.
  • That's one area where I hope they work on. I have a surface like 2-in-1 and I do end up having to go to the desktop mode for quite a few things.
  • Lol,I still use Windows 8.1 and I sincerely don't know what is so disastrous about that please enlighten me
  • Maybe you got used it. But some of the things that annoyed me was the charms menu which pops out everytime your pointer is on right end of screen. Start menu is terrible which occupies the whole screen and makes it difficult to find apps. The settings are also messed up , windows 10 has organised settings menu. Plus windows 10 has many new features like cortana , highlighting text on web, clipping stuff to one note, better security via windows hello etc.
  • -You are right for the charms Bar but I'm used to it,  -Start menu, I have StartisBack for two years now it's not a problem -Windows hello you must have the right hardware(I think, correct me if I'm wrong) which I don't have so it's a non-issue -Settings? Configuration Panel is superior to any settings( 8.1 and 10) for me at least  and is definitively one reasons I love 8.1 over 10 -Cortana can be nice but even on my phone I don't use it everyday -highlighting text on web can be done on firefox Basically many things you have cited can be disastrous or a big deal for you but I can have the same things on 8.1 or are not even issue for me, so yes for me 8.1 is definitively the best now
  • Well. Your perception is quite different. I am a student i find many features quite useful. I have to do my work quickly and sometimes within deadlines and 10 does the job for me in easier and quicker way. Plus i have to research a lot on internet so i prefer edge over any other browsers. Firefox can highlight but you cant write on a webpage when you find something important . Plus clipping a page is much easier than copying and pasting stuff.
    For me, windows 10 makes work easier. Maybe you use your computer for different purposes and for that you like 8.1
  • Well, I'm a student too in computer science and I see many in class use 8.1
    It's just that you are not used to 8.1, it's the same for me whenever I have to work on Windows it seems weird but I will not call it disastrous
  • I guess we have different tastes then.
  • Yep. Works excellent on a tablet. W10, not so much!
  • Just curious, do you plan on upgrading? If not, why?
  • Can't wait for the anniversary update. Although I'm still not gonna update my work laptop and desktop that are both stuck at Win7(they're stable and I want them to stay that way and seems like this new update notification will be less intrusive finally!) this will sure go to my 2n1 tablet. I'd been enticed to enroll it in the insider program but chose to wait so I can get all those new features in one go. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why don't you atleast reserve your upgrade so that you get the licenses via digital entitlement and upgrade at a later date when you're confident of the stability?
  • Oh yeah. Gonna do just that. Thanks for the reminder. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Image your machines, accept the upgrade to secure your 'digital entitlement' and then go back to what you are runnign now. Then in 2-3 years when you are ready to upgrade you will have the option. Or, you may find that you like it well enough and keep it on win10... the beta builds are hit and miss, but the public build seems pretty solid.
  • I already have my tablet on Windows 10 on public build and really love the experience so far. I love the action center and the ability to switch from desktop to tablet mode is really cool but its also my warning tool that upgrading my work machines is still a no go. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "Since we introduced a new upgrade experience for Windows 10, we've received feedback that some of our valued customers found it confusing"
      Yea, misleading users on purpose was a mistake and I'm sure having to pay a $10k "fine" for that and the likelihood of more lawsuits in the future had nothing to do with the decision not to use phishing scam and malware tactics
  • $10,000 is such an infinitesimally small amount to Microsoft that Satya Nutella probably found it in his belly button lint.
  • Took Microsoft a court case in order to do the right thing. Hope stupid Microsoft learns their lessons this time...
  • They won't. Not with Nutella in charge. The man is a moron who singlehandedly destroyed Windows Phone.
  • I am staying with Metro 1.0 :)
    Maybe for next 3-4 years...
  • Can anyone confirm if it is possible to upgrade from windows vista?
  • It's not. And you wouldn't want to, anyway. Backup your data, wipe the hard drive, install it clean, restore your data.
  • Sure, upgrade Vista to 7, then upgrade to Windows 10.
  • Only 11 months too late... good job MS
  • This is how it should have been since the beginning. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I only wish that if you select ' Decline...' it said, "FINE, well FU then!" =p