Microsoft closes Nokia's former flagship retail store in Helsinki, Finland

Microsoft has shut down its retail store in Helsinki, Finland. It was previously the flagship retail store for Nokia, before Microsoft acquired its Devices and Services division in April 2014.

The store location was in the heart of downtown Helsinki. Microsoft kept the store open and in late November 2014 the software giant rebranded it as a company retail location, but that move was short lived. Finland-based media outlet reports that the store closed on April 30 and that about 15 people lost their jobs. A company spokesperson said that Microsoft will focus its sales in Finland on other retail locations along with online sales.

The decision to close the former Nokia store in Helsinki comes at the same time that Microsoft is rebranding a number of former, and small, Nokia retail locations to its own label. Over 50 such stores in Brazil will get that treatment, as well as thousands of small Nokia stores in India. Microsoft plans to launch its first big flagship store outside of North America later this year in Sydney, Australia.

Source:; Thanks to Peter for the tip!

John Callaham
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  • I wish it could be that simple!
    People are dying as MSFT do this :(
  • huh? i'm sorry but that's business. as far as dying? well being unemployed is far better than dying. choose your words more wisely.
  • Nandela!
  • Nelson? He's dead, mate.
  • Melson
  • Seriously MSFT?
  • It's just about money.  If the store is not creating revenue and a lease is up...   Let's face it, a flagship store probably had a flagship lease rate.
  • Long live Microsoft
  • Nokia is dead.
  • "You can't be more wrong"
  • Nokia is world's leading networks company, among other things. And news is about Microsoft store closing. Microsoft is dead.
  • Reading comprehension isn't your strong point huh? This store was never rebranded as an MS retailer. It's simply a Nokia store, that MS is closing.
  • "the store operated under the Microsoft banner "
  • Microsoft dead huh? Apparently you didn't see the Build keynote, read the news, or check Microsofts stock prices lately
  • Nokia's the reason people use Lumias.
  • No windows is
  • Nop, Nokia is. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nope, Nokia WERE the reason for me and some people to choose Windows Phone... Now I would happily wait for the Microsoft's flagship :3
  • Stage is set of Nokia to jump right into the Mobile industry and launch maby N10 ?
  • 2016 ;)
  • Considering how well Microsoft branded phones are doing in India were you think Nokia is so popular then you argument is void Microsoft branded phones are doing very well in India and other country's surppasing the Nokia branded lumias of old. According to the latest WP marketshare data. Nokia as a cell phone maker is dead they live on in networking business that is striving so be happy at least that after selling out to Microsoft and trying to sell itself agian with here drive that Nokia is still in business at all
  • 1 - I'm not the one thinking that. Indian folks here at Windows Central said it. Also, there are still Nokia phones being sold. And Microsoft Lumias are being sold on stores still holding the Nokia brand. Let the Nokia Lumias disappear and only Microsoft Lumias remain, let Nokia return and we'll see how well the two brands will fair against each other, shall we?   2 - According to the latest WP marketshare data, WP has dropped from almost 4% to 2.7% since Nokia left. Those are facts, whether you like them or not.   3 - "Nokia as a cell phone maker is dead they live on in networking business that is striving so be happy at least that after selling out to Microsoft and trying to sell itself agian with here drive that Nokia is still in business at all" a) Nokia as a cell phone *manufacturer* is dead. Then again, so is Microsoft Mobile as they don't manufacture the phones themselves. b) There is absolutely no evidence appart from "unnouned sources" to sustain the HERE sale. I'm guess those are the same sources that swore Sony was going to sell their mobile division. c) Nokia has seen all their 3 business grow, specially Nokia Technologies...which is the one behind the N1...and which is the one that will be behind future Nokia smartphones.   4 - Good luck keeping Microsoft Mobile alive for much longer with impairments and almost 3 billions in losses. Microsoft shareholders LOVE to clinge to money-losing divisions, right? Oh wait...
  • If Nokia returns to the phone market in 2016 I will defo jump ship. Love Nokia Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Exactly, it was Nokia that convinced me to go Windows phone.  I was clutching my N9, so scared about where the future was.  I didn't want Nokia Android.... Skeptical about windows phone 7, dived in with windows phone 8 and windows 8 together.... some growing pains, but haven't looked back. Looking forward to Windows 10, they better finally get their one screen thing finally in place since it was supposed to be that since windows 8!!
  • @djcbs i bought 3 lumia for the support of Microsoft, surely not for nokia
  • I bought 7 because of Nokia, surely not for Windows Phone.
  • Not me, Nokia brought me and Microsoft are doing an ok job keeping me here, but unless W10 for phones is as blissful to use as 8.1, I'll be an old friend
  • Yup Nokia was the reason I came to WP but I'll stick to it until.........
  • Nope. Nokia is the reason. Of it was windows Nokia wouldn't have over 90% of windows phone market share. Nokia is such a strong brand. Microsoft should have kept on shipping Nokia branded handsets until 2016 while maybe releasing a Microsoft surface branded phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I know they're moving forward, but I'd still call that a slap in the face adding injury to insult
  • They shut a store here in Mumbai (India) too along with a service center
  • gone gone nokia
  • Nokia name dead in India....its time for Microsoft to arrive to India as Microsoft care, or Microsoft priority... Instead of the Nokia care or Nokia priority?
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    Paste _ London
    ;) I wonder when
    I understand that emerging markets are a priority right now, but still can't believe a city like London doesn't have a single Microsoft store. Seems MS has given up on attracting the Fins and Brits.
  • It's not that much better for the Swedes or the Greeks. Or pretty much the entire Europe.
  • There should be in Italy at least since it's the one with the most wp market. How big is Australia market share for wp?
  • Why Microsoft is going very hard on Nokia, this store is in their own originating country.
  • Maybe the lease was up? Maybe they wanted to much money. You don't keep something open if it costs to much.
  • I agree but seems business has nothing to do with humanity !
  • If humans didn't exist, neither would business. So everything to do with humanity!
  • I meant "humanity" referring to "human values" "honor" "caring" "love" & "respect, and not "human beings" ;)
  • This ^^ , anyway it's pure business
  • Which part of "other retail location" did you missed?
  • couldn't have picked a better heir. Loving seeing the new innovations coming from Microsoft lately
  • Microsoft open your Big store in Bengaluru.......
  • It's not a smart move from Microsoft to close this shop. It was very well situaded, and it keep the idea for Finnish people that the Nokia spirit still live in Microsoft. Finnish people were very sad when the Nokia Mobiles & Devices were sold to Microsoft, and thise kind of move beef-up the idea that Lumia Devices are not anymore finnish. Sad. When I saw that lot of Top-Executives from Microsoft Mobile & Devices moved to Seatle, I wondering if so much people will still work in Finnish office in the coming years.
  • I have been really loyal to WP since Nokia Lumia 800. But now I don't know anymore. The appgapp is still remarkable and Microsoft are treating former Nokia employees as shit. Without Nokia WP would be dead. My next phone is probably an Android :(.
  • Good maybe you can buy the imaginary android phone that according to djcbs nokia is marketing as there own to be built by the cheapest builder in 2016 long live Microsoft Nokia as a cell phone manufacturer is dead get over it.
  • But there won't be any difference with Microsoft Mobile. Most of Nokia's previous factorys have been closed under Elop or after the Microsoft Deal. 
  • The funny thing is "all of us, fine nokians, are getting excited and enthusiastic about a company (Microsoft), that we only loved once for selling Nokia branded smartphones !" Marketing is magic :0
  • We need another store in São Paulo, Brazil!
  • They are just being the worst ever. Slowly loosing my support and I hope the one of many more Europeans. Even though what they showed at build was seriously good!
  • It was Nokia who sold their mobile device department to MS...
    European myself and before Lumia 920 I hadn't had a single Nokia phone in about 15 years. What kept me away was their chaotic OS's, especially Symbian. Now I've bought about 15 Nokia Lumias for me and family. Just bought a Microsoft Lumia 640 and think it's even better than what Nokia delivered. But I'm very happy that the excellent former Nokia division still making great phones.
  • A sistem like Symbian has to much power for amateurs, and that is why it was chaotic for you. It had so many options even android can't dream about. So yes, i can understand why so much frustration against Symbian. Anyways, that system was made for the real deal and not for amateurs this days who buy smartphones to play candy crush saga, talk on facebook and whatsapp;).
  • Symbian was simply a POS...
    And the reason to Nokias fall.
    And no, I'm far from an amateur regarding phones and pc...
  • Yeah right;). If symbian belle had only dual core and 2gb ram. There would be imposible for all systems right now to face it;). And not the systems have killed Nokia, more like the announcing of killing them was the reason;). So misster tech, to brag about what you know you have to actually know something...!
  • Well Sire Knowitall. One Q for U.
    How many are making phones with Symbian today...?
  • Why keep the flagship store when you don't sell the flagship hardware in it.
  • 930 is the current flagship.
  • No matter what slogan will be replace, bring the great product is important.
  • Why couldn't they just keep it as a Microsoft store?
  • They changed it to Microsoft store last year. And now closed it. Article gives impression that Nokia branded store was closed.
  • As far as I'm aware we never had any Nokia stores in the UK. Most people get their handsets from their network provider, though personally I buy my handsets unlocked elsewhere.
  • I suppose the Finns avoided this store like it was the devil.
  • Nokia Care store at my town closed also :(
  • I love the people throwing stones at MS for closing a store, that is literally doing NOTHING. Nokia as a Mobile brand tappered off loooong before MS had any relations with them. Guess what happens when the company you work for gets acquired, most likey, people will lose their job. It crap yes, but thats the way of the world and in private sector it happens everyday and a lot of people are impacted. You can't expect a company to keep individuals on a payroll, when business needs call for something else.   people really need to educate themselves and stop looking for any reason to get upset, and blame a company for being exactly what they are....a company, who's sole purpose, whether you like it or not, is to generate and increase profits. Keeping these Nokia stores open, would be the complete opposite of that.
  • Yeah, you maybe think you're right. There is just a small big problem here. Nokia before microsoft was doing quite well;). And before Elop, was doing perfect. Is just that in this business, some a**h*** decide to have their own mobile devision like crapple and goes on destroying the biggest name on the market. And as always the greedyness in peoples hearts made their path easier;).
  • And they wonder why finnish people now hates MSFT. I'm loving microsoft but many many finnish people hates it now, mostly because Nokia was so important for us. Much like natonal tteasure! :)
  • I don't know what to say , I need Microsoft to thrive but what im seeing is depressing
  • No Microsoft Store in Colombia where Lumia still sells more than some countries, people here still remember Nokia a lot, some hate it now because of wp7 and don't even want to try again, some hope they go android, I hope WP gets BETTER.
  • As I understand it all Nokia stores will be rebranded as "Microsoft Priority Resellers" some may close but others will open etc..Around 15.000 shops some smaller but some be bigger. It will happened the coming months and they will sell phones, tablets, Xbox and so on. I think the Microsoft name make sense now. Not the NOKIA name anymore. It's a very good strategy to compete with the Apple, Samsung stores even outside of USA and Canada. But before we see the result in this it take some time. India will be first out, then Brazil and in time probably some places in Europe to. ​ ​ ​
  • The Apple store around the corner is still open...
  • Aw, shame. I always popped in there when I was in Helsinki. Understandable though. The Stockmanns store up the street has plenty of Windows Phones/accessories though.
  • The American Way!! What a bunch of idiots, I'm almost done with you, dumbass Microsoft!! *outrageous* You're fuckin' worse than iSuck Apple!!! Get lost, capitalists!! WTF!
  • How dare they do that. Shame on them Posted via the Windows Central App for Android