World's first ever Microsoft Priority Reseller store launches in India

Microsoft Priority Reseller

Microsoft has formally begun the transition of Nokia-branded retail outlets, with the first ever Microsoft Priority Reseller Store in the world opening in India in Gurgaon, a New Delhi suburb.

The Ambience Mall rebranded store was unveiled by Chris Weber, Corporate Vice President, Mobile Device Sales at Microsoft.

Microsoft Priority Reseller

India is the first country to roll out the new look. Beginning with the first launch, the transition will be made across a total of 8,872 stores and 119 Care centers by the end of June 2015. Out of the total number in India, 441 outlets will get a completely new design while the remaining stores will be refreshed by end of June 2015.

Globally, a total of 15,684 retail outlets and 324 Care centers will get a makeover. Again, 3,287 of these will get a complete makeover with new furniture and signage to showcase products and services while the rest will be refreshed to the Microsoft branding with new signage.

With the new look, Microsoft has also introduced a new nomenclature for retail outlets. The branded retail stores will be called 'Microsoft Priority Reseller stores', while the value and experience stores will be known as 'Microsoft Mobile Reseller stores'. Microsoft will continue to honor existing Nokia device warranties, and all existing Nokia and Lumia devices will continue to be serviced through Care centers.

Microsoft intends to improve customers' shopping experience and highlight the connected devices experience with clear signage and improved navigation within the redesigned stores. The retail transition marks the beginning of the new era for the current Nokia stores and a big leap for the Microsoft brand in terms of scaling it up its retail footprint.

  • Kewl
  • India is the initial point of Microsoft :P
  • Seems soon it will be final point of Microsoft with such trade politics
  • What th hell r you talking about Google also plays trade politics(even more than ms) their starting point is also india they have their so called (Android One devices) Both copanies have indian CEO one is trying very hard to change the so called bad image int he mind of people like you to be good and another however bad decision e makes people gone still trust Google .
  • What's kewler is that I see a Surface.
  • i too wonder :/
  • That doesn't look like surface to me.
  • Now in India.
  • Shit.. I was going to ask when in India :p
  • Well I was going to ask when in the UK!
  • You can still ask "Wen in <your city>?" :p
  • Yo baby, that's it...
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  • Surface launch hi nhi Hua. Lega kaise?? :P
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  • RIP Nokia Priority Centers ;)
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  • Perungalathur :)
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  • From Nungambakkam :-)
  • I'm from Thanjavur
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    Btw, Adayar da. :P :D
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  • Atleast the surface 3. The pros aren't the thing everyone can afford.
  • Did anyone think about Microsoft band? I think they should bring it here in IND.
  • Wen in India, ohh, it is lol
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  • Awesome news. And for once we won't get a "where in India comment"
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  • It's in the Iberian peninsula bordering Spain.
  • Yes. That's correct! I'm surprised no one said Portugal is Spain. Very surprised indeed. Usually Americans say Portugal is Spain. Of course it's wrong.
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  • When in philippines??? Microsoft is pissing me off uurrggh..
  • Please and please sell other MS products here. I would love to buy a Surface from an official MS Store or Windows 10 or the HoloLens.
  • Yup
  • Wen in Portugal?
  • Is that the photo of the same gurgaon store? Is that the surface pro 3 on the left??
  • Yes, it should be looking at all the photos together
  • It might be. But I don't think its for sale. Probably someone was using it there.
    MS would announce the launch first and then launch Surface if it was to launch in India.
  • I think its notion ink cain 2 in 1 If you look closely , you can see a cloth like material below the keyboard (I guess its that) which is present in notion ink cain to , I guess , strap(?) the device inside the cover..
  • Yes. Looking closely at how the keyboard is attached, that device isn't surface :|
  • It's a Notion Ink Cain 2-in1.
  • Was that a Surface in the corner there?? The Surface 2 maybe...Didn't know they were ever launched in India...But glad they started the redesign before the launch of Windows 10 so that they all can corroborated together and will be a grand showcase. These retail outlets and care centres are a big reason Microsoft will be saving a lot of money and time in reestablishment of their brand value. Just change the signage and some design tweaks. Done. Also they have phased out all the Nokia phones from the market. Lots of Microsoft phones to show
  • Awesome expect it to be soon launched on Chennai skywalk and express avenue...and in Pondicherry too...
  • Then Madurai, Tirunelveli etc..!
  • If it's in skywalk, it is just a walk away from my home :-D
  • now am starting to love that logo
  • Where is this in India?
  • Delhi
  • Wrong, Harayan.
  • WRONG!
    Haryana, not Harayan :D ताऊ ते बोलूँगा यो दुनिया में महारे हरियाणे का नाम डूबान लाग रया हैं, तू तो गया अब :D:P:D भाजले जित भाज सकह :P
  • Wow great design..if I am correct is it a Xbox on the right side end ?
  • Welcome!
  • Now we can expect surface in India too
  • Nice, I'm hoping this means the care centres in other cities and countries will also rebranded :).
  • Is that surface on left side? Why don't they advertise suface in India
  • It's a Notion Ink Cain 2-in1. No Surface.
  • Darn.. Microsoft please give us a Surface ASAP..
  • Awesome, India been waiting as per posts on here, now its arrived.
  • Are they providing other Microsoft products like surface pro and Xbox? Hoping to get these in India now.
  • Decision not to shut down care centers is a big one. One of the most important factors that people purchased Nokia and will now purchase Microsoft handsets were these care centres providing unmatched post purchase service
  • Well, write-off? Maybe not.
  • Writing off is the division. Patents will be kept by them. Licensed by them and the money to sell can let them buy here maps too if they really wish to buy.
  • Mobile Device Sales <> Phone Hardware division. And the write-off just may happen, as I understood it. Isn't there yet. Even if it does, well, maybe Microsoft needs more time to pay-off Nokia's (NDS) acquisition. The purchase is too recent. What is the cost of revenue cited in that article composed of exactly? I don't know. Ok, "elevated risk of impairment" was bad, but even here, we don't know the intentions hidden behind that statement. One thing I'm sure is they have huge first class business plans. They are giants. My opinion is, looking good so far. These Stores are paving the way for more to come. There haven't been many rumours lately. Good sign. They're making the move they promised in the beginning when they started with Windows 8. This is just one more step further. And they wont stop as have never.
  • Can you translate your first para to English? :-P just kidding... I understood after a few bing searches ;-)
  • One could also say their structure was very horizontal in the past, now becoming more vertical? First, build your team. Now that they have grown up, are mature, let's close the platform a little bit. They are better than Google and Apple in this subject! My opinion. It is also what I read everywhere about Microsoft. Not my analysis so to say.
  • Just one more shot, sorry, Tiago : ) : and write-off, practically, should only mean accountability balancing?
  • When in mumbai?
  • You know..... "Soon" :P :D  
  • That's"coming soon" :-P
  • Ab kya karoge Baxi Babu?
  • WHEN IN AMERICA? (...joke)
  • Wen in UK, no joke :)
  • Wen in Indonesia?
  • One is near by my house in Lucknow.
  • Can it happen that these stores will include a Suface as well soon?
  • When the heck in the UK!! Just because we speak REAL English doesn't mean you can't do business face to face here. Come on Microsoft!
  • You wot m8?
  • Nokia used to have the best after sales service support and MS just did the right move.A very big boost to its sales and service and a refreshed look as well.Love that logo.
  • Need in mumbai..!
  • If they are smart enough they should convert all Nokia stores to full MSFT stores with available Surfaces, Bands and other MSFT products. So many s