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Microsoft confirms Windows 10 will support USB 3.1 Type-C and Dual Role

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 will support both the upcoming USB 3.1 Type-C and USB Dual Role standards for data ports. The reveal was made via a panel description for the upcoming WinHec hardware development conference, which will be held in mid-March in China.

Here's the full description of the panel, titled "Enabling New USB Connectivity Scenarios in Windows 10"

"Windows 10 introduces support for USB Dual Role and Type-C, which will enable new wired connectivity scenarios such a phone interacting with USB peripherals, or laptops connecting to an external display using the USB Type-C connector. This session will go into detail on how Windows supports these technologies and what you need to do to enable them. Topics include: Overview of the new use cases introduced with USB Dual Role and Type-C, What scenarios are and aren't supported for Dual Role devices, Using Alternate Modes (e.g. DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, or MHL) over Type-C, Support for Power Delivery, enabling devices to provide/consume up to 100W over USB, Hardware and software architecture changes for Dual Role and Type-C, and Building a Windows system with Dual Role and/or Type-C support. Intended Audience: OEMs, ODMs, IDHs, IHVs, Peripheral Manufacturers, Driver Developers."

USB 3.1 Type-C will include support for cords with plugs that have no set top or bottom, meaning it won't matter which end you put in a notebook or desktop with a compatible port. USB 3.1 will also support faster data transfers, with up to 10 Gbps compared to 5 Gbps with USB 3.0. Devices that uses USB 3.1 for power should also charge faster.

Of course, all of this will still require that PC and phone OEMs to make USB 3.1-based hardware, but thankfully they will be backwards compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 devices.

Source: WinHec website; Via: Neowin

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  • MSN Sports. Cortana works great with it.
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  • For Football, Onefootball. For any sport news or score, MSN sports is good. For cricket follow, Cricbuzz
  • About time. Cant wait for WinHEC to know more details on the hardware side.
  • Awesome that MS is on the leading end here with support for the newest tech. What is dual role? First I have heard about it and the article doesn't really clear it up for me.
  • Did some quick searching, and Dual Role appears to be the process of a device being both the pitcher and the catcher (Yeah, it is almost baseball season!!!) or the Dual Role device can be both a Host and a Peripheral.
  • Figured it'd be supported. Better question is, when will we see devices with it I want a Lumia 1540 with less bezel (altho its already beautiful), USB 3.1, 64 bit, windows 10, octa-core, wide angled 8mp front facing, pureview 20+ back facing, 3800+ mAh battery, xenon flash, wireless charging for pma and qi, and a quantum dot display (lol) I dont care if it costs $1100 off contract, im buying it
  • Your expectations are too high for the display ;P
  • Lol I know, the last bit was thrown in for the lulz
  • Octa core are for androids cus they NEED it to run just a little less crummy ;p Windows phones wont need to have that kind of hardware for a loooong time xD
  • Altho true that androids could use octa core more than windows phone. Doesn't hurt to have MORE power.
    Its like the old saying, id rather have and not use than need and not have ;)
  • That saying is why everybody ends up having a house full of old junk xD Also why people drive Lamborginis that will never go past the speed limitatīons of a highway anyway. You know that if you put more power than your device will ever need, you're still paying for it :)
  • Well I did say I didn't mind the price I'd pay for it :)
  • If I owned a lambo I'd be using every ounce of that acceleration any time I hit a light. Just because you aren't going 200 doesn't mean you aren't using it's power. If apps and the OS were set up to use Octocores, it may only make things marginally better but it will still make them better.
  • This guy gets it
  • Lol... It would be like 6" in terms of length and breadth and 2" in terms of width :-P also weighing around 300gms...
  • Hope the Surface Pro 4 and upcoming Windows 10 Lumias will feature USB 3.1.
  • And USB OTG?
  • According to the post on Wmpoweruser, yes.
  • I believe that is part of the dual mode tech if I am understanding it right
  • I agree...USB "On-The-Go" is basically "Dual Role" from what I'm reading.
  • waiting for 1020 successor with these features and hardware, as well as Cortana in English without the need to change my Region. anyway thanks MS for enabling PIN Code request on opening Onedrive on the phone
  • I don't think Type C specifically needs any software support, it's those other 3.1 features.
  • Windows 10 is beginning to take shape as a very advance and beautiful OS.
  • Does that mean after officially installing windows 10 on my Lumia 925, it will support USB OTG.??
  • If the hardware is there, than theoretically, yes. 
  • So do these old Lumia's have the hardware or not?
  • Seriously, did you read the article?
  • Yes they do. Most Lumia have the ability to do USB OTG, Microsoft just never put it into Windows Phone.
  • The question then becomes did Nokia wire the usb ports to output power, or will any USB OTG devices need to have their own power source?
  • "Windows 10 introduces support for USB Dual Role and Type-C, which will enable new wired connectivity scenarios such a phone interacting with USB peripherals" Probably USB OTG
  • Lumia 925 has Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor. This processor supports OTG.
  • windows 10 means what? windows 10 phones ? or tablets 
  • It should mean both, under their skins all Windows 10 devices regardless of size or use will be running the same core operating system. That will mean the same support for devices.
  • This is the beautiful part. All you need is hardware support
  • The USB 3.1 Type-C would make life so much easier. Sometimes, you need three tries to actually plug in a USB cable, that has only two sides!!!
  • What is that saying? How many tries does it take to plug in a micro-USB cable? 3 times: try once, turn over and triy again, then turn over and try again to plug it in...
  • Exactly
  • Wow great!  
  • Will my Lumia 1320 support usb org after Windows 10 for phones update...????
  • USB type-C is a requirement before I buy another phone.
  • This will clearly.... Seen faster
  • I hope next-gen Lumia phones will have USB type-C connectors. That would make them so much better!
  • Ok. Quite off topic, how about the phones having such capability or to have even USB OTG will be best thing can happen to windows. Since we are working on one Windows so, expecting new with windows 10 and the future.
  • Is it mean that Windows 10 finally supports USB-OTG?