Microsoft Cortana and To-Do integration begins testing for select Windows Insiders

Cortana app for iOS
Cortana app for iOS (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft To-Do has been aggressive lately with multiple integrations and feature add-ons, and one we have heard about is finally coming to light: Cortana.

Specific Windows Insiders are getting picked to test the feature which lets people "use Cortana to add reminders and lists in Microsoft To-Do so that you can save time, stay organized, and keep all your reminders and lists in one place."

Sample of the invite email for testing To-Do with Cortana to select testers.

Sample of the invite email for testing To-Do with Cortana to select testers.

Adding To-Do as a managed skill to Cortana goes a long way to adding featuring parity with Wunderlist – the previous go-to app for reminders and lists. Wunderlist has worked with Cortana and even Microsoft Launcher for Android for some time, but now things are changing with both services getting integration with Microsoft's assistant.

While the current level of Insider testing is closed and invite-only we have heard of a general release for December is the goal. That means only a few weeks before everyone can get it on a broader scale.

What To-Do and Cortana look like on Android and Windows 10.

Adding To-Do to Cortana breathes even more life into Microsoft's digital assistant, which has seen a whirlwind of integrations and features in 2018. Amazon Alexa integration is by far the biggest, but hardware like Surface Headphones and the new GLAS smart thermostat, plus deeper integration into Microsoft Launcher for Android 5.1 (due in a few weeks), new Cortana 3.0 apps for iOS and Android, and the ability to control the Xbox One have put the helper in more places than ever.

Hopefully, that trend continues in 2019.

Update: We've added a few screenshots of what To-Do looks like on Cortana for Android and Windows 10.

Thanks, William, for the tip and Zack for the images!

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