Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on iOS brings zero-touch onboarding to public preview

Microosft Teams iOS and Surface
Microosft Teams iOS and Surface (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint offers various security and safety features on iOS.
  • Until now, enterprises have needed end-users to interact in order for Defender for Endpoint deployment to go through.
  • Now, devices that are already enrolled with Microsoft Endpoint Manager can have Microsoft Defender for Endpoint deployed to them with zero action required on the part of the end-user.

Microsoft's just released a dollop of news that likely won't mean much to the average iOS user but will mean something to enterprises using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on iOS. Now devices can be zero-touch onboarded to Defender for Endpoint, meaning end-users won't have to do a thing in order for their respective enterprise to deploy in a timely fashion. This feature is in public preview.

So long as a device is enrolled with Microsoft Endpoint Manager, the end-user won't need to interact. For those wondering what Defender for Endpoint is and why this news is a big (relatively speaking) deal, here's Microsoft's blog post's description:

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint delivers a rich set of capabilities, including anti-phishing, blocking unsafe connections, custom Indicators, jailbreak detection, and vulnerability assessment of iOS. In addition, it offers a unified security experience through the Microsoft 365 Defender portal, where security teams can get a centralized view of alerts, incidents, and gain additional context to remediate threats across all endpoints.

You can find additional documentation at Microsoft's blog post wherein the public preview announcement was made.

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