This afternoon, Microsoft has pushed out a rare update to their Motion Data app for Lumia phones sporting SensorCore. The last refresh was back in August of 2014.

Instead of a bug fix update though, this one delivers some significant upgrades and improvements, making us reevaluate its usefulness.

Version 2.0 of Motion Data brings the app up to date to make it more useful. The changelog includes the following:

Motion Data 2.0

  • User interface redesign 
  • See your activity graphically 
  • See your places and routes graphically 
  • Collect more detailed and accurate data 
  • List installed apps that can make use of motion data 

The big change, of course, is the new UI, which greatly enhances the usefulness of Motion Data. Gone is the simple on/off switch and instead we get a graphical layout with walking versus running over the past 24-hours.

Additionally, we get a Recent places section that shows you where you have been in the world. Finally, there is now a section that display which apps installed on your phone utilize Motion Data.

Overall, Motion Data 2.0 looks like a vast improvement over the last version, and we are sure to use it more often now.

Note, only new Lumias like the Lumia 630, Lumia 730, Lumia 830, Lumia 930/Icon and Lumia 1520 have SensorCore technology for Motion Data.

Download Motion Data 2.0 for select Lumia Windows Phones

Thanks, Sami P., for the tip!

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