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Microsoft details workarounds for Fall Creators Update missing apps bug

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Windows 10 Cloud Wallpaper (Image credit: Microsoft)

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update recently started making its way to PCs around the world, bringing a number of changes and improvements in its wake. As happens with most major updates, this one appears to have introduced some bugs as well. One particularly annoying example involves apps seemingly going missing for some after installing the Fall Creators Update. However, if you're someone impacted by the bug Microsoft has detailed some workarounds you can try (via Neowin).

The issue in question seems to cause apps to go missing from the Start Menu after installing the Fall Creators Update. In addition to no longer being pinned or listed in Start, searching for a missing app returns no results. Instead, users are pointed to the Store in order to install the app, only to be told that the app is already installed. According to a support representative on the Microsoft Answers forum (opens in new tab), Microsoft is investigating the issue, but there are a few potential workarounds that you can try now. Here's a look:

Repair or Reset the missing apps

  • Open Settings, and select Apps.
  • On the Apps & features tab, find the name of the missing app. Click the app and select Advanced options (if available).
  • If a Repair option is available, click Repair. If this option is not available, or if Repair does not resolve the issue, you may also try the Reset option, though you might lose any app data that was saved.
  • Once the repair or reset is completed, the app should again appear in the app list and can be pinned to the Start Menu.

Uninstall and reinstall the missing apps

  • Open Settings, and select Apps.
  • On the Apps & features tab, find the name of the missing app. Click the app and select Uninstall.
  • Open Store and then reinstall the missing app. Once installed, the app should appear in the app list, and can be pinned to the Start Menu.

Re-register the missing apps using PowerShell – If you have a lot missing apps, advanced users can instead attempt to restore all of them at once using the following PowerShell commands. Note, however, that if Steps 1 and 2 were already attempted and did not restore your missing apps, this PowerShell solution will also likely not succeed.

  • In Cortana, type PowerShell. In the search results, right-click Windows PowerShell and select Run as administrator.
  • In the Powershell window type the following commands. These steps may take a few minutes to complete.
  • reg delete "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\TileDataModel\Migration\TileStore" /va /f
  • get-appxpackage -packageType bundle |% {add-appxpackage -register -disabledevelopmentmode ($_.installlocation + "\appxmetadata\appxbundlemanifest.xml")}
  • $bundlefamilies = (get-appxpackage -packagetype Bundle).packagefamilyname
  • get-appxpackage -packagetype main |? {-not ($bundlefamilies -contains $.packagefamilyname)} |% {add-appxpackage -register -disabledevelopmentmode ($.installlocation + "\appxmanifest.xml")}
  • Once the PowerShell commands are completed, the apps should appear in the app list, and can be pinned to the Start Menu.

If none of the above steps work, Microsoft recommends that users roll back to the previous version of Windows (Settings > Update & security > Recovery > Go back to your previous version of Windows) then reinstall the Fall Creators Update. And if that doesn't solve things, a full reset is recommended by heading to Settings > Update & security > Reset this PC > Get started.

A full reset, even as a last resort, is likely not an attractive option most people, so hopefully Microsoft has a more permanent fix available soon. In the meantime, you can give the above options a shot if you're experiencing the missing apps bug. Microsoft says it will provide updates as "better solutions become available."

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  • I have the bug on a brand new HP desktop that I use for work. Already had to restore two times and yet again it's asking to restart. Microsoft under that CEO has no respect for consumers. How can this happen? How can they keep this goint without a proper fix? And the worst is that updates are mandatory in the Home edition.
  • Until computer themselves code or maybe extra terestrials code instead of humans, expect bugs and issues in software are to be expected. Humans do mistakes. It sucks when it happens, but it happens. You can bet Microsoft is working on a patch. A solution is given here for a quick fix in the meantime. If you can't do it, you can roll back to the Creators Update, and wait for the Fall Creator update to have the issue solved. The issue does NOT affect everyone. Looking at the Feedback hub, I saw no report for this by Insiders. They are billion of possible computer configurations and software installed on a system that Microsoft has to deal with. It is impossible to test everything. This is not an Apple system where you have a short list of programs, and specific specs systems. So, issues happens. This is nothing new. Issues happens at every Service Packs, and Windows upgrades, and it even happens on Linux distros updates.
  • @Mbytes Oh, stop making excuses for Microsoft, and don't deflect by saying this happens with Linux either. This isn't an Insider ring. This is PRODUCTION. I'm still in disbelief that Microsoft went ahead and pushed 16299.19 to Production even when bugs like the Action Center's scrolling bug exist. Infuriating as hell. Also, just because it's not reported in the Feedback Hub, that doesn't mean it's not happening.
  • lol. Can't believe this is downvoted. This is a major issue with 1709!
  • Those downvotes are from fanboys who can't face the fact that Windows 10 is buggy as heck. Have an upvote from me.
  • Fanboys are stupid. I love my Windows 10 Phone, more than Nadella for sure, but that's because it works for me and I find it more elegant than Android or iOS. If a product doesn't work as it should, we the consumers must complain. Microsoft has my loyalty if they don't fail me. 
  • That happened to me as well. I rolled back twice, and then installed from the ISO. At the end, my user profile was corrupted. Creating a new one and reinstalling the apps eventually fixed it (and other things that were broken by the update like missing accounts, crashing mail and calendar and people apps......).
  • ...waiting for a really good missing apps joke...
  • I had this problem , all my apps and store dissapeared . I fixed it with a repair install .  
  • Same problem, Store App and all my apps dissapeared - couldn't fix - rolled back OS
  • Regarding issues after installing Fall Creators update, anyone else having issues with multitouch and pen input after waking their Surface up. Only a reboot fixes the issue until Surface enters sleep mode again.
  • It's safe to say this is a problem on all SP4s. I've re-loaded mine directly from the ISO and let the drivers auto-install and still have this problem. I've tweeted with a couple MS engineers who recognized the problem but no indication as to when it might be fixed. Upvote it here
  • Does it fix OneDrive files On-demand feature?
  • Had to reset pc and use creation tool and just started again kept saying installed in the store but couldn't find em anywhere
  • This is probably the absolute lowest quality update to Windows desktop I've ever experienced. -I have a dual boot system. Normally that's no big deal, but this time the utilitites used to manage the boot process (bcdedit and the bootrec) failed. For some reason the utilities were unable to write to the BCD. I had to boot to a command promt from a bootable USB stick, delete the BCD store and then recreate it. Fixing the problem was easy, but finding out what the problem was took half a day -I had deactivated SMBv1. Since the Windows update I can no longer reliably access files on my Synology NAS, no matter what version of the SMB protocol is used. -The biggest feature a ton of people were looking forward to (One Drive files on demand) had to be installed through a seperate download. -Launching a Hyper-V VM no longer reliably opens the VMConnect Dialog used to setup access to local resources -Without RemoteFX enabled, Hyper-V Windows guests have difficulty rendering the Fluent Design acrylic affect used in some palces (like the Start Menu). It looks absolutely awful. -Most of the time, the switch in the Outlook Mail app used to suppress synching does absolutely nothing (mail from the deactivated account syncs anyway). I could go on, but I'll leave it at that. It looks like the complexities of Windows and MS' competitive need to shorten their time to market (push updates out the door on a regular schedule) just doen't jive.    
  • This is spot on. I've been computing since 1990 and this is one of the least reliable software updates I've ever seen. Installed 1709 on 3 machines.
    On the 1st it made the Start menu completely unresponsive. None of the usual workarounds had any effect (e.g. explorer.exe, SFC /SCANNOW, etc). Ended up having to reinstall Cortana in PowerShell. Now that is a user friendly experience! Rolled it back.
    On the 2nd, had constant crashes coming out of sleep requiring a hard reboot. Brand new Alienware crashed regularly during boot. Rolled it back.
    On the 3rd, so far so good but it's a Surface Pro 4. Super disappointed in MSFT.
  • I cannot identify the apps I'm missing in my PC. I guess that they are not that important to me.
  • Microsoft should cancel the creators fall update, until this issue is fixed and aid current affected user actively who want it. I think this issue is too big. It is already clear by the possible solutions this is a potential complex problem. I think it is unacceptable to continue forward with this for general business and consumer safety reasons.
  • I lost most my apps, including the store! I've rolled back, OneDrive couldn't access any files! Used media creation tool to update, now I've lost all my apps including the store!!! This is atrocious!! Microsoft need to fix this!!!
  • When people ask me why I delay feature Windows update releases...reasons like this are why. Just unecessary headaches. Some have the time to deal with inconsistent performance (bless the Insiders!), but many just need a PC that turns on and "just works."
  • I had the issue on Windows 10 Home, version 1709, rolled back to 1703 and one of the first things of course that happened was that the system redownloaded 1709.  Cmon man.