Microsoft Edge Beta now lets you sync installed PWAs across desktop devices

Microsoft Edge Update Dev New2
Microsoft Edge Update Dev New2 (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • A new build of Microsoft Edge is available for Insiders in the Beta Channel.
  • The update adds a new option for viewing PDFs in Outlook and syncing Progressive Web Apps across devices.
  • It's also possible to configure cookie sharing between Edge and Internet Explorer mode within the browser.

Microsoft Edge Beta has a new build available that brings the browser to version 100.0.1185.10. The update has a few new features, including the option to sync installed Progressive Web Apps across devices. There's also a new read-only preview in Outlook Desktop that uses Edge to show the PDFs.

Here are the feature updates available in version 100.0.1185.10 of Microsoft Edge (opens in new tab):

  • Improvements to the Cloud Site List Management experience for IE Mode. You can configure session cookie sharing between Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer for IE Mode on your site list in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Note: This is a controlled feature rollout. If you don't see this feature, check back as we continue our rollout
  • Preview PDF files in Microsoft Outlook and File Explorer. Users can view a PDF file in a lightweight and rich read-only preview. Available for Outlook Desktop PDF attachments or for local PDF files using File Explorer.
  • Installed web app synchronization across all desktop devices. Websites or Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) that have been installed as applications will synchronize across all desktop devices that you've signed into and enabled sync on. They'll show as "Available apps" for you to install. An app removed from one device will sync the removal on all devices.

Microsoft also rolled out some policy changes with the latest build of Edge:

  • AdsTransparencyEnabled - Configure if the ads transparency feature is enabled
  • ControlDefaultStateOfAllowExtensionFromOtherStoresSettingEnabled - Configure default state of Allow extensions from other stores setting
  • DefaultWebHidGuardSetting - Control use of the WebHID API
  • EdgeAssetDeliveryServiceEnabled - Allow features to download assets from the Asset Delivery Service
  • HideRestoreDialogEnabled - Hide restore pages dialog after browser crash
  • PDFSecureMode - Secure mode and Certificate-based Digital Signature validation in native PDF reader
  • PromptOnMultipleMatchingCertificates - Prompt the user to select a certificate when multiple certificates match
  • WebHidAskForUrls - Allow the WebHID API on these sites
  • WebHidBlockedForUrls - Block the WebHID API on these sites

You can grab the latest version of Edge Beta from Microsoft's website or check for an update if you already have the browser installed.

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  • PDF's in Outlook could be a huge win for me, depending on how it's implemented. I think this is true for everyone in this situation: the PDF previewer in Outlook doesn't display the PDF properly in Outlook's Reading Pane IF displaying on a screen running at a different, lower scale factor than the main window (e.g., my main 4k monitor runs at 125%, but I have a portrait monitor dedicated for Outlook email running at only 100%). I think that always fails for PDFs (and only for PDFs -- everything else works fine), but I've only confirmed it on a handful of systems. I've been reporting this in Feedback for years. I'm hopeful that incorporating Edge as the viewer resolves this. If so, that will be a huge time saver -- I get multiple PDF documents in email every day, having to open each in Adobe Reader is a pain. But I also really want Edge to offer a page viewer for PDF's -- move 1 page at a time, not scrolling a vertical stack of pages (i.e., no way to see a partial page, always shows exactly 1 full page). Until then, I really prefer Adobe Reader for PDF's because of it's fixed page view option.
  • Both of these are excellent points, agree with you
  • PWA syncing across devices when account syncing is still trash... Come on!
  • Account syncing has always worked well for me, what hasn't been working for you?
  • It's so bad that I don't trust syncing bookmarks anymore, collections are bad enough.
    I'll manually sync bookmarks, eventually...
    Reported and provided plenty of data for them, many times. They just can't get it right.
  • Sucks to hear, I've never had any problems with syncing and I've been using Edge pretty much from day 1. I hope you can figure out what the issue is.
  • Favorite and Collection syncing work great for me (the other features probably do too, just haven't really hard-tested the other syncable elements). This is for about 10 Collections with about 6-12 pages in each and several hundred Favorites across 1 desktop, 2 laptops, and 1 Hyper-V VM, all of which I use regularly, generally all 4 every day during the week.
  • I have a problems with my Windows 10 system syncing on my PC to My Pixel 6 phone the computer never wants to catch back up and show the correct information compared to the version on Android.