Microsoft Edge Dev channel adds screenshot inking, settings import from UWP Edge

Microsoft Edge logo in Windows search
Microsoft Edge logo in Windows search (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Another update is now available for the Microsoft Edge Dev channel, pushing it up to version number
  • This update adds the ability to import settings from the old UWP Edge, the option to ink on screenshots, and more.
  • There's also the usual batch of performance improvements and bug fixes tagging along.

If you're testing the Microsoft Edge Dev channel, it's time to check out another update. Version of the Chromium-based browser is headed out to Dev channel testers (opens in new tab) now, and it includes a handful of new features and a load of bug fixes and performance improvements.

As far as new features are concerned, you'll now be able to ink over screenshots within Edge, just in case you need to annotate something before saving it. There's also now the option to import settings from the older UWP version of Edge, which will ease the transition once the newer browser is released to the public. Notably, Microsoft has also tweaked Edge to prevent the installation of extensions that are banned from the Chrome extensions store.

Here's a full look at what's new, fixed, and improved in the latest Edge Dev channel update.

  • Added the ability to mark up screenshots with ink.
  • Prevented extensions that are banned from the Chrome extensions store from being installed.
  • Added messaging to better help users for some cases when Internet Explorer mode fails to start.
  • Added the ability to import settings from the original version of Edge.
  • Added additional text to identify when a window is InPrivate or Guest.
  • Fixed a crash when pressing Tab.
  • Fixed a crash when pressing F6.
  • Fixed an issue where the Downloads page sometimes didn't render.
  • Fixed an issue where Netflix was slow when playing 4K video.
  • Fixed a crash when installing extensions.
  • Fixed a hang when playing certain types of videos.
  • Fixed some hangs when opening Application Guard windows.
  • Fixed an issue where the popup blocker would sometimes fail to work in Internet Explorer mode.
  • Fixed an issue where Read Aloud sometimes fails to start properly.
  • Fixed some issues where opening certain PDF files sometimes failed.
  • Fixed an issue where SafeSearch couldn't be turned on.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting all text in a PDF didn't work.
  • Fixed an issue where the Apps page occasionally shows duplicate entries.
  • Fixed an issue where languages were getting added to edge://settings/languages when they shouldn't have been.
  • Fixed an issue where PDF form fields sometimes don't appear properly.
  • Fixed an issue where tab icons are occasionally the wrong color.
  • Fixed an issue where address bar icons are occasionally the wrong color.
  • Fixed an issue where certain icons weren't displaying correctly in certain countries.
  • Fixed an issue where the correct start page wasn't appearing in some countries.
  • Fixed an issue where Application Guard windows sometimes didn't display in the proper language.

If you're already running the Dev Channel release, these tweaks and new features are available as an update now. For those who have yet to give the new Edge a try, you can download the browser and start testing it now on either the Dev or Canary channels from the Edge Insider website.

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  • How does the screenshot inking work as I don't see a Pen icon like on the old Edge
  • That's kind of a good question. I was going to ask, why we couldn't ink on a screen shot before. There was always the option to take a screen shot from the Win10 UI, like from the pen tray icon (snip and sketch). That can take a screen shot, on which you can ink. Old Edge had a dedicated icon that did essentially the same thing. Never understood why it needed a dedicated capability when the OS had it inherently.
  • Screenshot inking is the epitome of browser bloatware. This is a foolish mistake on MS' part. They need to keep Edgium bloatware-free. I could understand maybe if the "annotation" included a decent HTML highlighter feature. But MS Paint like freeform annotations are a stupid "feature". I can do the same thing with Screen snip.
  • I definitely disagree about ink annotation being "bloatware."
  • Not when the browser is also a PDF reader (and with the ink annotation, writer).
  • This. So much this. Windows Ink should be available ubiquitously.
  • I love how edge is a pdf reader but it's major drawback is performance. Simple text pdfs load fine, but when opening up more graphic/layer intense pdf's like architectural plans (my field) it struggles so badly to load, pan, zoom, write etc. My workaround is drawboard pdf which loads pdfs so much faster. MS should implement some code off that app.
  • Hugely disagree with jp144. This is a key feature in Edge, especially with respect to PDF's. Edge is the single best tool for signing PDF agreements, making quick Ink-based markups for editing documents, etc. Even on web pages, much faster to just jot on the page when sharing a page with friends or family then copy each page of it as a separate screen shot (what a massive pain, unless what you need happens to fit on a single screen), then edit it in some other application.
  • This feature is about inking on screenshots you attach with feedback. Go to ... -> Help & Feedback -> Send feedback -> Click on the screenshot.
    Kinda awful in its current state. I really hope they use XAML Islands for it (and revert to this custom implementation on earlier versions of Windows).
  • I had exactly the same question as reportered. There is no apparent way to turn on Inking. If you want inking, please post feedback to MS on this through the Feedback option in Chromium Edge.
  • Meanwhile in all this time Microsoft hasn't given us the option to choose the default scrolling direction. I think it was about 2 years ago the default pdf scrolling was vertical (up-down). Then out of nowhere Microsoft decided to change the default direction to horizontal (left-right). To this day I still think it is an awkward way of reading and navigating a pdf document. The end user can change that direction. But Edge never remembers those settings. For every new pdf I have to manually change the scrolling direction. After doing this more than 10 times a day it is becoming a frustrating experience of the browser. Never understood this change without giving the end user control over saving the settings of the scrolling of the pdf pages. And it was supported before. Countless feedback in feedback hub. Still no change two years later. Sigh.
  • How about fixing input for pen? Every time I go to fill in a text box I have to pull up the input panel. That's super annoying. Has anybody else noticed this?