Microsoft Edge Dev channel update is chock full of fresh fixes

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • A new Microsoft Edge Dev channel update is rolling out now.
  • This update is mostly concerned with fixes and improvements, though there are a couple of new features.
  • Dev channel testers can download the update as version 88.0.685.3 now.

Microsoft is keeping up with its weekly cadence of updates to the Microsoft Edge Dev channel, unleashing a new build for testers today. This update mostly contains bug fixes and improvements, but there are a couple of new features. Specificially we're looking at new bit for Linux and macOS users to check out.

Here's a look at the full release notes from Microsoft:

  • Added support for pre-rendered new tab pages on Linux.
  • Added Mac support for the management policy to Configure Friendly URL Format.
  • Fixed an issue where Edge won't open and gives an error message about a bad image or a missing msedge.dll.
  • Fixed a crash on launch when favorites sync is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where certain browser profile names will cause Edge to crash on launch.
  • Fixed an issue where installing a website as an app and then clicking Edge's … menu sometimes causes a crash.
  • Fixed a crash when using Application Guard.
  • Fixed a crash when closing the browser.
  • Fixed an issue where certain websites like Outlook sometimes fail to load and give an error that "something went wrong".
  • Fixed an issue where the prompt to restore tabs after Edge unexpectedly exits does nothing if history is set to be deleted when the browser is closed. Note that this fix disables the popup entirely.
  • Fixed an issue where the Security section in Settings is missing.
  • Fixed an issue where the setting to clear cookies when closing the browser sometimes ignores exceptions and clears cookies that it's not expected to.
  • Fixed an issue where data that's supposed to be cleared when the browser is closed sometimes isn't.
  • Fixed an issue where some PDFs initially render all black or blank when opened.
  • Fixed an issue where web captures can sometimes be closed unintentionally.
  • Fixed an issue where copying web captures sometimes fails.
  • Fixed an issue where initiating a web capture sometimes removes any text highlighting on a page.
  • Fixed an issue where some parts of a web capture sometimes can't be inked on.
  • Fixed an issue where webpage zoom levels sometimes cause the Favorites menu to be zoomed as well.
  • Fixed an issue where webpages sometimes don't zoom in as much as they should be able to.
  • Fixed an issue where the certificate selection popup sometimes isn't shown in IE mode tab.

This update is rolling out now for Dev channel testers as version 88.0.685.3. If you're already testing the Dev branch, you can check for the update by heading to the "About Microsoft Edge" section of the settings menu. Otherwise, the Beta, Dev, and Canary channels are available to download directly from the Microsoft Edge Insider site.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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