Microsoft to end its Windows 10 IoT Core support for Intel's Galileo boards on Nov. 30

Windows 10 IoT Core, the version of Microsoft's latest OS that's made for the "Internet of Things" hardware market, will soon no longer support Intel's Galileo boards. Both the Gen1 and Gen2 versions of those boards will see their Windows 10 IoT support end on November 30.

Microsoft's initial release of Windows 10 IoT Core did support the Gen1 version of Galileo. However, it looks like both versions didn't ultimately work well with the OS, according to a statement from Microsoft:

"As we continue to focus on providing a great experience for Makers with Windows 10 IoT Core, we've made the difficult decision to discontinue Windows support on the Galileo platform. We've seen some fantastic innovation with the platform, but unfortunately, it does not meet the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 10 IoT Core.

Windows 10 IoT Core still supports the Raspberry Pi 2 and Qualcomm's DragonBoard 410c boards.

Source: Microsoft; Via: PCWorld

John Callaham
  • Way to go!!
  • This was announced a month or so ago.  Nothing new.  Raspberry Pi is fun to play with with IoT if you haven't tried.
  • Have a Pi starter kit on it's way. Can't wait!
  • Whats next, no IOT? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Whats next? More whining from the whiners at whine central?
  • Nailed it!
  • Nothing wrong with a little Whine now and then, many need it to vent frustration and its a service and opportunity for the business.  For example, I went to this business class once that asked us, "When at a restaurant with bad food or service, do you ask for a manager to complain?  Or, do you generally leave the restaurant, and  chose somewhere else in the future? "  Most (80-90%) said they leave and don't complain to management.  The professor then asked, "Which customer would the business rather have?"      
  • What you are explaining is called constructive criticism, the original posters comment was not that.
  • Depends how you interpret his post.  Ending Galileo support is a big deal...  Would not be surprised if the next logical step is to halt IoT altogether.
  • its not a big deal. go to the Intel forum, no one discusses 10 IoT there. 10 IoT MS forums are mainly Pi users.  
  • Still waiting for windows phone with mediatek inside for staters......
    Appears if Microsoft cannot handle something its never them, bu..... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • microsoft generally goes qualcomm. if you want mediatek, complain to a different manufacturer.
  • The only reason would be lower cost. Windows phones are already dirty cheap
  • Why would you want that?
  • You misspelled calculator.
  • Like everyone works with iot! Stop whining.
  • My 630 might no longer be compatible with windows 10 mobile given it has 512 mb ram.... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • if that happens then sob e it, you didnt buy the phone because it advertitses windows 10 support, you bought it because it had windows phone 8, everyone just stop being self entitled little twats, my god
  • Where did you get that piece of information?
  • It's not just about IoT, it's about all the features Microsoft recently abandoned.
  • Microsoft no longer supports 8086 processors with 4 megabytes of ram. It was a POWERHOUSE at one time.
  • IoT is the future! This is how Microsoft misses the train; by not paying attention until its too late.
  • How exactly is MS to blame that Intel made an product too underpowered? Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • False alrm from MS; ting! Still supported
  • Next thing... World doesn't meet minimum requirements for Windows 10 >:(
  • Don't get me wrong. Wrote this in anger. Will wait till the L950 though :)
  • Hmm...ok...Anger abt what exactly...some Intel platform you or most of us have no idea about...? Or does any kind of negative news no matter how minimum the impact may be get you all flamed up about Microsoft's "incompetence"...??
    People on this site really need to grow up and stop feeling so entitled to more than what is available just cause they support Microsoft...being the minority supporting Windows Mobile doesn't mean you keep bitching abt anything sounding even remotely negative in the Microsoft world...constructive criticism is great..but bloody hell, jst stop bitching. This is what happens when a company gets the future wrong and tries to claw it's way back. They have finally got their act together- better than ever in fact...and people still effin complain...its a drawn our battle for them and if you cant handle it, you probably should think of taking your business elsewhere.
    But hey, just wrote this out of anger :)
  • Maybe it's because they in effect don't get their act together? Android is on tablets, TVs, phones, watches, ( if rumors proove correct ) glasses, and almost any IoT device is - if not outrightly running Android - primarily interoperable with Android. And it will conquer the car, while MSFT is loosing despite being a decade earlier into the market. People get, that Googles strategy works. MSFT is actually building a couple of vastly overrated and poorly conceived features, to name Continuum as the most prominent. People get, that this strategy won't work.
  • in your opinion. which is one of several across a spectrum with a range that completely disagrees with you to totally agrees and everywhere in between. take a guess which reader you'll generally find here. seriously.
  • Like I said- Microsoft has been behind for sometime and for the last year and a half or so since Nadella came, they've had their efforts going into their work in a coherent manner...and again, this is a drawn out battle, its going to take time to see the fruits of Microsoft's efforts..."overrated and poorly conceived features"? Are you kidding me? Continuum is far better than anything the competition can provide...its a near PC experience...what did you expect- a full fledged PC within a phone in the first iteration of windows mobile? The UWP strategy is excellent- its pulling the ecosystem together and driving up app availability for each other...! What people ought to get is that the results will take time...Google's android dominated because there was no competition globally apart from iOS...Windows and Microsoft were late to the market and by then the landscape had already changed. So now they need to be something unique, something that isn't there in the market- redefine the smartphone market through a new way of approaching the consumer- and be the first to do it while they are at it- something unique which the competition can't do easily - and one of the answers in Continuum. Microsoft will come through. Android is a mess because too many OEMs fiddle with jst about everything there is to it., iOS is too closed and too costly. People will consider Windows when they realise its a better and more balanced alternative and by then Microsoft will have a product that plays to all of its strengths.
  • Continuum isn't even close to a near PC experience, the number of programs it works with can be counted on one hand.
  • Continuum is a feature that is on its first iteration and has barely launched officially. Are all iOS or android features taken advantage of by developers by launch time? Give it a few months and the apps will come that are continuum capable. Don't tell me you don't see the advantages of continuum. No one thought of something like this being possible until this year's Build and now its already a feature that isn't a big deal...? You guys are way too demanding...Continuum is already a great feature and just needs the right apps which will come soon enough. And its only going to get better from here onwards as it iterates and hopefully as speculated makes use of Intel devices.
  • True. But watch the fits we throw when the Free Dock offer ends. No wait, just when they actually announce it has ended. It'll be a mudslinging all out Microsoft Sucks thread. All for a device that is FREE and is intended for a use that everybody thinks sucks in the first place. :)
  • @Sin Ogaris. On one hand? If you write 10,000 apps, then yes you can count all UWP apps on one hand :/  
  • Bill Gates used to say it's Microsofts job to build the best OS with the most features and the hardware makers job to make specs good enough to run all those features.
  • Intel has had some growing pains and valuable learning experiences as they try to make a name for themselves in IoT boards. I'm glad that they do want to compete in that market though.
  • Lol ever used a hitron docsis 3 gateway its dhcp portal is aggravatingly slow & when you get higher speed service the latency rises to impossible levels
  • "I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light"
  • That's precisely what Apple doesn't think... But hey, it's Apple
  • What does Apple have to do with this?
  • The last update for r-pi was super fast... And very stable. Love this stuff, r-pi and c# are a perfect match, tons of power, amazing flexibility can't wait for more...
  • +++
  • Yea yes yes
  • That's all we here since they got rid of air bags and replaced him with an Indian giver!
  • IOT build 10586 support for the most common wifi dongle other than the Broadcom based rpi official dongle is a welcome change. Now I can code where my laptop is.
  • What about the Intel Edison?
  • Galileo was shit.
  • Microsoft ending support to much lately
  • blame intel. they're the ones who decided to include a severely underpowered chip in the last gen. microsoft decided they could no longer support the line with this new galileo. microsoft ultimately decided it was best to cut it.