Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse and Ergonomic Keyboard available for pre-order

What you need to know

  • Microsoft announced the new Ergonomic Mouse and Ergonomic Keyboard.
  • The devices are designed to reduce wrist strain.
  • Features new dedicated keys for emoji, Office and screen snips.
  • The Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard (opens in new tab) is available for pre-order for $60 and the Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse (opens in new tab) is available for pre-order for $40.

In addition to all of the new Surface hardware that Microsoft announced today, several new accessories are now available for pre-order on Microsoft's website. The Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard and the Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse are designed to reduce wrist strain and fatigue at your desk.

The Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard features a split-key design that allows you to rest your hands at a more natural angle than a straight keyboard. It's a wired keyboard that also has a full number pad on the side.

New for this year are dedicated keys for the native emoji picker, snipping tool, and to launch Office.

The Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse looks a lot like a wired version of the Microsoft Precision Mouse (opens in new tab). It has a curved design and a thumb rest on the left side of the device. It also has side buttons to make navigating a PC easier.

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  • Hi, I just registered here to thank Microsoft for what they did. First recap, I started computing since 5-6 years old. First experience was Apple clones with BASIC and MS-DOS in a military base where my parents worked. Later I used ThinkPad at home, the 1994 models or something, but they were available for a short period of time. Later I got 386SX and I was used to a good IBM-like keyboards that were extremely good. After than I had 486DX, when my friends were already at Windows 98 and Windows XP. I was always late in hardware by that time. Fast forward I got my first quality computer. The keyboards were still good. Then I started experimenting with ergonomic keyboards and the first one were from Microsoft. I really liked the feeling. Once I used to ergonomic keyboards I couldn't run back. In 2013 I decided to go Apple's way and bought my first MacBook Air, my hands were hurting, this was a horrible experience - I really didn't like the low profile keyboard and the lack of ergonomics. I tried the desktop Apple keyboard as well - full crap, couldn't type on it. That is why I started looking for ergonomic keyboards - there aren't good ones. It's like all people started hating on keyboards. My iMac and later my MacBook Pro 2017 - this one got the worst typing experience ever. I think it was made so that people use Siri and do not write on it, this is a half-joke. Now I think to go back to Windows and probably Lenovo or this Microsoft Laptop 3 if it offers 32 GB RAM. The only thing that was holding me back was the Bluetooth, I don't like electromagnetic radiation and I want to cut it as much as possible. The fact that Microsoft are releasing this new modern version with wires is just so good that I have no other choice now in my mind to switch back to Windows! THANK YOU MICROSOFT! I am sure the MacBook 16 which Apple will introduce will have even greater margins so I am not looking to buy it. I am working now from a semi-ergonomic keyboard from Microsoft as well - the one which is half- ergonomic as it has wires and it is good, but this new keyword will be the best. THANK YOU AGAIN, MICROSOFT, if you read this!
  • What I need to know.... Sure man....