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Microsoft explains its Windows 10 Fall Creators Update rollout plans

Myerson Windows 10
Myerson Windows 10 (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update recently began its public rollout, bringing an end to months of testing with Windows Insiders. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft is performing this rollout in phases, and it has taken to a new blog post to clarify what devices will get the update first and how it intends to proceed from there.

Essentially, Microsoft explains, we can expect newer devices to get the update first. "The Fall Creators Update begins rolling out to newer devices tested by us and our device partners," Microsoft explains. "By starting with machines which we believe will have the best update experience, we are able to get focused feedback on application compatibility and how Windows works with the rich ecosystem of available peripherals like Bluetooth devices or cameras."

From that initial wave of devices, Microsoft says that it continues to monitor feedback from Windows Insiders and device partners to choose when and where to accelerate the rollout to additional devices. That process is simply repeated until the update is available to all devices running Windows 10 around the world. Microsoft does note that it has increased the number of Windows 10 devices it tested with partners ahead of release, so the net is presumably a little wider this go-around.

FCU Staged Rollout

We've seen the usual smattering of bugs as the Fall Creators Update began its rollout, and the phased approach should help Microsoft catch the worst issues before they have a chance to spread to the Windows 10 user base as a whole.

For more, including an overview of Microsoft's approach to enterprise deployment, check out Microsoft's full blog post. And for a deep dive, give our full Fall Creators Update review a look.

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  • Should we have GPU monitor in Task Manager in this release? I didn't get it..
  • what your GPU some integrated graphics will not show
  • mines Intel
  • It's not integrated. It's GT 1030.
  • performance section: look for GPU 0
  • So it's there. Great! It's the only feature i looked forward to.
  • yeah in device manager
  • No, in Task Manager.
  • Yeah, and I was looking under space shuttle settings right.. How dumb of me -_-
  • I don't have space shuttle settings.  LOL!
  • lol
  • -post nuked-
  • I did an upgrade and can't find it in Task Manger. Maybe a clean install would resolve it.
  • Did you tried pressing ctrl+lshift+esc?
  • That just opens Task Manager.
  • I have it on my 2in1, and it has an integrated Intel HD. So it should appear in the Task Manager 😁
  • GPU monitor will not be available if the GPU-unit driver doesn't support WDDM version 2.0 or higher.
    Open dxdiag tool, switch to second tab named Display and under Drivers you can see your version of the WDDM.
    If you e.g. have 1.3 (as I have unfortunatelly) GPu Monitor will not be shown in the TaskManager
  • I got the update last week on both my laptops , and I can tell you , the update is great . Makes them both faster and smoother .
  • I wonder, what is smoother exactly?
  • start menu resize/scrolling/action center for me
  • Didn't know it was out until it showed up couple days ago - ended up with missing drivers and bad Microsoft touchpad software.
  • have you run windows update , since you creaters update
  • Oh yeah.
  • what touchpad are you using
  • Synaptics.
  • try installing it again
  • Installing what?
  • the software for your touchpad in device manager and reboot your pc and let windows install the new software for you
  • Oh, did that.  I had to reinstall a bunch drivers and the touchpad softwre.  The thing is, they were installed and working, and the 1709 Updae just trashed them.  The 1703 Update didn't have this problem. I guess it's still better than the poor folks using the Mobile - HARD RESET!
  • You do know how to check and see if there is any new updates for your touchpad , yeah ? Plus have you tried changing some settings for it ! In all settings > devices > touchpad
  • Yep, that's using Microsoft's.  Their Precison Touchpad driver sucks!
  • I've updated 7 machines. The update is utter crap. On the X360 it completely broke Windows Hello to the point of me having to roll it back to the factory image. On the others a ton of apps stopped working properly. Specially "Ear Trumpet" which no longer actually silences those annoying in-game ads" and Next-Player which simply crashes at any attempt to update the library.   Files-on-Demand is really great...but not enough to make up for all that the update broke. Then again, I guess this is what happens when you stop actually paying people to test your software and you rely on nerds in their basements - aka "active Windows Insiders" - to do the job for you. Oh well.
  • A broken Windows 10 update? Surely not! If after a major update it's not broken to the point of needing a clean install, I consider it a win. Buggiest version of Windows I've used, and I've used Windows 95.
  • Got that right.
  • @Steve Adams;You got two thumbs down but I'll give a thumbs up. I've been on Windows since 95 and WinMe was out right terrible, it outclassed the definition of being buggy.
  • wow. not only do you hate all android phones on android central. but you hate everything microsoft as well.  do you also troll iMore and hate on iPhone and Macs as well? I bet you do. You are an angry little girl. show me on this doll where all these companies hurt you .....  Fall creators update is working perfectly on my system. Any problems you are having are likely user error.  sorry to pick on you but damn dude, you hate everything including life I think. nothing is ever good or good enough.  maybe you should see a doctor and talk about your anger. 
  • You don't need "Ear trumpet" anymore, the native volume mixer now works on UWP apps too
  • But Ear Trumpet has a much nicer UI 😁
  • I just don't like the trumpet icon :D
  • It's funny how everything seems to go bad for you all the time. Someone once told me, that emotions good or bad can be addictive due to the fact that our brains build receptors for them the more we experience them respectively. Maybe your subconsciously putting yourself in the same situations to feel the same emotions. Perhaps you should give Microsoft and it's services a break.
  • Mine screwed up my app list etc on the first go round,  reset back to CU,  and did the update again,  and bobs your uncle.  works perfect.   I love it.  been playing with story remix a bit.  Its very cool for sure. 
  • Ear Trumpet? In 2017? Cool. Anyways. If developers do not follow official development guidelines there will be problems after updates no matter which platform they develop for. Microsoft still has a huge amount of internal testers. Insider tests are between internal testers and production. I know you like to spread this made up lie, but you will get called out on it every time you post it. The testers they laid off were part of hardware testing.
  • After update, the virtual keyboard pops up every time at start up.
  • Interesting. So, I built my own PC which is on release version and not on the Insider scheme and that got the update on day 1 via Windows Update. I know for damn sure Microsoft never tested my PC, as I am the OEM. So, what's all this guff they're talking? Microsoft wouldn't know an honest press statement if we slapped them round the face with it.
  • Yeah. I think it is random for system builders. I haven't had it, but my brother has pretty much day one. I built both systems at more or less the same time with the only real difference being his has an i7 and mine an i5 (mine is primarily for gaming while he streams on twitch at the same time). I'm sure they have tested your and my pc though, probably during install and every now and again.
  • Maybe "you are the OEM", but you didn't make the CPU, GPU, RAM, and other parts of it in your basement. So those parts are well known, and combinating them for testing is not a big deal. Or maybe they don't even care about combinating them, so if all your parts are known to work well with it, you get the update. You should think about this, before you start talking sh*t 😁
  • Or, more likely, it's totally random. And "combinating" isn't a word. You probably shouldn't talk sh*t when you're calling someone else out for talking sh*t.
  • There are very few PCs, built by me or otherwise, that aren't 'combinated' from well known parts. You make a rather poor argument in Microsoft's favour, Random DS. Have you ever thought of working for MS PR at all?
  • Sorry, I'm not a native English speaker. Of course, I meant combined. That's my fault. And yeah, I'd love to work for MS, but I don't think I ever will 😁 But why do you think it's a poor argument? What CPU / GPU do you use? And what about all the other parts? I don't think they're super rare...
  • That is my point. Nigh on all PCs are built from similar, well known parts. Add to that the testing done with the Insider system and it is very hard to believe IBM2's claim that they have only tested few of these parts. Basically, if it works with Intel and AMD CPUs and NVidia, Intel and AMD vid drivers then there's little else to consider. The ram isn't generally an issue as that's a matter for the mobo and CPU manufacturers. Sure, they want to roll out gradually, to avoid server over load. It's a pity they didn't just state that instead of some BS about having tested specific systems. By the way, I like 'combinated'. Very creative. If you were a US president you would probably have gone for 'combinified', but yours is better. Trust me, if I'd heard that word used here in England it would not have surprised me.
  • Who cares? I already have it on my SP4... :P
  • "a smattering of bugs".. that's an understatement lol.
  • This is damage control. They know that Fall Creators update is a big mess. I got it, without asking, via Windows update and had to restore two times. Store missing, etc. Or maybe they are too busy building apps for iPhones and Android phones and they don't have time to care about Windows anymore. They sure don't care about Windows Mobile..
  • My upgrade just worked, no problems at all
  • It appears Win 10 pro gets the update first versus the home version...Also the mobile update took two weeks to show itself the last time around!
  • Update for my sp3, 2 desktop's and Xbox one s was flawless. My laptop login with pin broke. After a few Google search's found a fix that worked. Life is good.
  • Only thing that broke for me was the webcam on my desktop which was in the insider program so I assume it was related to that, however after running sfc and dism it's back up and running. One fault on the seven devices upgraded isn't bad.
  • I already have it on my Surface 3 and Chuwi Hi 10pro, as well as my 10 years old Acer machine. They were pushed through Windows update and they worked great so far.
    My dad really like the continue on PC from his small screen iPhone 5.
  • This update is still not increasing battery backup of my laptop.
  • Use the MCT to download the disk image, or upgrade via the Upgrade assistant page. Job done, no waiting.
  • Makes sense, give it to the fans first. 
  • Funny how I kept checking to download the update. Turns out it was already installed on my computer. Pretty sad update when you can't even tell the difference between the old and new update.
  • Got mine on the release date for my SP4 via Windows Update, updated my old notebook pre-release with insider release build, both are working well.