Microsoft extends iPad trade in offer at company Stores to December

Microsoft is currently running a cool deal at supporting stores across the US, where you can trade in your old iPad and get a minimum $200 gift card for your troubles. We last covered the offer back in September when the website stated the deal closes on October 27th. The official Microsoft website now shows an expiry date of December 31st, so you have more time if you haven't already taken advantage of the offer.

Why would you want to trade in your old iPad? With the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 just around the corner, now's a perfect time to be out with the old and in with the upgrades. That and you'll get a minimum of $200 for your old tablet.

iPad Trade-in Microsoft Stores

Be sure to get in touch with your local Microsoft store for more details and if that store is participating in the offer.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab); thanks, bdball, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • No trade from surface pro to surface 2 or surface pro 2??
  • ^This
    I preordered my Surface RT and love it still, but would love to get a decent trade in for a new surface 2! Would love to see covers be included or have their own trade in.
  • Best Buy currently running Surface trade ins. I did Surface RT 32GB for $200.
  • On the Best Buy website it says they'll do $150 for a Surface RT 32gb and $175 for a Surface RT 64gb. Both in good condition. You sure?

  • Yes, I did it as well. The online tool doesn't match the promo (have to do it in store), and even the store cart says the same thing until you finalize the checkout, then it goes to 200. This is with 32gb RT.
  • Weird, the two Best Buy's i've called both say they'd pay up to $150. Can anyone link me some information about the promo?
  • Go to best buy store and show them website showing $200 minimum for Surface trade-in...they will do $200 RT 32gb. And just so that you know today is last date for this. Really good offer for RT 32gb, I will say.
  • Could you link me the website offer? I'm not seeing it.
  • Found it :)
  • just traded mine in on Saturday for 200. The site promo is wrong. You have to do it in store. They throw you an additional 50 dollars.
  • Went into my Best Buy this weekend and it was $150. It would just be nice to see Microsoft do a little something for the early adopters (though they don't have a great track record with WP lol).
    Even at $200 I am a bit hesitant considering I would need to pay another $250 for the Surface 2 and I would still have my old touch keyboard. If I could get a Surface 2 for $250 more with backlit keyboard by trading my Surface RT and keyboard in I would easily do it.
  • They already got your money.
  • If they gave me $100 for my iPad 1 I'd be in. Guess I'll get an iPad 5.
  • What?
  • If they gave him $100 for his iPad1 he'd be in. Guess he'll get an iPad5
  • What?
  • The colonel!
  • I really wish they took my ipad gen 1.  It's incredibly sluggish.  I'd take $150 for it.
  • ditto .. my old ipad is the last of my iDevices ...
  • Agreed, I will make up my mind tomorrow as to which way I'll be going.
  • Nowhere in Europe? I have an iPad2 at the moment and I am interested in something new :)
  • Damn good deal
  • Sounds like a good deal, but I checked last week and the deal is not that great actually. They rarely give you anything above $200. Not really worth it. I checked their iPhone 5 trade in value and lets just say I can sell it online for 3 times the price. 3.5 if I get lucky.
  • My wife is going to be awfully pissed off when she gets home and can't find ger iPad.
  • Dog ate it
  • I wore a hood, a baseball cap, and sunglasses when I traded mine in . . .
  • LOL I wanna see some idiots who'd buy Surface 2 (not Pro) with this stupid offer when there is iPad 5 unleashing tomorrow :))) hahahaha
    Apple squashed RT crap again. Well, actually Bay Trail killed it way before but... doesn't matter.
  • Can I get a WOOT WOOT for the fanboi!?!?
  • My Surface RT with 8.1 being able to have 2 apps side by side, full office and IE 11 which whoops lamo Safari for tablets squashes yo lamo iPad. Big it up for Surface 2!!!
  • LOL. With no good apps in the store sure the ability to have TWO apps side by side is IMPORTANT LOLOLOL :)))
  • My question is how Microsoft benefits from having a bunch of used iPads...
  • Yeah, I did it this weekend. They give you an extra $50 if you show them the website saying min $200. It take about half hour fyi. I had a $32 GB rt in perfect condition