The new Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter shows off Windows screens on big TVs

After months of leaks, Microsoft has finally and officially announced its plans to release its own Wireless Display Adapter, designed to project the screen of any Miracast-enabled device, including some of its Windows Phone 8.1 smartphones or its Surface tablets, onto a big screen television or monitor.

Microsoft states:

"All you need to do is plug the USB end and HDMI end of the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter into an HDTV, monitor or projector. Then select the right input on your TV, pair it with your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and you'll be ready to go. Then just wirelessly project your screen from your Miracast-enabled device. It's that simple. Depending on your device, you can have it mirror exactly what's being shown on the screen of your device or extend its screen. Because the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter uses Miracast technology, you're not limited to certain apps or content streaming. It'll show anything and everything from your device!''

Microsoft used a Dell Venue 8 tablet and a Lumia 1520 smartphone to show off the new Wireless Display Adapter but the company says it will also work with Android devices as well.

The Microsoft Store website in the US and Canada is taking pre-orders for the Wireless Display Adapter, which is priced at $59.99. It will be due out sometime in October.

Recently, Microsoft announced the Nokia HD-10, also a wireless Miracast devices with NFC for tap-to-pair. It is not clear what the message here is from Microsoft, as clearly the products overlap in terms of function, with the HD-10 being more social and consumer friendly. In terms of pricing, the HD-10 does have a $20 premium for that NFC support and different design.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham