Microsoft fixes Marketplace certificate issue for Windows Phone. App submissions are a go.

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Marketplace fix has been applied but it may take a day or two deploy

As expected, Microsoft has begun deploying the digital certificate fix for the Marketplace that has resulted in some Windows Phone users unable to either install or update a select few apps (notably WhatsApp, NY Times and Translator). In a recent change to the Windows Phone Developer Blog, Todd Brix notes:

“We fixed the digital certificate problem and last evening resumed publishing new apps. It will take a day or two for the repair to fully deploy and newly-published apps to begin appearing in Marketplace again.  If your app was in the process of being published, you don’t need to take any action.  We have applied the fix and the app will continue through the certification and publishing workflow as normal.”

Of course as mentioned above that does not mean you can now instantly re-install or update those apps with issues as it can take time for the changes to rollout across their servers. Still, users should be begin to see updates by the end of the weekend.

Let us know in comments if you have had any success. Thanks, ThisIsMetro, for the heads up

Daniel Rubino

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  • Thanks for the update :) I am a happier person now.
  • Glad to see a fast fix.. They mean businesses. :)
  • FYI, I just hit Retry on my Translator update and it is still a fail here in the SF Bay Area. I'll try again tomorrow.
  • I have same issue as you!
  • I just finished updated!
  • Same issue for me and I'm also in the sf bay.
  • Update was successful. Rad. Now I'm gonna force my Quantum to Tango. Keyboard has been disappearing lately and I am not willing to wait for ATT to push an update that they have never said would come for the Quantum.
  • I'm now on 7740 and will hang out here for a week or two just to see if everything still works. It's like it's November 2011 all over again!!!
  • I really miss my whatsapp
  • The sad thing is that there's people happy just because of whatsapp...take my word, the last update of whatsapp might be the worst until now. If you uninstall the app, crappy WA is better than nothing, but if you have the old version, take my word. DON'T UPDATE.
  • I now get notifications often twice really annoying... Also the live tile refuses to Update. It showed me two new messages for more than half a day
  • translator & whatsapp both fully updated this morning. Unlocked Dell Venue Pro. Located in Indonesia.
  • My Omina 7 still can not updated these apps so far!
  • Confirmed. WhatsApp and Translator were fixed 2 days ago for me in Aus
  • That's good news. As a dev, I've been keen to get a new update out.
  • Its working now guys I just installed whatsapp and translate.
  • Bell Canada - HTC hd7 tango
  • Yay got my wharsapp back now :D
  • Yayyyy!;) Tried this morning and both What's up and translator and its now updated!;)
  • WhatsApp now installing on Samsung Omnia(Ireland) !
  • I just updated Translator (Australia). So it's working on this side of the globe ;)
  • Translator is back here in the UK, its all good.
  • Fix confirmed here in the Netherlands. WhatsApp succesfully updated this morning on my HTC HD7 unlocked EUR.
  • whatsapp and translator both updated successfully.
  • Whatsapp back up and running on HTC HD7 in the UK