Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition prepares for landing on December 18

Dovetail Games, the studio behind the ever-so-popular Train Simulator franchise, has announced that Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition will be hitting the PC on December 18. The version of Microsoft's Flight Simulator X will provide gamers with an overhauled airborne experience with "a special introductory price" to invite everyone into the cockpit.

Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition will offer more than 80 missions to test players in a variety of ways, including search and rescue challenges, test pilot scenarios, races and more. Also included in this release will be updated multiplayer functionality (farewell, GameSpy), 20 aircraft, Windows 8.1 support and over 24,000 airports. Unfortunately, there no improvements have been made in the graphics department.

Flight Sim

Dovetail Games also states the studio will launch a range of add-ons for the title in the New Year. The company will also be working on future releases using Microsoft's Flight Simulator engine, though no plans have been revealed. Check the announcement post over on the Dovetail Games website for more details.

Source: Dovetail Games

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  • Not for WP?
  • Its a full proper game that requires a full keyboard not a shitty little touchscreen,
  • I actually have a joystick for the purpose of this game, only this.
  • So, making a version for WP is stupid❓ Making a version for WP will take away from the original❓ I'm not getting your line of thinking here... Plus, your comment sounds stuck up, and lacking imagination... Please explain why WP shouldn't have a version of any game that is formatted for touch screen devices❓
    Lets keep in mind that while some might enjoy it, you could still not spend your money on it..
  • Flight Simulator simply wasn't made for the puny screens that you get on phones and tablets. Finding and pressing the buttons in the cockpit would be a nightmare, and require a full overhaul of the virtual cockpits. FSX has literally dozens of keyboard commands, and even on today's powerful gaming rigs, you struggle to get any performance to speak of. Did I mention that FSX:SE uses 30 GB of disk space when you do a clean install without any addons whatsoever?
  • it shouldnt be also for wp. its not meant for phones.
  • Why can't there be a version for WP? Your comment sounds kinda closed minded.
  • because it would be very watered down. a touchscreen limits the experience.
  • So, MS shouldn't make PC games for phones because the experience isn't as rich? .... That sounds kinda of counterproductive to me... Others might like to have a version of this game for WP, but since you don't MS shouldn't make one❓ ... I'm not getting you..
  • I don't know if you are seriously asking about this, but Flight Sim X doesn't suit touch screen devices (and hence WP) because it is a full blown simulator. It is best enjoyed with a joystick or a control deck. It is a watered down experience with a keyboard/mouse, let alone touch screens.
  • Rodney just a FYI, this game is beyond years old, and is not (and can't be made to be) suited for anything less than a keyboard plus joystick. The comment didn't say ALL games, he's talking only about this game coming to wp. Why are you being so quick to jump on someone, without seemingly fully comprehending what was said?
  • You think I didn't comprehend what he said when you obviously don't comprehend what I said... I know he's not talking about every damn game.. I was using this as an example to make a point.. A very simple concept.. Now, were off on another subject because you had to interject your two sense while my point still remains... SMH..
  • There's just no way it would compare. The end.
  • They would have to totally strip it down to get it to run.  The code is from 2006 and was based on PC's getting faster not more processor cores.  Even the fastest PC's out there still struggle with it on high graphics settings especially when high res terrain addons are used or some of the highly detailed addon aircraft like PMDG's 737 or 777 that accurately models systems and failure like the real aircraft.
  • Dude, are you seriously going to complicate this?... Making a version for WP doesn't have to involve striping anything down, or porting anything over.... It's about MAKING a version for WP, and calling it Flight Simulator... Is that illegal in your mind?.... It's not like the mobile version of Halo wasn't made specifically for mobile devices.. Are you seriously not understanding what making a version for WP means? Open your mind.
  • You've completely missed the point.  This Steam version is NOT a new version.  It's an 8 year old simulation software being re-distributed on Steam instead of DVD.  Dovetail does not have the rights to create a new version of the Flight Simulator franchise.  Meaning they can NOT release a version for WP or XB1.  They did however buy the rights to MS Flight (I believe) and they do have an upcoming flight "simulation" type product.     You however were insinuating that Flight Simulator X (X is the version) should be released on WP.  It would never work without removing everything that it is.  You'd never be able to read aircraft gauges on such a small screen.  Imagine trying to work all the switches etc.  There's a massive difference between a flight simulation and a flying game.
  • After reading that long waste of time I see that you have completely missed the point... Nothing new.
  • No, you've missed the point.  Flight Simulator is a simulation, requiring a ton of PC power in every version that has EVER been released.  What you WANT is a flying GAME and that is not what the Flight Simulator series is.
  • How many times are you going to keep saying the same thing over, and over again... Obviously I see what you're saying, but it's not effective to my point... But, I'm sure you'll just say it again.. Go ahead, say it one more time.. Come on..
  • You missed the point in the first post, this isnt microsoft, this is dovetail games, making the new reinvisioned game, i hope you know that.
  • There is no money in making a WP version, simple as that.
  • Phone games are garbage.
  • exactly.
  • So, they shouldn't make versions for phones? Should people stop playing games on their phones❓ I don't understand your point.
  • Trains, buses and cars crash when people just look at their phone. No one is flying a real plane with a phone. That's why. And phone games are time wasters because the controls are awful and not ergonomic.
  • Well, it's nice to know your opinion about games on phones... But, it's kinda irrelevant when its a multi million dollar industry.... It's not about what MS, or any developer, should do based on YOUR personal preferences, rather what they should do to benefit the majority, and our platforms... Thanks for your personal, biased, opinion, but no thanks...
  • And the dumb comment of the day goes toooooo.... this guy
  • Why is it dumb? Are phone versions of games unheard of❓ ... Looks like you're just following the crowd with this one.. Now, that's dumb.
  • It's dumb because this is flight SIMULATOR. It's designed to be an experience, not something you do while taking a dump.
  • What about Halo❓ ... The experience definitely isn't as good on the the phone... As a matter of fact thousands of games aren't as good on the phone as they would be on a console, or PC.. So, should they stop making games for phones all together❓ Or are you saying that this game, out of thousands of others that have versions for phone, for some reason shouldn't have a version for phone because in some way it would take away from the original, or hurt in some way❓ ... I don't read you..
  • You didn't awnswer my question..
  • it takes almost 26 keys on your keyboard, how you expect they squeeze in all 26 keys into 6 inch screen szie? this meant to be on computer only, not just because it is a high graphic simulator, it is also a REAL TEST DRIVE FOR FLIGHT, not meant to be a game you were thinking...
  • It's called a version for WP... Of course it wouldn't be as robust as the PC version, and nobody should expect it to be... Really? Use your imagination just a tiny little bit..
  • So you expect them to completely recode a 4 year old game in order to cater to a niche group, that wouldn't be interested in it on a cell phone. It's not imagination you need to use l, its brains. Flight simulator isn't meant for someone that wants to screw around on a cell phone. It's meant for someone that wants to build an actual flight simulator in their home. There's not much to follow here.
  • It's all about the name... It's all about mind share.. This is what you don't understand.. You're so stuck on the functionality, and purpose of the PC game that you don't understand what make a version for WP actually means... SMH.. Extremely closed minded..
  • It's about the name? So you want a completely different Flight Simulator X just so you can get a crappy flight SIM experience on a cell phone? Dude I'm not closed minded, I just know what you're talking about would fail miserably. Just the fact that you suggest it should be on any Mobil platform tells me you don't understand the flight simulation community or understand what it's all about. You're basically suggesting that MS waste resources building an app that wont get used. Just trust me, it's a terrible idea. I don't care how many ways you try to justify it, it's just not good.
  • You've missed the point of what MS Flight Simulator is. It's a simulation which requires serious computing power. Many people refer to it as a "game" but it's a simulation software. MS's failed attempt at reviving the series known as MS Flight might be a good choice for XB1 or WP though. It failed miserably on PC because the flight sim community was hoping for a new version of Flight Simulator where you could fly anywhere in the world. Instead they got some nice visuals, you could only fly in Hawaii though, only in a handful of prop planes, and they didn't even have a cockpit view.
  • So, Infinite Flight is failing miserably on WP? MS couldn't make a flight simulator as good, or better, than the makers of Infinite Flight?.. I don't think Infinite Flight is that bad at all...
    It's for the phone, and if MS were to make a flight simulator for WP who would expect for it to perform as well as a PC version... SMH... It's no different than PhotoShop Express... So, you think PhotoShop Express is a terrible idea because it's not as robust, or capable as the full PC version? Or Opera for devices? What about Chrome for smartphones? All stupid ideas in your eyes... Ok.. I see how you think.. Lol.
  • So, You despise the idea of IE mobile on your WP device? What? It's nowhere near as capable as IE for PC... Think about what you sound like... Nothing wrong with a version for WP, or even Android, and iOS... It's really all in the name..
  • You're comparing apples to oranges. Utilities are very different from simulators. They have hugely different intentions. A person will use PhotoShop on a phone for a quick edit but not for a full project. IE is used for some browsing but not the full web experience. A flight simulator is used to recreate the experience of flying an airplane to either give the thrill to am enthusiast or, I've heard in some cases, keep the skills sharp for a real pilot. This cannot be done on a cell phone, so therefore you're not getting what is true to flight simulator. And you've wait multiple times, it's all in a name. A name means everything to a piece of software. It's the brand that it carries. What would happen if an app was released called Minecraft and it was a top down dungeon crawler. Those do well on smartphones and MS owns Minecraft, maybe they should do that too. You don't destroy your brand because some goon on the internet wants more apps on an OS and doesn't get the resources required to do such a thing. It's time to realize that you're wrong and just give it up already.
  • "A flight simulator is used to recreate the experience of flying an airplane to either give the thrill to am enthusiast or, I've heard in some cases, keep the skills sharp for a real pilot. This cannot be done on a cell phone, so therefore you're not getting what is true to flight simulator"""
    So, Infinite Flight isn't considered a flight simulator❓❓
  • I'm sorry but no, infinite flight is not a flight simulator. How many times does it need to be pointed out that you're ignorant to the topic of flight simulators? Just because they list it in the description, doesn't mean it's true. That's called marketing to try and get people to buy it using semantics.
  • This is coming from someone who's spent hundreds of hours playing this "game" over the period of a few years: This game would suck on a phone. *RODNEY NOTE* observe I didn't say all games, just this one.
  • SMH... And, a huge FP.. Really❓
  • please, just shut up. This is a REAL SIMULATOR, NOT a GAME, also like i've said, adding 26 keys into your phone's screen is impossible, this is NOT a GAME, NOT a GAME, NOT a GAME, NOT a GAME, NOT a GAME.
  • There's no way they would. Not only is the team that made the series disbanded, the whole studio is. Microsoft's attempt at rebooting the series was horrible, and left users feeling empty. The engine would have to be rewritten for ARM processors, when they hardly added support for multicore x86/64 chips. There's too much data crunching going on. I forget the name of that game, but back with wp7 there was that ww1/2 flying game, and it was cool. Coo, because it was kept basic.
  • I wish I could play it on xone.
  • And, MS should most definitely make a version for XB1... Always expect, and ask, for more..
  • There is something like this for WP  
  • Yes, you're right.. We should always expect a version for WP,,, especially if the game is made by Microsoft❗❗❗
  • Have you yet to play any of the Microsoft flight simulator???no, so don't talk crap here thinking it should be ported to WP when it at the very least requires 20 hot keys to pilot the aircraft in the game!!!if you think that you are soo open minded go get yourself one, Make one that is!! It was meant for a trainee specifically and yes a lowly person like you too can get the hang of it but trust me, you don't want to have a robust flight experience on some shitty touch screen phones, there are other light flight games out there in store but not this one! It was NOT a 'game' in the first place!
  • They did water it down with Flight which was fun. Actually Cold Alley is a good arcade style flying game which fills the niche Flight Sim X would.
  • Who said anything about porting? Is that the only way to MAKE A VERSION for WP? Such closed minds you guys have.. Just stop.
  • Because it's a full on simulator. There are other flight sim games for WP anyway. Those are motion controlled and very basic. FSX is very in depth to the point of people setting up entire cockpits. A phone version wouldn't do it justice. With FSX you can run through a flight from start to finish, the whole nine yards.  Maybe a lite version would work but again, there are currently flight sims for WP.
  • So, just because there are already other flight simulators means that MS, who is well known for flight simulators, shouldn't make a version for WP? That's gotta be THE worst argument out of even all ⬆hide close minded fans up there.. And, you topped the cake... SMH.
  • this SIMULATOR aren't going to PHONE, it will not going to be on iOShit, Android, Windows Phone, it is for WINDOWS, not Windows RT, but WINDOWS, you can play it on Surface PRO, but not on tablet RT
  • GameSpy? Isn't it already dead?
  • Yes, the article says "Farewell, Gamespy" Its being updated with an alternative option for multiplayer
  • How long was it? 8 years ago since first release?
  • If you mean since the last release, then, yes. If you mean since Flight Simulator had its 1.0 release, then that would be back before Windows was released.
  • 1982 was the 1.0 am i right? Also, will this re-release supports the workshop?
  • Getting ready to play already... I like flight simulation games
  • why steam and not as an app on the store?
  • Steam reaches a lot more people Windows Apps also work slightly differently at the moment and it literally wouldn't work
  • Can you expand on this a little. Why would it not work?
  • No serious PC gamer buys Windows App games, they are akin to mobile games not full PC games. That is why All MS PC games are on Steam after they screwed up GFWL.    
  • Are you fuking retarded?
    It's not a game its a simulator, cant be an app...
  • Why Steam? Wouldn't Train Simulator be a more logical choice?
  • Cause every body wants to drive a dull train and not be in the sky...
  • would love to see Microsoft motor cross madness the old game on WP. that game was amazing.
  • Yes! Lived that game.
  • remember death valley. death valley
  • Get MX vs ATV Reflex, great game if you loved Motocrass Madness 1 & 2 on PC.    
  • thanks ill look around in my locality for the game.
  • Can't wait for this to come out. Really great simulator with stunning graphics. Great news from Microsoft!
  • Compatible with existing add-ons?? OrbX, REX??
  • Generally Steam games are compatible with these kind of add-ons.
  • Not sure, but several of the aircraft addons that I have (PMDG's 737NGX etc.) are not compatible at all, and there's no information whether or not they will be made compatible. One poster on the steam forums is an avid simmer with over $2000 worth of addons, most of which cannot run with FSX:SE. A lot of addons use an auto-installer that looks for the FSX installation. FSX:SE however, is installed in the default Steam directory, and some auto-installers just won't accept this, and the installation fails.
  • Cool! Just wonder given age of game what the "introductory" price will be. I have joystick for this as well.
  • I hope if I own the retail Deluxe version that cost me 60gbp I will be able to link it and have a Steam copy, if not its another Microsoft screw up when it comes to PC gaming. I sure as hell not going to be buying it again.    
  • Same here, I also hope I can use the Acceleration expansion as well.
  • Did it a bit years ago.
  • Question is can you install your own add-ons?
    Also, I believe many of the enthusiasts moved on to Lockheed Martin's Prepar3d. The spiritual successor with improved graphics and performance.
  • Isn't prepar3d only for professional use? I tried only X-Plane but the FSX interface is just a lot better
  • Well, it is intended for professional use and pilot training. Although, if YouTube is an indication, I can also see people using it personally as a replacement for fsx, because P3D is in active development and is compatible with all the addons with little tweaks.
  • All you have to do is claim you are using it to learn about flying and technically you qualify to use the student version :) (just don't say you were entertained by it...........).  I'm personally holding off moving to either x-plane or P3D until PMDG puts something out for one or both of them.  P3D would definitely be a plus since terrain devs like ORBX also support P3D 2.x.  X-plane already having 64bit capability is a big plus though.  If only it could get more big name (i.e. FSX addon companies) addons for it.
  • Sweet. Now all I need is a flight stick and rudder pedals and a HOTAS and a bigger monitor. And a new desk. And new chair. #GoBigWithFlightSimsOrGoHome ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  • *New wheelchair.....
  • Monster Truck Madness one and 2 would be awesome...
  • Excellent! I hope this comes with the acceleration pack included.
  • Why steam? Doesn't Gabel hate Windows 8?
  • That is so 90's.
  • Game was released in 2005 and an add-on in 2006.
  • Shut up and take my money!
  • Time to invest in that saitek setup...
  • Did they at least fix bugs? If not, I'm keeping my disks!
  • I love this game...some time i play it for 8 hours! nonstop!
  • XB1???
  • Good luck using that gamepad, kid. =)
  • Flight simulator is an arcade game when compared to the DCS series. Ok for 12 year old kids.
  • If we own the CD Edition and the Product Key can we get it for free on Steam or do we have to buy it again?
  • I really liked Microsft Flight, I enjoyed the Aerocache hunts... Too bad thats all over.