Microsoft granted patent on 'inconspicuous mode' to make your device less disruptive

Microsoft has been granted a patent for a new "inconspicuous mode", which would automatically adjust settings on your phone in certain situations to make your phone less distracting. The company first filed for the patent about a year ago.

Inconspicuous mode patent

While Windows Phone already provides a way to quickly silence your device, "inconspicuous mode" would potentially be able to do this automatically. The mode would, in theory, display a limited amount of information on the lock screen, and could also mute sounds and adjust brightness.

The patent application states that it can be activated by a number of factors, like location and noise level. It could also be triggered, for instance, at a movie theater based on a ticket purchase in your phone's browser. "Inconspicuous mode" could also be manually activated should the need arise.

Source: United States Patent Office, via The Next Web

Thanks to Rolie for the tip!

Joseph Keller