Microsoft has begun testing Andromeda app support in the Microsoft Store

Recently, we were able to take a look at a new platform category listing for the Microsoft Store, joining Xbox, PC, HoloLens, and other existing Windows platforms. The new OS uses a placeholder icon, and the mysterious "8828080" designation, which we think could be a reference to the Andromeda OS, designed specifically for new paradigms like the folding Surface device that has been floating around.

"8828080" appeared a little while ago as a new target platform within Microsoft's code infrastructure. It's noteworthy because it also forms part of Microsoft's corporate phone number.

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We've heard that various existing Windows 10 Mobile and PC apps are already showing up with support for "8828080" in the store, including big-name third-party offerings from companies like Spotify, and even some games.

While not a huge development, the appearance of 8828080 on the Microsoft Store is encouraging. Joined by various other bits of information detailed by our Senior Editor Zac Bowden, and several recent patent filings, it certainly seems like this all-new, highly mobile platform could break cover sooner rather than later.

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