Microsoft has begun testing Andromeda app support in the Microsoft Store

Recently, we were able to take a look at a new platform category listing for the Microsoft Store, joining Xbox, PC, HoloLens, and other existing Windows platforms. The new OS uses a placeholder icon, and the mysterious "8828080" designation, which we think could be a reference to the Andromeda OS, designed specifically for new paradigms like the folding Surface device that has been floating around.

"8828080" appeared a little while ago as a new target platform within Microsoft's code infrastructure. It's noteworthy because it also forms part of Microsoft's corporate phone number.

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We've heard that various existing Windows 10 Mobile and PC apps are already showing up with support for "8828080" in the store, including big-name third-party offerings from companies like Spotify, and even some games.

While not a huge development, the appearance of 8828080 on the Microsoft Store is encouraging. Joined by various other bits of information detailed by our Senior Editor Zac Bowden, and several recent patent filings, it certainly seems like this all-new, highly mobile platform could break cover sooner rather than later.

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Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Interesting. It's this is a universal-GUI platform that can be targeted?
  • Part of it, yes. Cshell layer should be able to switch between mobile layout (folded) and something unique for this device. Will run on Windows Core OS as the base. Probably W10onA for architecture.
  • TBH There's nothing stopping Intel/AMD from coming into this market. They should though since this is the best way into the Mobile world for Intel and AMD.
  • I don't see why MS would mind... My Surface 3 has LTE, and pretty good battery life, so it's definitely possible.
  • What was stopping anyone from making small Windows tablets in the first place? Ohh, right, sales. They did make them. People didn't buy them so they stopped. Why is that going to suddenly change?
  • The small Windows tablets that have been available have all been slow-as-hell junk running on poor Atom processors (usually w/2GB or less RAM) that you had to carry WITH your phone and didn't fit in most people's pockets.  If the Qualcomm processors can beat the Atoms for performance (and we know they'll kick the Atom's arse for battery life), make phone calls, fit in my pocket and do a good job of supporting Inking (so that I don't feel compelled to try to use an awkward on-screen keyboard w/1 hand), then this is a giant evolutionary jump from the existing small Windows tablets and far more useful.
  • I think Microsoft is intelligent enough to sell these their 2 screen mini tablet in limited quantities this Windows mini tablet will be a new Hybrid A Mini Tablet /cell phone Hybrid/ Windows  PC. it wont appeal to everyone but those who own one will have a very powerful useful device
  • yep I see now this guy is definitely following you around
  • Intel specifically abandoned their phone processors a couple years ago because they continued to be too power hungry.  That really hurt Microsoft with phones and is part of the reason for the long delay in getting a mythical Surface Phone to market.  Microsoft had to change course with Windows with Andromida, CShell, and OneCore.  Then throw in Windows for ARM with Intel emulation.  A lot of this was because of Intels failure.  So, I personally don't expect this new device that folds to run on Intel.
  • There's nothing stopping Intel/AMD from coming into this market. Battery life.
  • **** is about to get real!
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  • Seeing is believing
  • I don't see you but I believe you are a real person...
  • Noticing a pattern, probably obvious. Everytime there was a flow of patent filings/news related to Microsoft devices, the device was usually close to announcement. Here's hoping!
  • Our intel is still seeing this as late '18 though, but yes, things are heating up.
  • Late '18 release or announcement?
  • Going back to every Surface Microsoft has been consistent in getting the device to market - even if limited - within 4 weeks.
  • Fair point.
  • Within 4 weeks of it being announced?
  • Makes sense if it will come with SD 845, and it should. Need as much hp as possible for 1st gen device.
  • Yep. Better have the latest, and greatest.
  • Meh, the 835 is fine, especially with 6 gigs of RAM. I will say the 845 appears to be Apples current chip in the iPhones, which Samsung & Qualcomm make for Apple. That chip is a BEAST.
  • Lol.. What?
  • As far as I was aware Qualcomm weren't making the processors for Apple phones, it's TSMC.
  • Apple has their own chips in the iPhone, not Qualcomm chips.
  • The pattern of the x2x and 95x releases was: in reasonable time for US holidays, barely in time for Europe holidays and too late for everyone else, who were already busy and distracted by the time the devices could be ordered a couple of days before Dec 25. Likely cost them some worldwide sales
  • I doubt if MS is worried with turning a profit with the first gen devices... The reality is that MS will most definitely lose money on the first devices, but they have a chance to gain greater.
  • Because they will suddenly be able to compete with Samsung and Android on small screens? No way. Samsung will be releasing their version at that time and it will actually have a folding screen. Microsoft's will just be the cheezy knockoff.
  • We agree with you
  • You should. I was right about all of Microsoft's previous phone attempts and their current support for UWP doesn't show much dedication to small screens. All those UWP apps they aren't making for Windows phones aren't going to be available for this either. Being pessimistic about Microsoft's chances with such a device is still overly optimistic.
  • I bet Samsung will release just another phone running Android or some sheet phone OS, but if they can come up with a not-Phone then why not? So long as it runs full Windows then I can't wait to see it.
  • Agree
  • Blimey are you still here 😂 It doesn't have to be about beating anyone. Success is not quantified by being #1. It doesn't even have to be about shifting loads of units - look at Surface Studio. Its an attempt at something new and MS is big enough to take the hit if they can't cover its costs. It'd be so dull if every tech company stuck to what they know and nothing would change.
  • Microsoft should encourage OEM support. Making the device expensive is a good way to bring OEMs. I expect this device to be $1500 - $2500. OEMs follow the profit, if Surface Andromeda is profitable, then OEMs will flock to it. 
  • Yes
  • 2 mins silence for those who said Surface Phone was a rumour...
  • Silence for Belfiore ?
  • Um, it was (and still is) a rumour. That doesn't mean it's not true...but since there's been no official announcement, it's a rumour by definition.
  • Surface Mini wasn't a rumour, was built, almost launched, never left the warehouse. Let's see.
  • You see the leaked specs on that thing, it was good that it never saw the light of day...
  • Agree... But, were they acceptable for the time?
  • Maybe, I can't say for sure. What I can say is that no way that device would have had enough processing power to be as smooth and productive as I would have liked. 
  • It was running RT. It would've been fine... Most likely. Panos used, or is using it, and he claims he loved it.
  • Running RT is the opposite of fine. That was a death sentence on its own. On top of that, small tablets were a fad that had already come and went. It was years too late. Google had even dropped the Nexus 7 at that point.
  • Are you following my every post? I already told you I agree with you. What more can I say to please you?
  • Seems bleached is your wife (if female)
    Else he's your best friend. Lol
  • We'll never know 😁
  • Remember that kid who nobody liked, but he just kept following everyone around begging for acceptance until they were like "OH DA FUQ KAY, ******!.. JUST SHUT DF UP, AND COME ON! GEEEEZE, NERD"????? .... 🙄🙄🙄🙄
  • I had $600 ready to buy a Surface Mini, even with the leaked specs!  I will spend $600 on this new Surface device.
  • $600 is a bit optimistic. More like $899 or $999.
  • Exactly... What's funny is that those who have said that it doesn't exist have switched to whining about how it's not necessary... Later thier arguments will change to whatever negativity they choose to bring here. SMDH
  • There is no killer feature described yet. If Microsoft is going to compete with a phone in late 2018, they need something game changing. Folding and stylus aren't revolutionary. It will be just another disappointing flop unless Microsoft has something revolutionary.
  • Yes, you're right. I agree. Still not happy?
  • Exactly. I agree, and I'll beat you to getting one. Those first devices are gonna be awesome. Better start saving those penny's now.
  • It revolves 360 degrees I believe. Can't get more revolutionary than that.
  • SMDH
  • I think you're missing the point... It's not a phone therefore it won't be competing with phones it will be its own device category and won't be competing against anything because there won't be something like it. Show me a phone that is like a tablet that runs a full desktop OS. There isn't one so there won't be competition in the beginning.
  • I think you're missing the point... It's not a phone therefore it won't be competing with phones it will be its own device category and won't be competing against anything because there won't be something like it. Show me a phone that is like a tablet that runs a full desktop OS. There isn't one so there won't be competition in the beginning.
  • This device is NOT going to compete with a phone!  It is NOT designed to compete with a phone!
  • thats the thing, this is not going to be a phone, so please all of you give up on a surface phone, its not happening. This will be a device that has telephony options if they include it on the device. But it will not be a phone.
  • If I can use OneNote reasonably well, run PowerBI on a screen that is not super tiny and have outlook (desktop) and make phone calls, I'll throw away my phone in a heartbeat.
    And if it then docks to a large screen to let me use the full office suite in multitaksing (the tabs concept comes to mind) we got a winner in my books.
  • For the vaporware phone?
  • Explain your point?
    We believe this device is coming to market. Are you saying that you don't? And if you don't, what are you hoping to achieve by telling people that hope, and believe, it's coming to market that it isn't?
    Give me an answer for that, please.
  • No phones. We're talking not-Phones here.
  • Anti Phone Phones... How about that?
    Remember MS's stupid first WP ads?... "Here's the smartphone for people who don't like phones"... "Don't use your smartphone"...
    That was dumb, and whoever came up with that pitch got fired.
  • It still is, there isn't even confirmation this is a phone. Also there are a wide variety of companies working on foldable devices, I would be surprised if Microsoft were first.
  • Well, yeah... I mean, there hasn't been one piece of evidence that it will even make calls, or receive text, outside of an obvious Skype app..
  • i wouldnt be surprised if this placeholder number is just windows 10 on arm and nothing more.
  • I think there will be NO SURFACE SMART phones  FOLKS. INSTEAD Microsoft will create a new HYBRID DEVICE  THE MINI TABLET / CELL PHONE. Hybrid . It wont appeal to everyone but i think enough people will buy them on a World wide Basis for Microsoft to justify marketting them. I would buy one
  • I'm trying really hard to dampen my optimism that Andromeda could be a valid mobile option. Not necessarily competing with iOS and Android for meaningful market share, but could do enough that I would want it over switching. I know that's not going to happen and I will need to switch to Android, but I keep wanting to believe anyway.
  • Yeah, too many questions at this time to have an opinion on it. We just know this is their next-gen mobile device, something they see as eventually leapfrogging smartphones. The target audience will be pro users/engineers/business/artists/science, not moms and dads. But, like Surface Studio, something you may lust for nonetheless.
  • If they had put the Surface Book 2-15 internals in the Surface Studio, it would be the perfect device. Here's to hoping they do something similar with their next iteration.
  • I'm sure Studio 2 will be much more powerful. In general, Surface team is good at learning lessons/feedback from users. SB2 is a perfect example of giving users what they want (well, except for TB3).
  • and the retarded gap? and the dust collector hinge?
  • Without the gap, the bottom of the NB will need to be made thicker.
  • I just hope that MS would sell the Studio display as a standalone ilem.
  • I brought this up to my team and I hope it comes true.  We were just discussing at lunch the gaps on enterprise with IOS and Android with enterprise integration we had on WP.  I will likely get one from our vendor if this comes out to try out for team.  Hope it is worth it!  
  • The demographic of the target audience for this device is generally moms and dads, who you claim the device is not made for! Just saying.
  • Moms and dads? I'd say Android, iOS or win10s.
    Unless, they are programmer, game programmer, musician, designer.
  • money are going to be payed in 2018
  • Time to save up.
  • How much are you willing to pay?
    $1200?.... What's too much for this device?
  • Even if the device can be made at a fairly inexpensive price point, no way they price it cheaper than Galaxy Note maybe even Iphone X... They care too much about Surface being a "premium" brand. Leave the $300-$600 devices to Lenovo. 
  • Well, of course... But, thinking of that $300-$600 device price point. That sounds very interesting. That could be that form factor that is really outside the box.. IDK. Maybe a spherical device that has a totally spherical screen... Could work as a virtual globe with zooming capabilities... IDK
    Could anyone think of what we could do with a totally spherical suspended display? It sounds cool, but I'm having trouble perceiving ideas for my own concept. Lol.
    What if it was the center of input in an autonomous car? You get into this car, and this "Surface Globe" like device is all you see on the console.. What would be even more nutz is if this "AI Globe" could go with you everywhere doing task, one of which would be recording a 360° view of your day, if you like.... I'm trying to think of ways an Ultramoble form factor could change things, and bring new technology into our lives.....
    What about a connected wallet? Like a real wallet you carry your ID, and cash, in.. Wallets are already foldable, but this one would use a futuristic "bank linking" service, and TOTALLY keep track of your finances in real time. Every penny you spend would be accounted for with this smart wallet. Smart wallet would alert you of low balances. Could play music, of course. Things like that. Just one of many connected accessories for the near future.. Of course Windows 10 would allow this information to be accessed from your Surface Scibe, or any other Windows device, securely.
  • Doubt they care about undercutting their OEMs in this market. Windows phones were comparably cheap.
  • Yes. No way that's gonna happen with Surface anytime soon.
  • I say $1,200 I think Microsoft made a mistake in pricing the Surface Studio.  They knew that people would criticize the price.  So, why not price it at $4,000.  If you can afford $3,000, then you can afford $4,000.  …and why the hybrid drive?  It's about being premium for the elites (at lest at first).
  • 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 That's outrageous!
  • I'd give it a try for <$200
  • Too much news for Microsoft not to announce this Surface Fold device soon....Hopefully during Jan 18 Las Vegas CE show?
  • 100% do not expect anything at CES about this. Think fall '18 assuming things stay on track.
  • Kinda close to the timing when W10M full support comes to a stand still.
  • For me, I don't want Microsoft to annouce anything in January only to release it in October or later.  If they are going to announce some device do it then release it two weeks after.  That's my hope anyway.
  • I guess they won't announce it until Samsung announces theirs!
  • Samsung will announce the S9 and S9+ in Febuary, they may show another device but dont expect that device to launch anywhere other than their home country.
  • I beleive that any device Microsoft release will released after the release of Redstone 4.  This device will be hevavily depended on PWAs and PWAs will be fully supported in Redstone 4.  I would not be surprised if it will not be released until after Build 2018.  also think about it, Microsoft have not handed out devices during Build in a very long time.  They may hand out this device during Build.
  • "Scribe" netmann.... I thought we agreed on that name. 😂😂😂
  • Maybe they are going to release a build of Andromeda OS to insider for some of existing devices. We already saw one CShell build on one device...
  • How do we know they already haven't?
  • Kinda how they upgraded most Nokias to W10M?  That would be nice. Dreaming here, but they could pick the 4 or 5 top contender models and then push the update to those only....(950/XL, Elite X3, IDOL 4s)
  • Yeah, they only have three phones left😂😂😂😂😂
  • Damn no delete button😬😬😬😬😬
    Windows Central! If this device comes out can we celebrate by a complete application update with new features, and bug fixes????
  • How dare you?! Didn't you read the article that Windows Central is one of the top ten Best apps in Windows Store?!
  • $hit... It's one of my most used, but it is the most annoying... And, I'm not taking about the broken record trolls.
  • Vapourware!
  • attention seeker
  • Saying vapourware in 2017 really just says "I've been on the internet for a decade, I'm kinda old".
  • What is the problem with being old? I've been on the internet FOR two decades. Does that mean I'm too old to read WC?
  • Yep. Right along with me... I watched the Interweb's come into fruition..
    Do you remember AOL Kiosks in malls with PC'S set up so people could try out the internet for the first time?.... I was in HS
  • I started late, early 90's in college. I had a 14k4 modem and had to search for a provider which could match that speed. Now we're on 40 MBit and an unlimited data on my mobile :-)
  • If you're wrong, and this device comes to market, would you buy one?
  • Will you?
  • Or it's just a new office phone destined for your desk. With superb note taking options for office work stuff (no more yellow stickies!).  Ink+Phone, but not really competing with your smartphone. It all fits!
  • Not gonna lie, I'd like that, like a lot. I heavily miss Windows Phone though, so I won't say I wouldn't be very excited if they did something good with mobile in mind.
  • If it is, then it is... Not the end of the world.
  • If it can make calls it's competing with phones. Stop trying to protect Microsoft.
  • It was actually a joke, Antonio. Please get the jokes.
  • Is a land line in direct competition with iDroid?
    What about that phone at a persons desk at work, or the attendant in a lobby?...
    Pay phones are still installed in airports, because they have a specific purpose. Are pay phones a failure because they have no apps?...
    There's a phone at an information desk I'm looking at, and it has no apps.. Will nobody use it? Is it in competition with your iDroid phone?
    What is a store associate uses a "Surface Scibe" to ring up, or place, orders for customers? Will that Surface device be wack because the girl at Starbucks can't use Snapchat?...
    What if a network analyst used networking software to trouble shoot his companies network on the go. Would he be worried about the deficiencies of this Surface vs the GS10 in his pocket?
    If the president used this device for his daily planning, and had a special version of this device locked down with government level communications software installed on it,, would it matter if you think MS would be competing with the others?
    Airlines wouldn't use this app, because it couldn't order Starbucks?
    An engineer at a construction site would be concerned about this device, in comparison to iDroid when he bought this device to use his trajectory software on the go?
    Would a DHL delivery driver have time to think about how he can't make pictures of Santa hats on his cat with this device, when he's trying to use it to deliver packages?
    I could go on for days because there's unlimited usage scenarios for full windows on device.. It's already a proven concept, and it is NOWHERE near reliant on competition with inferior smartphones.
  • Trying to protect Microsoft? For what? First of all, many of us (former) Windows mobile users plan to use this new Surface device (or similar devices by OEMs) like a phone. So it's true, we will compare it to other phones. But also, for many of us Windows mobile users, app gap is not going to be main thing to compare. And if it's going to use win32 apps, in Continuum, (and sure it will) then other phones are not been comparable to it, no other way around. Then there are other things to compare. Such as Continuum, Camera, build quality, hardware, screen(s), etc... And if this device is going to be anything like patents shows, all of that features will be on top. Let other regular phones try to compare to that.
  • Question is, how are they going to test the development on the SW side of things? They relied on insiders for W10M. What devices if any would be eligible for insider program on Andromeda? Is there going to be an insider testing, or all done internally at MS?
  • Internally at MS. Anybody can become an insider. So anybody inside MS under NDA can use the software and the device. Heck Dona could be using one right now.
  • We're still giving OS suggestions on W10M.. Those ideas would still apply here.
    I mean, don't expect some radical departure from what you see with W10, and W10M... Just imagine a mix with fluent design cues, and some new configurations. That's it for now... Hopefully some new tile functionality, because that's long overdue. This device will shine by it's hardware modularity, and the device specific apps MS will make for it... $hit.. OneNote is already enough for me.. For me (and probably a lot of others) an extremely advanced OneNote app at the center of this device would be enough... OneNote and the cloud. That's all I need.
  • For me, it would be a choice between the 8828080 device and the Galaxy X.  It has to be a SD845 based device with foldable screen.  Hopefully, 8828080 won't disappoint.
  • There will be pluses and minuses for each. On day one, the question is how much phone features it will have such that for some, it will be a realistic phone substitute so that they will not need to carry 2 devices. I think for many WM users, who are used to lack of apps, it might be good enough. We will see! Panos rarely disappoints.
  • I think the phone part won't be marketed as such and it's features will be not obvious. An example would be through Skype. Skype will become the default calling, SMS and video chat app. 
  • I won't touch 8828080 if it doesn't have phone features.  That's why Galaxy X is an alternative choice for me.  App gap is much less an issue on 8828080 than on W10M since the mini tablet would run W10 apps, web apps and PWA apps which can only grow with the expanding W10 user base.  There are tons of productivity, banking, financial, entertainment and retail apps to satisfy my needs.  But I do need phone features to support my daily functions for communications and I don't want to have two devices in my pocket. 
  • Terrific name... Let's stick with S8828080. Done.
  • Surface Redmond
  • Surface OneNote!!!! (I would shoot MS up if they did that)
  • Hmm, a phone number is the code name. Sounds like Microsoft sees this as a phone.
  • Microsoft sees a rotary dialing phone from 1920 as a phone.
    Microsoft sees a cordless landline phone from 1989 a phone
    Microsoft sees E.T's finger tip from 1982 as a phone
    Microsoft sees Burt Reynolds car phone in his Ferrari from 1981 a phone
    Microsoft sees a Surface Scribe from 2019 as a phone
    Microsoft sees my old Nokia from 2002 as a phone
    Microsoft sees my Samsung Blackjack from 2006 running Windows Mobile 6.5 as a phone
    Microsoft sees the phones used in mission control back in 1969 as phones
    Ok..... That was fun (and oddly random). Now, back to the relevant topic at hand that fans came here for.
  • i think this number is just a placeholder for windows 10 on arm and not a device.
  • Only thing that gets me is the amount of leakage. Surface items seldom seem to leak this much, this early. Panos better have a kicker of a punch line for this. Detachable screens anyone... Anyone?
  • Exactly what leaks?  There have been a bunch of patents shown, but has there been a leak of a "real" device?  I always find that the more we make of any device the more its going to disappoint.  Hopefully something is released in 2018.  I really don't care if it's January or December.  Just something new for 2018.
  • Some just don't realise Patents are publicly accessible documents (to a certain extent).
  • Well, well, Build 2018 should be a interesting event.
  • Focusing on PWA, WOA, Andromeda/CShell and perhaps the 88289080 release?
  • Hope the fold is not glass on glass and the metal bezel is slightly raised so it is the bezel that connects when folded, otherwise if you get just a few bits of dust between and then close you could damage both screens quite quickly. But I'm sure with the Surface Team on it they will have this in the bag already. 
  • "Microsoft has begun testing Andromeda app support in the Microsoft Store" but soon they realised there are no apps in the store that would make sense on a small screen form factor... And they cancelled the entire thing.
  • Yeah, by late 2018 the app store will be even more devoid of phone apps. They likely kill this project unless it has something we haven't heard about yet. It needs a miracle feature.
  • I wonder if Microsoft will ever embrace Android apps (APKs) on Windows. If they did, Windows would truly become the platform for everyone's needs. This is what I would do: Make a dual-screened Surface phone running Windows 10 on ARM with telephony while also natively running APKs (much like Project Astoria). A device that does it all. Game changer, no?
  • Who knows.... Probably would not be a good idea in the long run... It would potentially bring vulnerabilities to Windows that Windows don't need.... Think in terms of security.
  • Very good point.
  • Yepers
  • if you call 425-882-8080 does someone answer?
  • Try it
  • If anyone at microsoft had a personality or sense of humor,  they should have named it 867-5309
  • I have begun to like iPhone. 
  • Well, I'm sure anyone would. They are top level devices... They don't sell a bagilkiin a year because they suck.
  • My take is that I am glad I bought a new battery for my 950XL to get me through 2018. I am not an app-head so my phone has been a fine tool. I am sure I am just settled into the Windows interface but I have tried iOS and Android and just don't like their metaphors for interaction. If only Nadella / Microsoft had more courage to maintain/improve W10M while they worked on Andromeda.
  • We're not entirely needy of apps, but let's just admit that a few changes would help ease the pain..
    1. This app needs updating and fixed
    2. Facebook app needs updating and fixed
    3. A firmware update on our devices is severely needed....
    Just these three things, (and a few more) would make the wait for ANY device less painful.
  • I want a new Microsoft device. My phones won't last forever. Come on MS feed us 😄
  • The true desirability depends on how pronounced the "line" is between the two screens. Adding cell phone features/service absolutely has to be incorporated, with CShell it really doesn't seem like that should be any kind of obstacle honestly.  The renders done by Mr. Breyer are outstanding as they both generate and temper excitement on how the screens "come together".  The Breyer renders definitely have the look of a ultra premium device, though it still has a pretty pronounced "crease".  Will be interesting to see how much the curve of the screens minimize the separation of the screens. (And any software tricks that are possibly played to minimize it further.)  I am not an app person.  I almost always would rather use the "desktop" web based version of a product, I have the display in "desktop" mode for any websites on my cell and my Android tablet. (Which I really only use for my drone/GoPro screen)  My 950XL start screen has just basic apps like FB and weather, otherwise it is just calender, contacts, time, messaging live tiles.  I've got some apps, though I rarely use them.  I would be very interested in a device like this!  I don't even have an actual business centric use for this either.  I'd just like to be able to do some PC like work on a screen like this on occasion. (Some light Paintshop or Lightroom would be awesome if this could handle the size of the program on hard drive and push it if using minimal layers.)   I don't like putting cases on my phones, which has resulted in me needing to purchase a second hand 950XL due to dropping it. (Only have a leather Mozo back on it.)  However, considering this will most definitely be priced over $1,000 I would probably look into some type of protection.  I'm probably "in" for purchasing this as long as it doesn't go over $1,500, though I hope it stays $1,200 and lower where it is a definite buy for me at that price or lower.  I can't imagine how you could possibly put a cover on this, but maybe someone will come up with something acceptable.  What ever the price it will definitely have to be a Microsoft Store buy with a Microsoft Complete warranty included in my total.   I will finish with that I can't stand iPhones or the OS, besides being boring it has just too many restrictions for me.  Android is absolutely awful to me. I cannot stand how my tablet performs and the issues I have with it and that OS.  However some of the hardware like the Note and the Samsung Edge 8 are very, very nice, just wish I could get one running Windows mobile or eventually CShell would be awesome.  If the dual screen Samsung is developing will be sold running windows with CShell I'd be interested, but why would I want such a thing if it runs Android?  The extra screen real estate does nothing for an Android device. It honestly only makes sense for a "full" Windows device.
  • How does full Windows (which this won't have) make sense on a 7" screen? That is still well within Android territory.
  • Just how do you know this will not have full Windows [on ARM]?  You don't.  It could have W10S but that is still, technically, full Windows with DRM blocking turned on as upgrading W10S to Pro literally takes seconds. 
  • We'll wait and see. I wouldn't be surprised if it all got cancelled 10 times. Microsoft is pretty good at cancelling things. Though even if it doesn't get cancelled, I have no plans to get any mobile devices with anything Microsoft on them after the "outstanding" support they provided for WM. It really doesn't get any worse than a developer not releasing their own damn apps and features for their own damn platform.
  • Besides,no one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to buy it. Feed your needs dude, its what works best for you. Being agnostic is a great trait.
  • I'm perfectly aware no one is holding a gun to my head. Which is why I don't intend to buy anything from them.
  • I think developer kill w10m lack of app
  • Ms should make make it open sources
  • Why on god's earth would they do that?  If it runs full Windows then it might have Linux shell ability. 
  • you cant even grasp the meaning of what you are even mentioning, heck you haven't even explained what should be open sourced, if its windows OS then no all the way cause look at how secure android is, anyone can and may want to deny this but when the OS is all laid out and everyone knows how it works, then making hacks for it is going to be much more of a constant thing than anything else which means there are  going to be so much viruses and malware like on android, don't try to deny me on this because i own android devices as well and i speak from experience, google has done a good deal to remove most bad malware/virus apps from the store but that only reduced the possibility of the store infecting the system but beyond that the system itself isn't exactly secure and google themselves aren't really throwing out the new stuff soon as its released anymore since they realized why android wasn't so safe with all that system code being out there open to the public eye and people who had the interest to exploit the systems. 
  • Give it a third screen ala the WestWorld device, then a foldable Surface-like keyboard to go with it and I'm sold.
  • I'm hoping this device actually comes to market for average consumers. I also hope they use a foldable lcd screen instead of two screens with a concave crease between them as the mock up model in this article shows. Dragging from one side of the screen to the  other would be difficult with such a crease between screens.
  • Actually I would rather the first one be two screens.  Folding screens are way too untested right now and MS has been burned in the past with trying to introduce a new form factor with untested technology.  
  • wait.. was the surface book a failure?  i thought it raised a lot of new followers cause that was a mind blower and some manufacturers started following the design as well, heck it was so good that people started calling microsoft "the new apple" , and im sure that wasn't just a momentary blast of creativity even the products that followed like the surface dial and the surface studio were remarkable in design quality , price ranging for the surface studio surely wasn't home friendly for most but they weren't products for the faint of heart nor they were failures in design or productivity.
  • LCD ? wait what year is it : ) ...
  • WOW FOLKS I could be wrong but this is a for sure indication that Microsoft WILL MARKET THE SURFACE- 2 SCREEN MINI TABLET THAT WILL PROBABLY HAVE A MODEL WITH A BUILT IN CELL PHONE. Some Prototype device being tested in Microsoft labs use THE Windows 10  ANDROMEDA OS and is rumored to be used on a Mobile 2 screen Tablet. Microsoft is setting up it's Windows 10 Microsoft store to have Apps ready for the device when it debuts. for them to start doing this now means a 2018 debut of the device. I wish them great success..
  • Phone Greg....PHONE! 
  • Full Windows on a small foldable tablet? I'd like it to be a success, that's for sure, but right now it's hard to see this having much traction with anyone but a few hardcore fanatics.
  • It won't be full Windows in the sense you're thinking. Think Courier + UWP apps. No Office. No desktop apps. No File Explorer. I think the idea is that it will be very much a 'task oriented' device, not a universal productivity app running platform. As for 'full Windows' in the API sense - Win 10 IOT runs on Raspberry Pi 3s and yet includes a huge portion of the Windows Modern Runtime. It's better to think of it as a 'pocket notebook/daytimer on steroids' than a 'minimal desktop system'.
  • If that is what it turns out to be it will FAIL just like Windows Mobile did since what you are discribing has basically the exact same capiblities, aka, restricted to store apps.  Why would you buy this and not wait for an Android device with, you know, actual applications people want?  This device will have to be full Windows on ARM with x32 bit ability and have to be able to doc/cast and work as a full PC to be successful.  
  • don't bother about those kinda misguided remarks, they just can't help themselves. Microsoft wouldn't go through all the effort to make full windows compatible on ARM so that they could release a mobile platform under the surface line and call it a "productive" device, whenever and if ever Microsoft released a product under the surface line, it was always a device that replaced usage between two or three form factors in one device while retaining the same medium of software productivity, they never went for lower standards, it was always top notch software and top notch hardware so doubt one when they happen to say this kind of things that aren't even set in stone nor have any proof towards what they are implying because they actually are trolls and no less, i checked that person's history and all i saw is complaints or understatements directed towards microsoft, thats all i have to say regarding that matter. also on another note microsoft also came up with the Cshell UI improvements so that the UI changes based on the screen size, this was for full windows = it was made so that full windows would work on smaller screens and make it, even more better for touch devices as well, this is the final point of facts i can make out for you, the rest is up to you to figure. 
  • Why, indeed!!!  I had struggled with Androids for years before finding the Lumia 900.  I went on to the 920 and 1520.  When my 1520 finally gave out--believing all the naysayers about the future of the Windows phones,  I opted for an iPhone and eventually discouraged by Apple's annoying hold on its product, I changed back to Android and its unstable, qwirky os.   So I am now chomping at the bit for a flagship Microsoft phone.  And it looks as if, this time, Microsoft may just have the apps to complement their mobile device.  If they do, watch out ios and Android.  The only poor marks critics would give the Windows phone system was that they did not have a great selection of apps, thereby, discouraging would be customers.  If that one hurdle is taken care of, Microsoft should rule the market.  I have missed my Windows phones for three years now.  I don't really care about a folding phone--just an updated phone with great specs will do.  Crossing my fingers.  
  • I think your forecast is highly unlikely. Firstly we have already seen x86 emulation on ARM processors so it would be unlikely Office would be ommited. File explorer was a long establised part of Windows Mobile, and as this device will likely be enterprise targeted i would be a must. Additionally Microsoft have made it clear that they have plans for continuum beyond windows mobile. I think you are looking at this device circa 1996 Psion devices. I bumped the summary to the top (people get bored). In summary the device picture becomes this to me: A portable device aimed at professional/students who require their data and applications to be mobile but who are not "remote workers" who will require a more powerful laptop. A device for those who leave the office for meetings regularly and may work from home on occassion rather than those constantly on the go. Voice capabilities will be framed as supporting collaboration. In a standalone capacity the device will be UWP, allowing quick viewing of data, Office Mobile apps allowing viewing and quick edits. When used in conjunction with another device through continuum however x86 applications will be available through emulation, extending functionality greatly. Reasoning. It is far more likely what we will see is a touch focused interface, not dissimilar to the WP10 UI - Adjustments to the Start UI in the Anniversary update made this format more accessible to a wider base as it will now be more familiar. UWP focused, with PWA as time goes on - UWP is far more accessible on a touch device. Microsoft has still had issues gaining traction with the platform so this will need work. However in real terms most functional and social apps are available, the issue comes with companion apps and services (Philips Hue and Banking service). PWA may be the best chance Microsoft has of overcoming these limitations Cellular functionality, always on, always connected - Windows on ARM is now a reality, this device would certainly utilise that, cellular functions will be focused on data, however as a pocket device it would be unlikely Microsoft would omitt phone functionality. Always look to the vision videos for clues, its likely that call functions will rely on bluetooth buds. Continuum, timeline and hand-off - This platform will be designed from the offset to work with your existing devices. The base is already in place. Every Windows 10 PC comes with "Connect" this allows them to become a contiuum dock. This is actually best for office based employees who may need remote access at times, a managed device that can project to a home PC when required. UWP can also support hand-offs, this means apps from the portable device can be resumed on a desktop.x86 emulation - We have already seen this in ARM devices. With continuum likely a part of this platform this becomes a tempting enterprise tool. Discouraging BYOD and instead allowing users to slave local devices while keeping data within the companies reach.
  • Microsoft didn't wait all this time to make full windows compatible on ARM so that they could run a half-a$$ed Mobile platform on a surface branded device and call it productive you troll!!  : I  , now get off my lawn before i call the troll patrol..
  • The biggest problem for Microsoft will be aesthetics. We all know the pride the Surface team take in innovation. So this device will be thin and ultra-ultra-slick.  So where will you stick your pen?
  • Not only that I see Alphabet coming in for the SUE as soon as MS makes an offical 'ANDROMEDA' announcement since google has been using this name since 2016 for their unified OS / Fucisa!  ROTH ROOOO!
  • It's the project name .... until they reveal the final product it runs under a code name, haven't you learned anything yet?
  • Pen loop?  Magnets are a great idea but does not hold the pen tight enough.