Microsoft HoloLens is the company's new holographic computer that goes on your head

Microsoft showed off an all new product as part of its Windows 10 event today. The Microsoft HoloLens is a wearable holographic computer with high-definition see-through lenses that promises to take virtual reality technology to a new level.

In addition to the lenses, the Microsoft HoloLens also includes spatial sound, so users can hear things behind them. It will have advanced sensors to capture information of the environment and the user. It contains a built-in high-end CPU and GPU, plus an all new third processor, the holographic processing unit, or HPU.

The Microsoft HoloLens should be able to understands where a user is looking, along with their voice and gestures. It can spatially maps the world around it. It also runs without wires, and processes terabytes of info in real time.

Microsoft HoloLens

Holographic computing can be handled natively with no markers, no external cameras, and no connected PC. Microsoft says that third party developers can make apps for Microsoft HoloLens. Microsoft is also developing a tool called HoloStudio that will allow users to build their own holograms and.then bring them into the real world with a 3D printer.

Microsoft HoloLens is supposed to be released sometime in "the Windows 10 time frame" but there's no word on a price tag. However, it will be used by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to help control the Curiosity Mars Rover and offer scientists a more interactive way to view Mars.

Stay tuned as we will continue to post information from the Windows 10 press event. To see it all roll in live be sure to join us in the liveblog!

  • Super wooo!
  • This IS a revolution.
  • behold
  • This is sick nasty. I'm impressed they were able to keep this a secret.
  • I'm proud of the PR staff about that too, hahah ;)  
  • For 7 years!
  • Should have been called halolens. [sarcasm]
  • Nice!
  • Not gonna lie, when I first read it, that's what I read to myself. Then I woke up and read it again, and was sad lol.
  • That's Microsoft!!!
  • Your move, Google!
  • Google just ended the Glass Explorer they made a move one way or another!
  • Awww Google Glass which is for annoying idiots, more annoying than those assholes who use their iPads in public to take pics.
  • The more annoying thing is people like you complaining and practically becoming those annoying people. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Seriously.. Whenever I see such people I feel so annoyed.. "Hey look!! I have money to fly to Hawaii.. I have money to buy an iPad.. Being the idiot I am, I have no money to buy a $70 digital camera.." Idiots..
  • If the technology is extensible enough that you could plug your phone into cars with HUDs, we could have the best in-car experience on the planet!
  • I'm a 100% sure this device is going to be use in cars!
  • Bestest idea evar!
  • Google will not do something like this. Google is all about pushing ads to you, wether those ads be in the traditional sense or "hey, there is a resturant that you like and it is lunch time - thank you for using Google, we made $0.03 for telling you about this resturant vs. that other one that may be better but they didn't pay us." This is all about being interactive with the environment around you. Not being fed data by some company who wants to give you their bought and paid for view of the world, but the world as you see it and making it into what you want it to be.
  • Like Terry Myerson said: You are our customers, not our product.
  • Thats the truth
  • Would be nice to integrate into Xbox one!
  • They are gonna. They said that in the live stream.
  • This was more fresh and innovative than all of the Windows stuff they talked about combined.
  • Indeed, after the bush off PC gaming got AGAIN this was the most exiting thing in the whole announcement.
  • No wonder Google dropped Google Glasses... they might have known about this!
  • And also those win10 threat leaks
  • Google Glass is made more for somebody to walk around in public.. this is not.  They are not exactly the same.
  • But everybody who doesn't know about G glass will think its a spy camera and not everyone likes being videotaped with or without their permission, if that so only tech geeks, devs will only be the one who are interested on buying it, I think that's the reason why they were taken down and also they are bloody expensive, you can have a smartphone/tablet and a PC in that price. You pay (from what I remember) roughly 2000 USD? For a ripoff phone that doesn't have the full phone experience. So yeah, the google glass is just a luxury, it is not a practical device for now.
  • Good point. Google Glass is a different animal for a different purpose than HoloLens. It will be interesting to see similarities in how/whether Windows Holographic technology is applied to other devices.
  • Yes Google Glass was different. It had close to zero usefull applications.
  • I wasn't expecting this. MS you sneaky.
  • Well, I'm speechless with this kind of innovation. That's BEYOND what Google did with their Glass. This IS the Next BIG Thing!
  • One word.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!   THIS IS HUGE!   Guys, I'm so excited for the future! Woot woot, wish I was there with Rubino and the crew!
  • I was mindblown
  • I am really interested to see how a Kinect sensor could tie in with HoloLens.
  • So it might also be the reason why project McLaren has to stopped because they are working on something bigger.
  • I think the proper word is paused. Perhaps after this technology is improved McLaren will be continued.
  • Yeah.. I was thinking that word but i couldn't pull it out, I'm on the other side of the earth so I definitely haven't got to sleep yet.
  • This is a big secret Microsoft hiding for years.
  • Already was amazed about Band being so "secret". That's huge for hiding for years.
  • Boom!  
  • Don't care what it does, I want it
  • This is insane!!!!
  • Want want want NOW
  • Yeah, Google Glass can suck my lollipop now.
  • You now nothing Jon Snow, now go back to the wall!
  • I'm worried though, the presenter has definitely got an evil genius I'm thinking the moment we put this on our head we'll become drones in a Microsoft army. :)
    Jokes aside...this is awesome
  • We are the Cyber-Men!
  • Definitely a buy...
  • Looks very cool but also looks VERY expensive.  Even if they develop a lot of apps for it, I'm afraid a low adoption rate will hurt its success.  Good to see they are pushing the boundaries, but this will likely be more like a first prototype/ beta experience until they can release a successor.
  • Nah... It's practical use in real world will see high adoption for organization use.. Maybe not personal, but the market is vast.
  • Since it is a self contained computer, subtract the price of that.
  • This could be HUGE for MS! Imagine future versions of this. Mind Blown
  • No more Science Fiction, This is Science Fact Guys ! And this ain't " Glass Take a Picture ! " ;)
  • I'm gonna send a hologram to steal that hololens. Nobody would know because holograms are invisible. (Evil laugh)
  • How f'n awesome is this?
  • And how often do you have to charge this wireless headset?
  • Not really often I think cause its basically a office/working tool its not really intended to play around outside so it has to have a big power bank or a power cord attached to it because like I said this device is mainly for productivity
  • That was not the impression I got.  They were using it throughout the house.  I do not believe this is just for office/working... But for home use as well.
  • Well I didn't say its just for office/workspace what I meant is this is a productivity tool so it either has larger battery for longer battery life or it is connected directly from a power source or both.
  • That's great..
  • price would be nice. I know it is a V1 device but it needs to be smaller. yet I'm glad they are not letting google make something like this first. if anything it makes MS look relevant again.
  • Sadly it looks like a failed sega project
  • Please don't care about holoLens future. Today I saw a completely different Microsoft. They will support it , I'm sure.
  • I agree with you, after this I stopped seeing Microsoft a weakling and I was really amazed today is the biggest surprise MS given me from my 2 years of supporting them.
  • Exactly my thoughts
  • This is one of those things that is just going to never get used by the general public. I can see how this would be useful in the medical field, though
  • Gamers will 100% use this. We don't know what the developers are going to do with it yet, but I'm guessing that there will be some great uses for it. 
  • Porn industry will 200% use this!
  • A lot of Holoholes...
  • Part of the demo was a guy sitting down watching Netflix holo.  I think this will get used a bit actually.  Imagine what this is going to do for TV's... Watch it anywhere.
  • Nitflix has yet to properly support 3ds(that sorta is Nintendos fault by not including n/a in their wifi) so I doubt this poc will be put in production
  • What? How are you be so sure about that? School is a general public, its a whole new different and amusing way of learning. This might even be a more successful than the OCULUS RIFT I mean lets face only gamers benefit from the OCULUS, this one is for everybody. And it opens up a lot new ideas and possibilities. And I think its also the coolest invention created this new year of 2015.
  • So it's AR, not Holo. Why don't they call it what it is? Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • It creates holograms in your display. It uses light diffraction to create 3D images, not an overlay of a 2D image.
  • Because it is instantly pretty clear what it's used for and that's good for marketing. They could go old-school and call it something like Microsoft Three-Dimentional Augmented Reality I/O Headgear 1.0. ;) It's true that hologram refers to a specific kind of technology but the term has commonly been misused this way for a long time. Also, it has other applications than only AR.
  • Actually HoloLens looks like Microsoft Research's work on their holodesk they showed 3 years ago.
  • I definitely want to buy that, hope we'll see it in EU as well and not like the MS Band being US only AGAIN. I would pay $500+ for this if it does what Microsoft shows in their videos of it.    
  • absolutelly, probably eveyone is going to pay that... imagine the possibilites for personal and business purposes. i'm sure everyone is looking forward to see hololens online on ms store :P
  • sounds more like $1500+ device...
  • If only I had all the money...
  • Seems like another useless dead end technology to replace Kinect.
  • No way man. Kinect opened the gates for possibilities, and this is what was behind the gate.
  • The possibilities for this is astounding, but in the mobile environment to be able to do real time processing of terabytes of data which it will need to be able to do will be a whole different types of phones that we have available now. Cry me a river if you want but then build me bridge to get over it... Posted from my HTC M8
  • And so Cortana is going to be integrated into this right!?!    Ya know, the actual holographic Cortana... for real...  The answer to that had better be YES!! Game over man, game over!   Microsoft Wins.
  • :')
  • Being on augmented reality street hockey! Wait....wait that's a terrible idea.
  • Thumbs up!
  • Same design in ways as the Band. I can imagine real time bio information viewed while gaming, much like what you saw in Gravity etc. Completely connected.
  • Yes, similiar design DNA.  Lets hope its alot more comfortable.
  • HPU .. process terrabytes of data in realtime.  Hard to wrap my head around that.  Amazing. When is the preorder?
  • Are u all positive to this ? Yeah it di look interesting but my concern is :is it safe ?
    Many thing come to my mind that this could possibly be dangerous both physical as mentally and could cause among thing as worse balance,epilepsy,worse sights,delusion,nausea and maybe worse imagination if you don't have to imagine things much often.....hope that IF this comes that all the worlds governments get this into inspections first to see if its safe and then give its OK....
  • Hopefully it isnt powered by NVIDIA. It seems like everytime Microsoft does business with nv they seem to always screw ms over one way or another
  • Porn is gonna rock!
  • Innovative..
  • Should have been HALO lens
  • Holy ******* ****!!!!!!!!!!! I want it so bad.
  • I have to say it: Alex Kipman is my new hero.
    He is really passionate and total proud of the product.
    His realtime slow motion walking and confident smile are like saying "..I already killed my entire family for this!"... I hope to see more from this guy.
  •    DAMN! Microsoft came out swinging. I'm going to have to watch the even in its entirety over the weekend.
  • It's uglier than Google Glass. You couldn't pay me to wear it at home, much less in public.
  • In before early release units are used to build holographic versions of Quorra and Jem from Tron which are then seen riding in cars and on motorcycles, and displacing enraged real women on Real Wives episodes the country over.
  • Hololens and Fleshlights. Think that about sums it.
  • I want this!
  • Is there an SDK or administered forum or anyplace for Developers to sign up?