Microsoft reportedly implements album art support for music uploaded to SkyDrive

SkyDrive and punk rawk go well together, says our editor

Microsoft has reportedly added support for album art in its SkyDrive cloud storage service, which could be the first step in the direction of a Windows integrated Xbox Music solution. Xbox Music is set to replace the current Zune Pass that many have grown fond of with unlimited access to a large library of music. Should one happen to upload music files to their SkyDrive account, album art is reported to be automatically added once detected. 

Like who first reported this, we're not entirely sure if this is new or we're just noticing it for the first time. Either way, consider it as more evidence that indeed SkyDrive is quite awsome.

Microsoft announced the upcoming Xbox Music service back at E3, and has since updated both the Zune and Xbox websites to reflect the successor, but we're still unsure as to what's exactly on the horizon for Windows users with the Xbox Music service. How Zune Pass, Windows Phone, Windows, SkyDrive and the Xbox will come together to form a new multi-platform music product is still a shrouded mystery.

Music playback is limited to single selection on Windows Phone, saving to local storage on the website interface, and through the Windows 8 SkyDrive app. We'd expect a more feature rich and user friendly experience to be present once Xbox Music is released, should SkyDrive be used in Microsoft's plan for media world domination. It'll be interesting to see how Microsoft handles both a subscription service for unlimited access, as well as possible storage for already owned music (much like Apple's iTunes Match).

Another question could be will there be competitor platform support through SkyDrive apps? Microsoft could attack Apple on its doorstep with a new music service available for OSX users - especially since there are Windows Phone fans that use Apple hardware (think Windows Phone Connector for Mac and the native SkyDrive client).

We've attempted to upload our own music collection to see how SkyDrive handles the variety album art, and can confirm that album art is indeed applied to music files that are uploaded to cloud storage. Have you noticed album art populating your SkyDrive-stored music collection? Let us know in the comments.

Source: LiveSide

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Cool
  • Quite honestly this is a pain in the @$$. I uploaded over 3GB of my DRM free music and already had the album art embedded in the MP3s. Now I have all these extra files to navigate through in the directories. Its a waste of space and scroll time.At the very least if you are going to do this give the files the hidden atrribute.
  • It would be nice if I could store all my music on my 25gb skydrive...
    But, I guess what's the point when your carriers all limit you to 2gb anyway....
    I still have my unlimited plan but, for how long ????
  • Was going yo say the same thing. Crap devices on every server except AT&T. So you go get their "flagships" and pay the highest rates and get capped seriously low for many of us. So cool features like this are useless to that same group. Then we have to beg for storage over 16gb and by the time they get us 32, 64 and more will become the norm. Great OS, but a lot of dumb things have held it back. Hopefully 8 fixes a lot of this garbage like they are claiming (lack of phones other than ATT, limit storage, crap updates launches, paying for apps that are then "stolen" by being deleted from the marketplace, etc).
  • T-mobile is unveiling a new unlimited plan
  • There's been rumors that photo uploads not will be counted towards the SkyDrive storage limit anymore in a future update, and with everything getting cloudy I imagine there could be something like Amazon Cloud Player, with a separate extended storage allowance, coming to SkyDrive as well.
    I have limited data, but with WiFi I can still stream my music both at home and at several other places so it's not completely useless.
  • I have 25 GB of SkyDrive storage, BUT...., I have 32 GB+ of music. It would really be nice if the music doesn't use up my SkyDrive storage. Part of my music collection is from Zune Pass.
  • Amazon doesn't count purchases from their store, which could look like a bonus to buyers but mostly makes sense as the files exist on their servers anyway, so hopefully MS will take some hints with Xbox music.
  • Upload via your PC..
  • Yes, SkyDrive does indeed add album art to my music collection. Pretty slick. SkyDrive's the best period.
  • It's pretty good but it's far from perfect.
  • Can't keep hidden folders hidden is one thing I would like they added, basically all attributes should be carried over.
  • I never said it was perfect. I said it's the best and I stand by my statement. Show me one that's perfect.
  • On my phone I wish I could "save to SkyDrive". We can do images, but it would be nice to have everything. For example, on my phone I see a PDF link, I click "save to SkyDrive" and now the PDF is also on my home computer. Should discuss this idea more in the forum.
  • This has actually been this way for a couple of months or close to it. I uploaded some songs back at the beginning of July (2nd) and the album art appeared along with the uploaded songs.
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  • Right on!!
  • "Anti-flag? That doesn't mean anti the American flag, does it?"
    Right, the band is pro American flag, just anti-the rest of the world flags because that would make sense. Nationalism is a boorish 20th century artifact. Capitalism has moved beyond it, it's time people do the same.
  • Um, Dan, it's from one of their songs. Jawesome got it
  • Damn it...I kind of new that too but wasn't sure if he was kidding. Did I mention I was up untill 8am watching movies all night? lol I'll how myself out now...
  • Don't you mean globalism Dan? (:
  • Jeez, and I sorta liked you. :-)
  • Been uploading music that I've purchased from Zune marketplace but still have to add album cover to the folder. Not sure why I'm exp. this issue. It would be great if there was an option when u purchased an item to automatically backup to a specific SkyDrive folder. It's just a start & hopefully artist background page will be included while streaming.
  • I have the opposite issue. Music purchased from Zune does include album art when uoloaded. Music from my personal library doesn't retain album art :-(
    No art appears when streaming to my Lumia 900.
  • Can anyone answer me...if I upload music that I downloaded from sharing sites, would Microsoft close my account?
  • No they won't. And you probably shouldn't be announcing that here.
  • I guess you didn't hear about the guy that wad caught sharing 30 sings in the Napster days? He been in and out of trials since then and has this week been found guilty and has to pay over $600,000 for his actions.
  • I would like to just be able to save a playlist from my PC and play that playlist streaming to my phone not worried about the data usage as much as running out of storage on my Lumia 900. I have the Zune pass and would live that and a family pass like Xbox live.
  • Is there an option to turn this off? I hate having all my album art messed up, but want my music in my SkyDrive. I am unable to test anything at the moment as I am travelling & only have my phone for the Interwebz :/
  • Has streaming always been enabled to the Window Phone Skydrive app?
    Im streaming mp3s now from Skydrive to my Samsung Focus from the skydrive app.
  • Yes, it's been there for at least a year now.
  • I just want the album art in my screen lock while playing and not the artist.
  • Not making Xbox Music available on iOS and Android would be a huge mistake. Exclusivity is what prevented Zune Pass from being a success way before Spotify existed.
  • Limited regional availability has been the major problem for Zune. I looked it up, and if the info is correct the Zune pass is available in seven markets, and for music downloads it adds one more for a grand total of eight.
    Windows 8 will put Xbox music  on a lot more machines, and it will help them get more people into Xboxes and WP/Win8 tablets, so making it available on Android and iOS feels a bit like if Apple would offer iTunes on other mobile platforms.
  • If you decide to make it a Xbox thing then you have to make it available on iOS and Android. There are millions of Xbox users of which thousands maybe have a Windows Phone and maybe thousands more will pick a Windows 8 tablet over an iPad or a Nexus 7.
    I offered some friends a couple of months of free Zune Pass and despite being Xbox users they didn't care if they couldn't use it on their phone or tablet, which makes total sense to me.
  • Is it a fact that the pass will exist post-Zune anyway? Maybe they will do like they do with video straming, and team up with other providers for "all you can eat" music. The benefit of that strategy is that they don't have to deal with the region thing the industry is so fond of, since they can offer different regional providers that already have the deals in place.
  • Just uploaded 10 songs-not seeing any album art. Just a blue note..