Microsoft: Improvements to Xbox DVR and clip sharing are coming

Xbox DVR
Xbox DVR (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S share much of the same dashboard experience with the latest Xbox One version, complete with fluent design sensibilities and an updated store. The boosted internals in the Xbox Series X/S line gives the latest dashboard a huge amount of alacrity, but there are still some problems with the over all execution.

One of the Xbox dashboard's most annoying, under-served features is the Xbox Game DVR. Back in the day, the Xbox Game DVR let you record clips and then export them into a fairly decent editing suite, complete with effects and other editing tools, called Upload Studio. The app was basically abandoned at some point, though, leaving Xbox users with a clunky and often slow trimming feature that you launch from the Xbox Guide menu. Additionally, issues with exporting 4K HDR footage and screenshots have also been a major drawback, as color information gets corrupted and lost when the format-shifting occurs.

Xbox's Director of Program Management Jason Ronald recently took to Twitter to address feedback about the Xbox Game DVR, noting that improvements are a high priority for the Xbox platform team.

While we don't have any specifics on exactly how the Xbox team plans to introduce improvements to the Xbox Game DVR, it's at least somewhat comforting to know that feedback isn't falling on deaf ears.

Have you had a bad experience with the Xbox Game DVR? How would you seek to improve it? Let us know in the comments down below.



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