Microsoft investigating Win32 app support for Continuum on Windows 10 Mobile

With Continuum, capable Windows 10 Mobile devices will be able to act like PCs, hooking up to keyboards, mice, and monitors for a full Windows desktop experience, and Microsoft is looking into ways of expanding these capabilities. Apparently, that involves investigating the possibility of running Win32 apps from phones, according to Microsoft's Kevin Gallo during the Connect() 2015 conference.

From Ginny Caughney on Twitter:

Will Win32 desktop apps be able to run on phones using continuum? Kevin Gallo says it's something they're looking at. #Connect2015

Win32 apps are non-universal, and can't be found on the Windows Store. Users around the world still use and rely on these apps, and it's nice to see Microsoft at least considering giving these users more flexibility.

One way for Win32 apps to get to the Store includes Project Centennial, which is one of the 'bridges' announced at Build early this year. Those software tools, expected in early 2016, will let developers port and package classic Win32 apps and games into the Windows Store. Such a tool would seem necessary to dovetail with Gallo's comment regarding running Win32 apps on phones.

Source: Ginny Caughney (Twitter)

Joseph Keller