Microsoft to issue an update 'soon' to fix Surface Pro 3 Intel i7 heating problems

Microsoft plans to release a software update "soon" that it claims will fix an overheating related issue that some owners of the Intel i7 version of the Surface Pro 3 have encountered since the 12-inch tablet started shipping in early August.

Many owners of the tablet have posted statements to Microsoft's Answers support forum, stating that their i7 Surface Pro 3 overheats, even when doing normal tasks such as web browsing. Some have reported that the tablet actually shuts down, with the screen then displaying a high temperature icon to show that the unit won't start working again until it cools down.

In a statement sent to Neowin, a Microsoft spokesperson claims that the company is aware of "a very small number" of Surface Pro 3 i7 units "that are temporarily restarting and incorrectly showing a 'Thermometer Gauge' icon while attempting to boot up." The statement added:

"Our investigation reveals that the system is triggering this event sooner than it should for some people, only when the device restarts, and this does not occur when the device is booted and running. We have an update that will address this that will be ready for our customers as soon as possible."

The statement added that the i7 processor in the Surface Pro 3 does cause the "fan to spin more regularly and at higher speeds – and for the unit to run slightly warmer". It would appear that the company feels the heat coming from this version of the tablet is something to be expected and that the high temperature icon problems are related to a software glitch. Of course, we will post up an alert when Microsoft releases this new firmware update.

What do you think of this explanation from Microsoft?

Source: Neowin

John Callaham