Microsoft just gave developers a sneak peek at Project NEON, Microsoft's upcoming design language for Windows 10 that aims to add fluidity, animation and blur to apps and the operating system. We exclusively revealed that this was in the works in late 2016, and today Microsoft has given us a first peak at what Project NEON will look like.

During the Windows Developer Day livestream, an image of Project NEON was seen the background of one of the PowerPoint slides being shown off on stage. Although not much, it's further confirmation that this is the end goal for Windows 10's UI, and Project NEON will be bringing a fresh coat of paint to apps.

Project NEON should benefit all types of Windows 10 devices, including Windows 10 Mobile, HoloLens and even Xbox. We're still several months away from Project NEON being everywhere in Windows 10, and we're expecting to see more at BUILD this coming May. In fact, a lot of the Project NEON APIs are available in the latest Insider Preview builds of Windows 10, meaning developers can already begin taking advantage of these new user interfaces and design language!

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Microsoft says that they want developers to have an easy time making beautiful apps in Windows 10, and going forward that will be one of their big goals with Project NEON. Semantic animations, built-in effects and new controls for default experiences are all in the works thanks to Project NEON also.

Animations and transitions are a big deal with Project NEON, with the goal of making the operating system and apps feel like they work together. It's all about user experience, and fluid animations make up for an excellent one, as seen in iOS.

Stay tuned at Windows Central for more regarding Project NEON!

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