Microsoft just gave us a sneak peek at Windows 10's upcoming 'Project NEON' design language

Microsoft just gave developers a sneak peek at Project NEON, Microsoft's upcoming design language for Windows 10 that aims to add fluidity, animation and blur to apps and the operating system. We exclusively revealed that this was in the works in late 2016, and today Microsoft has given us a first peak at what Project NEON will look like.

During the Windows Developer Day livestream (opens in new tab), an image of Project NEON was seen the background of one of the PowerPoint slides being shown off on stage. Although not much, it's further confirmation that this is the end goal for Windows 10's UI, and Project NEON will be bringing a fresh coat of paint to apps.

Project NEON should benefit all types of Windows 10 devices, including Windows 10 Mobile, HoloLens and even Xbox. We're still several months away from Project NEON being everywhere in Windows 10, and we're expecting to see more at BUILD this coming May. In fact, a lot of the Project NEON APIs are available in the latest Insider Preview builds of Windows 10, meaning developers can already begin taking advantage of these new user interfaces and design language!

Microsoft says that they want developers to have an easy time making beautiful apps in Windows 10, and going forward that will be one of their big goals with Project NEON. Semantic animations, built-in effects and new controls for default experiences are all in the works thanks to Project NEON also.

Animations and transitions are a big deal with Project NEON, with the goal of making the operating system and apps feel like they work together. It's all about user experience, and fluid animations make up for an excellent one, as seen in iOS.

Stay tuned at Windows Central for more regarding Project NEON!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • A single design language is fine and great. However, at this point of time, I am more concerned about Windows 10 mobile's future. To be specific, I am more concerned about 950XL becoming 900. Hope that is not the case.
  • The 950 and 950XL are dead. They were the last line of the old Windows mobile. Whatever emerges next will require new hardware to really strut its stuff. I just hope they get the app situation figured out by the time they launch it, because I ******* HATE my iPhone 7+.
  • Hopefully the shift to decent web apps will continue. I recently removed the BBC News app from my iPhone as it was taking up 400mb despite offering very little over the website. Don't have that issue on my 950! Apps needlessly
    take up space.
  • I agree that should happen where it makes sense. News apps are prime candidates. But some things do need a real app, and those are the areas where Microsoft needs to improve the situation.  
  • Haha that makes no sense whatsoever, if it takes up a lot of space on an iPhone it's the devs' fault, no iPhone's 😂 You are generalizing a LOT when you say you never had that problem on your 950, it's a completely different thing 😂
  • Whether the app takes up a lot of room isn't a question of anyone's fault, it's a question of whether it's necessary. For news apps, which largely pull their data via RSS from a website, there's not really a compelling reason to have an app at all. Just go to the website. And no, he's not generalizing. You're just trying to make airheaded excuses for iPhone.
  • You know, that's a red herring fallacy. Whether I'm trying to defend iPhones or not is irrelevant to whether he's generalizing. And I agree with the RSS thing
  • It's not a red herring fallacy at all. But since you bring it up, the red herring is YOU claiming he's generalizing, which he wasn't. On the contrary, he was quite specific in what he wanted and thought regarding web apps and why they're preferable to installed apps in a very specific case. Might want to retake that introductory argumentation class again. A D- just doesn't cut it.
  • Wow, you're pretty bad at this, lol. I was saying he was generalizing when he said he NEVER had that specific problem on Windows Mobile, when it's a specific issue with one app on an iPhone. So yeah, actually it is. If you want to be technical, you calling a fake red herring out on me instead of actually going against my argument is a tu quoque fallacy... lol
  • Oh, you fail at basic communication and it's MY fault? Sorry, I don't think so, troll. And sorry, but the issue is not limited to just one app. But by all means--continue on making logical errors. It's funny. And really, you don't even know what a Tu Quoque fallacy is well enough to use the term properly. Now scamper off back to your bridge.
  • Ironically, that whole comment was an ad hominem fallacy. ROTFL. You are the troll that ironically called troll. You can't just ignore what I'm saying just so you can call me a troll?! Wow. Some people, sheesh
  • Actually, we can generalize a lot regarding the size of apps that are supported by multi form with iOS and Windows mobile. The apps in the app store usually takes more space than the apps in Windows mobile due to supporting different form factors.
    An example? Just look out for any game that is available for iPhone, iPad, Windows phone, Windows tablet and Windows desktop. I am not sure about all the games, but most of the games I played(Asphalt series, etc) fills more space in iOS than Windows Mobile.
  • Actually, we can generalize a lot regarding the size of apps that are supported by multi form with iOS and Windows mobile. The apps in the app store usually takes more space than the apps in Windows mobile due to supporting different form factors.
    An example? Just look out for any game that is available for iPhone, iPad, Windows phone, Windows tablet and Windows desktop. I am not sure about all the games, but most of the games I played(Asphalt series, etc) fills more space in iOS than Windows Mobile.
  • Actually, we can generalize a lot regarding the size of apps that are supported by multi form with iOS and Windows mobile. The apps in the app store usually takes more space than the apps in Windows mobile due to supporting different form factors.
    An example? Just look out for any game that is available for iPhone, iPad, Windows phone, Windows tablet and Windows desktop. I am not sure about all the games, but most of the games I played(Asphalt series, etc) fills more space in iOS than Windows Mobile.
  • Actually, we can generalize a lot regarding the size of apps that are supported by multi form with iOS and Windows mobile. The apps in the app store usually takes more space than the apps in Windows mobile due to supporting different form factors.
    An example? Just look out for any game that is available for iPhone, iPad, Windows phone, Windows tablet and Windows desktop. I am not sure about all the games, but most of the games I played(Asphalt series, etc) fills more space in iOS than Windows Mobile.
  • Even then, games especially take up a bit of space on mobile, usually the heavier games such as Asphalt 8 are heavier because they work on iPhone and iPad, which reduces costs for the consumer because they don't have to pay twice for paid games. Seems more like an advantage for iOS there
  • Actually, Windows wins here again. For a single purchase, you will be able to install the game and play the paid version in 10 devices. And I checked with the various other apps. Most of the apps that works in tablets are far smaller in size in Windows 10 mobile. WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, etc are to name a few.
  • Oh ok. That's cool, there's no limit on iOS devices, but I'm not sure who would need the same app on more than 10 devices anyway. 
  • I need my bank app, commuter pass app, blackberry work app. All must support Hello. I can do mobile banking via web, but without Hello, it's a real pain to deal with login credentials. Some apps are needed, but I agree, that most of them were surpassed by the web experience. Not all apps have been created equal.
  • Why do you hate your iPhone 7+? I have an iPhone 7 and the screen is too small so I would rather have the 7+. My 950XL is my main phone, with my trusty 1520 being my backup device so using my iPhone 7 to play Riptide GP: Renegade on the small screen is a pain. I'm still waiting to get an Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows....I need that amazing build quality and more powerful processor. I would like to have the HP Elite X3 to get an even larger screen and some water resistance but it is outside of my planned budget so far. Looks like I'll be stuck with my 950XL as my main for now. Side note, my wife is switching from her Lumia 950 to an E71x!!!! Symbian FOR THE WIN!!!! No joke, the phone arrives brand new, tomorrow. She needs a durable business phone with physical buttons and something to help her disengage from working so much on her phone. The hope is, that she will get better battery life due to not being hooked into so many online services and to cut down on screen time. We shall see how it goes. I may get a Nokia N82 for old times sake.
  • I've still got my E7 sitting around if you want that cheap. It's a great phone.
  • E7?
  • The E7 is awesome! I always wanted one of those but opted for the N8 for the camera. I was using my N8 last week, great phone and the Gorilla Glass 1 screen still looks new, no scratches in 7 years, unlike my Lumia 950XL that got a scratch from wiping the screen on my jeans. If I'm ever looking for an E7, I'll contact you. You should post your E7 in the Windows Central buy and sell forums, that way readers will know it's available.
  • Nice. For me the iPhone 7+ has been a total POS. The camera frequently will only show a black screen until I reboot the phone, the much-celebrated Portrait mode is utterly mediocre (granted, I'm trained on REAL cameras, so my standards are a little higher, but seriously, portrait mode is a JOKE). There are lots of little annoyances, such as the lack of ability to create a "dashboard" where you can see all your important info at a glance like WP can with Live Tiles. It's SO much easier to get a sense of what's important out there on a Windows phone than it is an iPhone. There's also the issue that about half the apps on the app store haven't been updated in YEARS, so when you install them you have a damn good chance of getting an error telling you they "may slow down your iPhone", and man, they aren't kidding. I HATE that most apps don't have their settings easily accessible from the app and force you to go to the god-dam-ned settings app to find them. I hate that you can't create a folder of deep links to music, books or other app functions for one tap access. Instead, you have to open each app individually and slog through the menus to find what you want. Total pain in the ass. Force Touch is cool, but it's utterly unintuitive. If you don't know to press harder on something, you might never discover the extra functions it has, and it isn't always obvious. Icons? Sure, that's obvious. Buttons off to one side beside a wall of text? Not so obvious. The sole advantage of the iPhone in my view is the sheer number of apps. There are a handful I want or need and can't get on Windows, but that's it. Literally nothing else about the iphone is compelling. The camera is mediocre, the OS is unreliable and antiquated, the obsession with thinness robbing the device of important features like headphone jacks and SD card ports is ridiculous. The minute Microsoft releases a decent Windows 10 phone, I'm out of here and Apple can kiss my rosy red derrière.
  • You are using it wrong ;)
  • Rofl
  • I still have my old E71. Was a great phone in its day.
  • Agree with jasongw. I traded my unstable iPhone 6+ VZW for the AT&T L950. Waiting on Surface phone. MS needs to address the "app gap" in the short term as mobile web improves beyond the need for apps. If next flagship phone with W10 fails, I think w10mobile is toast. The Surface phone I feel is the LAST chance to save W10 mobile.
  • But If the surface phone is going to be running a tweaked full windows 10, then the current 8.1/10 mobile apps won't really be of help. It would have access to better quality apps and most of the apps released in last year are desktop only, would still be lacking some of the mobile designed apps.
  • Iphone 7+ is AWSOME!
  • It's one of the worst phones I have ever owned.
  • Funny, iPhone 7 Plus is the best I've ever owned or had experience with. It's just preference
  • It's not just preference, it's about capabilities. Maybe you're just a simpleton with kiddie needs, I don't know. iPhone's UX is awful. It's stuck in the 1990's, lacking countless advanced features Windows Phone has not only had for years, but has only improved upon. In my experience, iPhone is crap. I should never have paid to "upgrade" to this ****. I should have bought an iPad or iPod to get the handful of apps I wanted to use instead.
  • Calling me a simpleton is a rather kiddish thing to do in an adult argument. I do have more than "kiddie needs" and I have absolutely NO idea what you're talking about when it comes to it being stuck in the 90's. Seriously? Please let me know a few of the features you think Windows Phone has that are necessary and not available on iPhones. If in your experience iPhone has been bad, okay, that's fine. Stick with Windows Mobile, nobody is stopping you, just don't complain about it on WINDOWS central. I'm sorry you paid for your bad experience, maybe don't spend that much money on something you aren't completely familiar with next time? Go with the iPad if that's what you want.
  • I still can't believe they have no file manager.
  • Yeah, I feel you there. Especially on iPad, when they're trying to market it as a laptop replacement
  • IPhones are cool.. Even though I'm waiting to see what MS brings, I can admit that iPhones are cool. The hardware is immaculate.
  • The hardware is svelt, to be sure, but they've gone to ridiculous lengths to make the goddamn thing thinner and thinner. It's a pointless exercise that's actively harming the device's capabilities at this point.
  • Yeah, but the outside integration is somewhat lacking. Cortana doesn't really have system level access like it does for droid and wm. To get the most out of apple, you need to buy into their whole ecosystem which I can't get behind.
  • Yes, true. Cortana can't get the deep access to iOS that she can elsewhere. It's a shame, because Siri is nigh unusable she's so stupid. Some say she's "artificial stupidity", but I disagree: she's the real deal.
  • "Windows Wave"?🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • Hope Samsung will adopt w10 for mobile with the new S8....
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • There will be new hardware over time to time just like software.
    If a mobile OS keeps on supporting only the newer most, I don't think it has very good design. If this is the case, Windows 10 mobile is just as good as Android, without the app eco system.
  • Likenyoubi was forc3d onto android because apps have become a biger issue than 2015. Paypal and here maps and myfitnesspal was too many apps for me. That and no working in the shopes wireless pay method. I used iphones for 6 years moved to wondows and l9ved the windows ui. 8.1 was the best on mobile. I think 10 is ok still better than the competition apple and android but even mocrosft doesnt suport its own apps. No gestures on windows 10 meand no speakerphone option. Something that was oerfect in windows mobile 8.1. I hope too they sort out app issues casue id go back. Even to this day my 930 has way better keyboard.., feel and ui than my s7 edge. Heres hopeing microsft can cyange gear but ive been hoping for 3 years now and still no complete skype, no gestures and no wireless payments and a growing app issue dont point positivly in their direction. Hell im using play on android and it sucks but groove qont see the best s3lling s7 phones sd card. My ipadbair 2 doesnt have a groove app either and using the ios phone app version is well text wrong way round for starters. Hope os still there but one more year without gestures or edge new tabsopening to my choice of default home page. One more pooy thing from microsoft. Games or not. Better ui or not. One more terrible desision and im packing my windows bags fully and investing in either apple or android. Bi want 1 eco system.
  • It certainly seems like it.
  • Lumia 900 did not get WP8 and was dead in about 1 year. Lumia 950 is out for 1.5 years and still receives updates. It will also get Creators Update and I didn't see anything in Creators Update that required new hardware. So it is certainly not like Lumia 900, but maybe it can be like Lumia 920 which was dead about after 3 years, we will see...
  • Obviously no one knows for sure but I'd expect the 950 and XL to continue to get Windows 10 Mobile updates for a long time. What it won't get is full Windows 10 on ARM, which probably will require an SD820 to run at all and an SD835 to run well.
  • if only Nadella could have spun off Nokia as a stand alone subsidiary and allowed Elop and Nokia to do what they were trying - slowly but steadily, they would have climbed in market share. Once 10-15% was crossed, who knows, fate would have been different. Everytime I use my iPhone 6s+, a part of me is in pain on an OS with immense potential faltered :(
  • Elop was the main issue, had he been smart, he would have left the agreement open to produce Android devices, should Lumia sales not succeed ...on that note.. ...I personally believe HMD is an investment collaboration between Nokia and MS (possibly foxconn too). My reasoning is very simple ...MS was helping laid off Nokia employees find jobs or start-up their own business. HMD came out of the blue for the sole purpose of bringing back Nokia phones. HMD is formed of former Nokia employees. MS and Nokia gave the license instantly, to an unknown company that just came out of the blue. FOXCONN got some of Nokias manufacturing plants such as the one in India. Through their investment to start HMD, MS can benefit from their percentage of the sales (more than they would have with Lumia), Nokia benefits from sales as well as making a comeback. FOXCONN gains manufacturing plants as well as production costs. Should the HMD strategy fail, neither Nokia nor MS's will be affected, all they do is close the doors of HMD and poof it's done. On the other hand, if HMD/Nokia do succeed (which is very likely) watch Nokia "buy" them out and have them back under the Nokia umbrella.
  • I wish they hadn't bought and ruined Nokia. I wish Nadella hadn't become CEO. He single handedly killed Windows Phone. Before that asshat took over, WP had been steadily gaining ground for years. It wasn't moving fast, but it was moving up. Now it's basically dead.
  • I know. I came to Windows Phone in the sunset of Steve Ballmer's era. While he was CEO, all I saw was wp commercials. No Windows Phone ads anymore after Nadella.
  • there are no more ads because there are barely any devices, and the 950 and 950XL were nothing to brag about. You will see ads everywhere once surface phone releases.
  • And why are there no phones? Because Nadella is a moron who gave up and threw away years of growth.
  • Years of growth? At its peak, Windows phone sold 10.5 million units in three months. The total smartphone market was 380 million that quarter, so Windows phones were only 2.7%! Android was selling 10.5 million devices in 7 or 8 days. That was peak sales. Windows phone never had any growth. It was always a failure.
  • Growth does not only mean how many phones sold. It can also mean the development that happened on top of the OS, engagement with the developers, keeping the OS in the tech radar.
    Not to mention, a growth also is true if you sold just 1 phone more than the previous year.
    So basically, Nadela indeed thrown out years of growth. The growth might be slow or even near flat lined. But it was there to make Windows Phones reach a double digit market share in many countries.
  • Double digit market share selling $30 phone in small markets isn't sustainable. Again, at its peak Microsoft was selling 10.5 million phones, which was almost nothing compared to the competition. They were not successful, no matter how you try to spin it. They were all a huge failure.
  •  They were not only selling $30 phones. That is completely disingenuous and dishonest. Moreover, while Ballmer was still in charge, marketshare was growing year over year worldwide. It was not until nadella took over that the bottom fell out. And it did so because of his stupid policies. What they needed to do was continue sustaining growth and momentum while they rebuild windows 10. They also needed to deliver some innovative devices, which was absolutely possible with both windows phone 8.1 and with windows 10. They chose not to. Nadella chose not to. At least when it comes to Windows phone, Ballmer was the better CEO
  • The 520 and 640 were both sold for $30 off contract in the US. They are $30 phones. There was nothing to sustain and no growth to be had. The only phones they could sell in any numbers were the cheapest they could make, and even then the numbers were terrible. The higher end phones didn't sell at all! Microsoft had no good reason to continue making phones and they didn't continue. Balmer was heading down a dead end path.
  • They were sold *on sale* off contract at $30, that's true. I bought a few myself, and they're solid devices, especially at the price point. But they're not the only devices. Ballmer was heading toward a tipping point of mind share that, with the right flagship devices (where he was struggling, to be sure), would have finally broken into a worldwide double digit market share. It wasn't going fast, but it was going up. He was smarter about mobile than Nadella is by a mile.
  • Android has always sold the most, for a simple reason: it was free from day one (WP used to have a licensing fee), it has virtually no hardware requirements that anybody actually enforces, and every fly-by-night maker on the planet has half a dozen Android devices they drop into the market before they bolt to the next thing, abandoning them where they land. The VAST majority of Android devices on this planet are cheap, low-end junk. Sure, the sheer numbers are there, but look at the numbers of OEM's who've lost their shirts, or the fact that apps are stillmore profitable even on iOS despite it having a mere fraction of Android's market share. Total sales numbers don't tell the whole story.
  • This is true. We try to stay away from jasongw on this forum, lol
  • More like we try to stay away from cheap, lazy trolls like you.
  • Lmao
  • I wish you would stop complaining, so I guess we both don't get what we want :/
  • Yes, it's terrible to call out a product or company on their failings. We should all just sit quietly back, shovel our wallets forward and take what we're given.
  • 🙄 that's not what I'm saying. Landslide fallacy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I do not have Word to describe you, sir. You go from place to place on the forum looking for my comments to shoot down with your ignorant idiotic logic.
  • Man, you literally don't know how to identify ANY fallacy. What a cheap, lazy troll
  •     You know what's funny is, you aren't trying to fight me on my points (because they're actually valid) you just attack my character and call me a troll. Isn't that the definition of a troll, ironically? You use fallacies against me after I bring up valid points against your argument, and then I shoot down your fallacies, and then you call me a name 😅 Ad hominem fallacy, btw. ROTFL Let me give you a little lesson on fallacies here, because you obviously don't even know what they are. The landslide fallacy is when you take something simple, like what I said: "I wish you would stop complaining..."  And then YOU turn it into: "Yes, it's terrible to call out a product or company on their failings." I never said I wanted you to not call out a product per se, I said I wished you would stop complaining altogether. Class dismissed.
  • Clearly you haven't been reading. I have disapproven every single point that you have made. You have completely failed to show any sense in which iOS is a superior OS.  Outside of the area I already knowledged, which is sheer volume of apps available. As I have repeatedly demonstrated, there are many, many capabilities of windows 10 mobile which iOS does not have at all.  
    It is pretty funny, by the way, to have a guy who cannot even correctly identify three out of four fallacies try and give anyone a lesson. Once again, demonstrating that you are a cheap, lazy Troll.
  •   Just because I didn't explain the other fallacies?! Do you need more lessons? 🙄 There are plenty of features iOS has that Windows Mobile doesn't have, or is just now getting. Cortana and panoramas?! Really?! WM 10 is just playing catch-up to Google and Apple. Again, calling me a lazy cheap troll is attacking my character, which is a thing real men don't do in arguments. Ad hominem means 'against the man' in Latin, btw.
  •   I understood fallacies while you were still dribbling down your mama's thigh. Cortana came out in 2013, incidentally, and was actually designed and built by Microsoft. By way of comparison, Apple merely bought Siri, and they've handled its development quite poorly. Cortana is far superior. Panorama capability came late to the camera app, that's true, but it was available via third party apps for years. That's a really dumb example, but then, it's what's to be expected of you. And "real men", lol. What are you, some Christian nitwit? 😂
  • Seriously? I use Cortana and Siri all the time and Siri FITS MY NEEDS. Insulting me does nothing for you, it's completely irrelevant to the topic of which OS is superior. Cortana is a joke. Siri's development has not been doing bad, it's been doing great. It's definitely smarter than, well I was going to say you but that would be rude.  And seriously? You use 3rd party apps to support the WM experience, so can iPhones. In that case, iPhones mop the floor with Windows. Saying that 'dumbness' is to be expected of me is ridiculous, how bout you come up with a valid point instead of a fallacy or something from 7 years ago for once. Sheesh.
  • I've tried to slowly ease out of this conversation, but it has turned into a hot-headed argument. Where you just "call names" boo-hoo. Just stop. Please just stop.
  • Aww, poor little millennial feeling like a victim? Didn't get your participation trophy and now just need a good cry? It's okay little whiner. It's okay.
  • You never shut up, do you? Get a life
  • There is no future. The future is pocket pc.
  • Galaxy S8 pocket PC has a chance. Microsoft doesn't.
  • Is Project NEON going to support for 1GB ram phones?
  • I hope so. Not because I want a 1GB phone, but because if they can make it run well at that level, it'll be absolutely *blistering* at higher levels.
  • Good point
  • On iPhones, everything can run at 1GB RAM 🙄
  • And Windows Phone too. ;) I hack my Lumia 735 for Continuum, and... it's working good, like a dream. :D
  • Yeah, but I mean by smoothly by default. That is pretty cool that you hacked it tho 👍
  • Sorry, but look who's talking in generalizations now? ROFL. If it were only true that all apps on iOS ran smoothly in 1GB no problem, that'd be a delight. But on my 1GB iPad Mini 3 there's a ton of lag pretty much always, and on my 3GB iPhone 7+ MOST apps run smoothly, but a lot don't, and many are crash prone.
  • Woah, that's crazy because in the 4 iPads, 2 iPod touches, 4 iPhones that we have in my family, only the iPad 1 crashes. Weird 🙄
  • And just BTW, when I said "everything", it was in context to animations, etc. so yeah not generalizing there, rotfl
  • Typical Apple troll: "We have 9 trillion Apple devices in my house, and none of them ever crashes or has any problem of any kind whatsoever!" ROFL. You kids don't even differentiate your lies :P
  • 🙄 shut up. And actually, you'd be surprised how few issues of any kind we've had in our 20 iOS devices over the past 10 years. iPad: 1, 2, 3, mini 1 MacBook Pro: 2010, 2012, 2014 iPhone: 1, 3G, 3GS (yes I know they're different phones, grandpa) 4, 4S, 5, 6 & 6 Plus, 7 & 7 Plus iPod Classic, iPod touch 4th gen and 5th gen 2 Apple TV 3rd gen, Apple TV 4th Gen  
  • Yes, as on WP devices or most Android devices. However, that doesn't mean they run WELL. Even on my iPhone 7+, a lot of apps stutter or crash. This is especially true of a lot of abandonware apps (with which the iOS app store is overflowing) that haven't been updated in years.
  • 😂 yeah right android devices run well with 1GB of RAM. Or WM devices. I have a 7+ that doesn't stutter or crash at all. And if you think the App Store is full of abandon ware, you would be partly right. Problem is, those junky apps are about to get kicked from the App Store. iOS 10.3 beta has hints that 32-bit apps won't be able to run on future iOS versions. Abandonware isn't Apple's fault, or Google's fault, or Microsoft's fault. It's the devolpers' faults.
  •   A basic Android device that isn't saddled with bloat runs fine in 1GB, though it's still a fairly awful OS, largely because its ux os a ****** ios knockoff. Windows phone rings smoothly in 1GB and always has. It's a much leaner os than is IOS.  Sorry, abandonware is the fault of the app store owner. If it goes long enough without an update and is no longer compliant with the current version of the operating system, it should be evicted. But of course, nobody does that because even abandonware inflates their app count.
  • Thing is, it's hard to find an android device with that little RAM and no bloat ware. And even if what you're saying is true with the abandonware problem, that's not a good argument against Apple in particular because it's the problem of the Windows Store and Google Play Store as well. Windows Mobile will only be able to run on 1GB of RAM as long as it lives 😏 Sorry just had to take that opportunity. Plus, if it's that much leaner, how does iOS do the same thing and faster no problem?  
  •   Just because it's also a good argument against Google and Microsoft doesn't mean it's a bad argument against Apple. It's good and valid against ALL of them. Duh. You're going to have to be more specific than claiming a blanket statement that ios does something faster. See, funny thing: ios performance varies WILDLY depending on the device and the app in question. The are many areas where I can do things faster on Windows mobile than on ios, given comparable hardware. I can't think of many where ios would be faster, though. You apparently don't remember the Windows Phone challenge, where Microsoft challenged iphone and Android users to a duel on various operations in possible trade for a free new phone. I do. And the vast majority of people who challenged wp with their iPhones and Android devices lost. Me included, incidentally. I got a free htc titan out of the deal. Wp OBLITERATED my iPhone 3GS. It was downright sad how badly ios lost. 
  • An you obviously don't keep up with whats been happening since iPhone 3GS. You are super biased against a fantastic platform and super biased for a dying one. If you're going to call me a troll and bring up statements about an HTC Titan from what, 7 years ago?! Then you should just "go back to your bridge". Class dismissed.
  •  There's no biased at all you retard. Did you completely missed the part where I own an iPhone 7 Plus? An iPad mini 3? That I work in the IT industry, that I am a systems engineer and have been for close to 20 years and that contrary to your idiotic statement, I am always up-to-date on what is going on with technology. Everything that I leveled against iPhone and iOS is true of the iPhone 7 Plus. The only troll here is you, you halfwit
  • Congratulations, you won products you hate. What am I supposed to say here? If you don't like it, sell it and buy something you like. Good grief, attacking my character isn't helping your image here. You have a lot of opinionated ideas that you spurt off when you don't have any valid points. If you don't like it, I don't care. I like the 20+ iOS devices in my family, you like the Windows devices. Just because you don't like them doesn't mean that they're worse, it just means you don't like them. Have a good day 👍
  • Oh I've made many valid points, you're just too dishonest to actually acknowledge them
  • Like what? The iPhone 3G versus HTC titan? 😂
  • Nobody ever made that comparison, lazy troll
  • Uhh, except you? You said that your iPhone 3G(S) got "obliterated" by an HTC Titan. The only lazy one here is you, you can't remember even what you said yourself 😂
  • The 3GS was a DIFFERENT PHONE than the 3G, moron.
  • I corrected myself quoting the only good statement you've made the entire time we've argued other than that you prefer WM10. Big whoop. Go home
  • Oh I've said many good things. Your complete intellectual dishonesty doesn't change that.
  • And I said, "you obviously don't keep up with what's been happening" not "you are stuck in the past". It's great you have hardware you hate. Go sell it if you don't like it, no one is stopping you, "halfwit".
  • "..the goal of making the operating system and apps feel like they work together."
    So basically its what they already had going on in WP7/WIN8.
    Got it.
    Can they bring back the stability of WP7/Win8 while they're at it or will we have to wait another two years for that to come back too?
    One step forward, two steps back.
  • I think WP7.5 was, by far, the most polished version of Windows Mobile that's ever existed, from a UX standpoint. It had its drawbacks, and later versions are superior in terms of the underlying technology, but WP7x's UX was top shelf. Fast, consistent, intuitive. It was everything iOS, Android and WP10 aren't.
  • And unfortunately it seems iOS is the only option if you want something comparable nowadays
  • Or just better...
  • Hate to say it so but the only thing Windows has over iOS is continuum. But even then I'd be happy with mirroring to an Apple TV enabled display.
  • Yeah Continuum looks pretty sweet, I just wish it was implemented a little better
  • Not so. Windows has deep linking, live tiles, and come on, even in its unfinished state, continuum is FAR superior to Airplay. iOS has no file manager, its apps almost never have settings actually IN the app where they're easily accessible, instead forcing you to exit the app, go to the iOS settings app, scroll through a list to find your app and THEN modify the settings before you bounce back to the app. It's WAY easier in Windows. In iOS, if you want to play, say, your lady gaga albums, you have to navigate into the app, drill down into the appropriate section, pick your album or songs after tapping the artist, and then play. In WP, you can directly pin virtually anything you want straight to the start screen: albums, artists, playlists--hell, even individual songs if you're so inclined. One tap and boom--music, or video, or Evernote notebook, or OneNote, or Kindle book or Nook book, among many other things. Some apps even let you pin individual settings right to your start screen (as does the OS itself). There are many, MANY things Windows 10 Mobile can do that iOS cannot do at all. And I say that as someone who hated WP10 from the start and thinks it's taken WAY too ******* long to mature.
  • uYou realize you can do this on any iPhone with url schemes and safari shortcuts, right? I can ask Siri to play an album or a specific song from anything in the Apple Music library (it's YUGE) and she does it without hesistation. 3D Touch lets you access notes quickly from Evernote or OneNote, or you Just search for the correct info from the lock screen, even. It has no file manager, but honestly that's more of a problem for iPad users than iPhone users, considering that most people don't need a file manager. Saying it's apps hardly ever have settings in the app simply isn't true, look for yourself. Continuum and AirPlay are completely different things, for different purposes. And deep linking? Seriously? iOS has had this. Live Tiles is useless on my Surface. If all it shows is a little info, I would rather get iOS 10's Rich Notifications. Windows 10 Mobile design is also not to my taste, but that's more of a preference
  • Sorry, but you're wrong about settings. The MAJORITY of apps on my iPhone and iPad require you at some point to go to iOS settings in order to change pertinent items. Even the ******* stock camera app requires you to leave the app to change things as simple as your video recording resolution. Yes, you can call up music via siri with your voice, provided you remember exactly what you're looking for. Cortana can do that too, but it's not as useful or as fast as single tapping an icon on your home screen. And no, iOS does NOT have deep linking, and you clearly don't know what deep linking on Windows is to even say something like that. Deep linking means that you can go into an app, find a piece of content or a setting and pin it DIRECTLY to your start screen for one touch access. iOS CANNOT do that. Yes, Continuum and Airplay are completely different. DUH. One is nothing more than screen mirroring, the other is a robust system for getting more functionality out of your apps, complete with full mouse support. I suppose Live Tiles might be useless for a halfwit who doesn't understand how to make use of them. Such is life. 3D touch does not get you easy access to notes in either Evernote or OneNote as quickly as pinned deep links do in Windows. Sorry, that's just blatantly false. Oh and by the way: ROFL at "URL schemes and Safari shortcuts" haha. What a dumb statement.
  •       I'm pretty sure I know how my apps work on my phone?! The idea behind SOME of the apps having settings in the Settings app (I know, it's radical) is so the apps aren't bogged down with a crammed UI. like Windows. Okay, you have deep linking on Windows and deep linking on iOS confused. Deep linking on iOS refers to being able to click a link and it send you to the app and not the website. What you're talking about is more along the lines of Android quick actions. And if "DUH" AirPlay and Continuum are completely different, why would you compare them? "DUH." And again with the name calling?! Really?! I do use live tiles. Just not often because they're useless.  And actually, yes 3D Touch gets access to shortcuts on Evernote and recent notes in OneNote. Sorry, that's just blatantly true. Oh and I'm sorry for using the big words there with the "URL schemes". I'll try and tone down my hard to understand vocabulary🙄 Sheesh. Just stop. 
  • Nope. iOS is a joke. The sole advantage it has is a broad app catalog. From a UX perspective it's stuck in the 1990's: ugly icon grid, no ability to deep link to app functions or content, no file manager (so still behind even the 90's in that regard), no live tiles or widgets anywhere but the notification center, etc. I had hoped it would've advanced more since 2007, but nope. Not really.
  • I think you're using the term "deep linking" incorrectly. That's more of a quick actions thing you're talking about. Deep linking is more of when you tap, say, a Dropbox link and it opens in the app. The quick actions thing you're talking about is irrelevant to the argument against iPhones now, because of 3D Touch. 3D Touch also means that widgets are available on the home screen, and iOS 10 means widgets on the lock screen. Boom. Everywhere. It's not an ugly icon grid, it's just what works. Ugly is relative. And hundreds of thousands of people are just fine with the "ugliness". Funny, WM seems more of a joke, even if it does have more features (it doesn't) it isn't supported well even by Microsoft. iOS is by no means stuck in the 1990's, that's just your perspective.
  • That icon grid on iOS would look so much better if they put squares around them. Windows Phone is so innovative! Icons with squares around them that can flash random information with no interaction possible are a game changer! Not! Windows phones are dead. Microsoft said it themselves. They are just keeping it around until they move LTE and ARM support into full Windows. Then they will kill it. CShell will give them an interface for 6"+ devices, but it won't be a phone centric experience. It will be a desktop/tablet experience. Windows Mobile went from this: To a short time later they said this: It is dead. Microsoft is just going to find the easiest way out. Once they no longer need it for LTE and ARM support, it will be done.
  • THANK YOU! At least some one is sensible and doesn't call names like a 2nd grader when they don't have anything to say
  • The sad thing is that iOS 10 still isn't as polished as WP 7.5 was.
  • I'm sure its still a bit inconsistent in ui but it still is a step above win10 now :(
  • I thought so back in November, which is why I bought the iPhone 7+. After 3 months of using this POS, I no longer think so. iOS is mediocrity incarnate.
  • To you, because you prefer the feature set of WM. Stick with what you know, and don't bother yourself (and everyone else) with the rest.
  • Sir, that is a lie. You move from one thread to another and bring up the same points, because I keep shooting down your points everywhere else 😂
  • Only liar here is you. The only thing you've shot is *****--and that was on your mother's face.
  • you are visibly upset.
  • You really know how to lose an argument badly, don't you? Attacking my character (ad hominem or 'against the man' logical fallacy) or my mother's face (a red herring fallacy which occurs when one person points out something completely irrelevant to the subject of the argument, just making sure you know ;) ) is a pretty childish thing to do in an argument.
  • Ha! WP7 was a steaming pile compared to the competition in its day! It was laughed at and ignored. It certainly can't compare to modern platforms.
  • Opinion discarded
  • Factually untrue. WP7, especially when it hit 7.5, was faster, easier and more robust than ios. It had some diaries, that's true, but it made up for missing apps quote often with what it could do it of the box. Initially, things like Facebook and Twitter were built right into the os and functioned well right in the people hub.
  • 😂 whatever. If you like it, that's one thing. You can't convince everyone else to like it/think it's the best though, especially when you're talking about Windows Mobile.
  • Nobody ever face two sh1tz if you like it or not. The discussion was about items of technical superiority. I know, I know: Apple trolls know nothing about technology. Nothing new there.
  • Right, the discussion is about technical superiority, and over our whole conversation all that you've managed to prove is that you like Windows Mobile, not that it's better.  AND JUST SO YOU KNOW, SAYING THAT "APPLE TROLLS KNOW NOTHING ABOUT TECHNOLOGY" is a HASTY GENERALIZATION fallacy, meaning that you classify all Apple Trolls as knowing nothing about technology, when in reality the best you can come up with in an argument against me is "go back to your bridge". You can say that you have won the argument with valid points, but I haven't seen you make any. You are all bark, no bite. 
  • Read it and weep. Weep for the dead OS that is Windows Mobile.
  • Rofl, you think some year old article about Windows mobile being dead is evidence of anything? So tell me, captain airhead, what of the many new significant updates released since? What if the numerous high end third party devices?  Roflmao, you're even dumber than your average millennial 😂
  • Numerous high end devices? You mean three? One has completely flopped, the newest one is already being heavily discounted and the third one has been abandoned. It is really going somewhere.
  • Never said they were seeking big numbers, I said they've released devices and they're continuing to update the OS in major ways. Learn to read.
  • Your fallacies never end. If you can't stop being moronic long enough to actually consider what I bring up, I have nothing further to say to you.
  • Only person here engaging in faulty logic, ridiculous claims and trollish behavior is you. You're unable to even correctly identify the functioning of 3 out of 4 fallacies. You, sir, are a dishonest Apple troll, and nothing more.
  • Project Neon is great an all but when are Microsoft going to sort out the train wreck that is setting on Windows 10. I'm trying to sort out inconsistent scrolling between apps and so far I have found four separate places to adjust to the trackpad settings. Its mental.
  • Can't wait for Project Neon, and Eminems new album 🤠
  • I sincerely hope Mierson is just on a strick diet...
  • Love that they've got rid of the title bar from the apps. Looks so much cleaner 😀
  • Exactly, one of the best improvements
  • But that's alway been optional since Win10 first release. The only really required thing were the minimize, maximize and close buttons.
  • Looks pretty good!
  • I was truly worried about Mierson. No need to downvotes..
  • Why because he got his weight down to a healthier one? Have you ever seen him before he got big? He actually looks normal.
  • So project NEON will be "RS 3"?
  • Let's hope. I'm currently rocking my L930 and will do so till some time after RS2. Can't wait for the Surface phone with CShell based RS3 aka Project Neon, may be.
  • It isn't going to be Phone. Microsoft and this site has said that. They won't release another phone, it will be something else, I bet a small tablet with telephone capabilities. It won't be pocketable.
  • It will be pocket-able convertible and I'm 90% sure of it, you can call it a hunch. Why would anyone want a device that is above 6" screen with the complete Windows 10 OS crammed into it? 'cause it'll be sporting SD835? I don't think so. If it's not going to be portable (hardware and software-wise) at times, then it's not a strategic solution to solve msft's lack in mobile space, which is rapidly growing with a hope for the mobile computing future. Msft's 'ultimate mobile device' should transcend between desktop and mobile market and find the sweet spot to bring something new to the table, only then developers will at least try and consumers will want to have their hands on one of these game-changing device msft has to offer. I hope Surface team will make it happen.
  • There are plenty of 6" devices already available, another one won't be a new category. A 7" or 8" screen can still be quite mobile with minimal bezels, even if it won't fit in your pants pocket. Microsoft can market that as a new device type. I don't see them just making another phone, especially since they said they aren't making another phone.
  • Not all the ppl get new devices for large screen upgrade but for the power and features it packs compared to the other OEMs, in fact most of the consumers are dissatisfied with large screens. Everytime an OEM makes a device larger, it gets weirder and weirder yet ppl buy whatever they want while sacrificing few things. When I meant more than 6" screen device, I wanted to say how it would feel when a full featured OS is ported into it. Scaling is necessary, so will be the portability to hold account for the scaled down OS. Mobile form factor isn't leaving anytime soon and msft cannot market something which isn't new to the table. They are not making (just) an another phone but they are bringing the paradigm shift. Surface team is capable of doing that, all msft has to do is to concentrate on CShell, further develop Windows 10 and empower UWP.
  • Samsung is about to announce a 6.2" GS8 with no bezels and a desktop feature. It is going to be interesting to see if Microsoft will be able to compete next year.
  • GS8 could target enterprise customers more than the average smartphone buffs, it could just be like HP Elite X3. Samsung's also reportedly working on Galaxy X which would be the ideal Surface phone competitor. It also patented a design with foldable display such as msft's recent patent, both are onto something bigger for sure but Samsung's quicker with the development.
  • Will this new design language automatically apply for existing apps with basic animations and transitions? The speed of app development and updates on Windows is sub-par and I feel like developers will take ages to bring these improvements to their apps.
  • the screen shot says "by default". So i'm guessing uwp apps will have it without devs updating their app. 
  • Cool stuff. Can not wait for it.
  • Looks pretty good. Hopefully they will add the slider to adjust the windows transparency effects as well.
  • Is that a white taskbar I spy? Been wanting that for a while now. Would also love to see a white start menu.. (if it's available now, please inform me)
  • Yeah, I noticed the same thing. I hope it comes out soon
  • Yeah looks nice, also matches xbox one s so clearly something big in the works.
  • Please get rid of the old Windows 8 textboxes, buttons, and ugly pill toggles.
  • You are confusing stuff. Pill toggles are Windows 10. Windows 8 toggles were candy bar wrappers.. Unwrapped means off, wrapped means on.  Go figure!   
  • Awesome! This should be the fix for what has always been a repelling factor in Windows mobile and the full Windows since Windows 8; a lazy-fugly-flat UI. Ever since I got a Surface Pro, I've been really missing Windows Aero from Windows 7, but the added uses compensated and far outweighed that drawback. The leaks of Project Neon have been very great so far, here's hoping it puts an end to my days of missing Windows 7...
  • so back to wp7 and w8 and metro and all the good ol' JUST WORKS software
  • Project NEON is a concept that microsoft showed us in Los Angeles I think it was mid February in 2015, the concept was great, they did actually used in the concept even a white start screen and I did love it. So yeah Project Neon gonna be awesome.
  • "add fluidity, animation and blur" Eww.. bye bye last remnants of the beatufully modern, flat and streamlined of Metro? :(
  • The problem isn't the idea, it's the constant pivoting. This is the fourth or fifth time they've "redefined" the design language, and that's only if you completely ignore the "redefining" they did on Win32 (Win9x -> XP -> Vista -> 7; Windows Forms -> WPF; Windows 8 -> UWP -> "This"). I feel like they are changing look and feel for no reason other than to make things look shiny. Deliver innovation in other areas. Make devices less of a chore to use. Stop changing the look and feel, because it only leaves people with very messy operating systems running apps that look different across the board. IT's also a detractor to developers. People eventually get tired of doing endless redesigns of their user experiences.
  • Seems MSFT is dancing the "achy breaky heart" UI dance. One step forward (WP7). Then two steps back (Windows 8). Then four steps sideways: Windows 10, Anniv, Creators, etc. It's funny they invented the flat designs and couldn't keep up with the competition from iOS 7 and Google's Material Design. Now they're just copying and playing catch up in a game they should've been masters at.
  • This is my number one wish for Windows 10. The functionality is already great, but the smoothness and transitions in the OS could do with a lot of work.
  • I get tired arguing with people uselessly over dead mobile platforms.