Microsoft kicks off preview for next Windows 10 update coming later this year

Windows 10 Cloud Wallpaper
Windows 10 Cloud Wallpaper (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has today released the first Redstone 5 build of Windows 10, officially kicking off the Insider Preview of the next version of Windows 10 coming after Redstone 4 this Spring. Microsoft is now in the final stages of Redstone 4 development, with the company now focused on fixing bugs and making sure the OS is stable for release.

Insiders who are in the Skip Ahead ring will now be flighted Redstone 5 builds instead, with today's first preview rolling out as build 17604. The rest of the Insider Program will remain on Redstone 4 testing for the time being, as Microsoft still needs feedback on stability in these last few weeks of Redstone 4 development.

This initial preview build of Redstone 5 includes no noteworthy new features or changes over the Redstone 4 build, which is to be expected as development on Redstone 5 has not long started. We understand that Microsoft is planning to introduce Cloud Clipboard in this release, along with further UI refinements and possibly improvements to the Start menu and System Tray.

Redstone 5 preview testing has only just begun, so it should be a little while before any big new features start making their way into Insider builds. Redstone 5 is expected to launch in September or October later this year. What are you hoping MIcrosoft introduces in this update? Let us know in the comments!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • Pin, right click create shortcut, and other methods of creating shortcuts should be merged into one modern context menu. Desktop should get modern icons and enhanced live tile support with transparency options. The create shortcut process should be updated to include start menu support.
  • Maybe you should try the Feedback Hub?
  • From the article "What are you hoping Microsoft introduces in this update? Let us know in the comments!"
  • Cshell?
  • Honestly? I have zero expectations.  My 2017 SP is on the Skip Ahead ring.  I don't anticipating anything worth getting excited about.  They just keep adding more fluff.
  • Sorta how I feel about your comments
  • LOL. Me too.
  • I am hearing about the following items for a long time and will be really excited if MS could deliver them in RS 5. More intelligent Cortana Cortana - Bots integration Cortana-Alexa partnership Cloud Clipboard Switching between Polaris / Andromeda / Xbox Mode for Widnows 10 Pro devices like Surface Pro/Surface Book (2 in 1 devices) PWA applications in native mode Mixed Reality enhancements Emphasis on Windows 10 IoT core SDKs/APIs Fluent design across the OS and MS Apps new File Explorer and all control panel apps Edge Enhancements and bridge apps for developers to migrate the plugins from Chrome to Edge More UWP/PWA/Bots apps 
  • cloud clipboard, wave 2 of fluent design
  • I really hope that Microsoft is going to polish the system tray. It's inconsistent, even pop-up tooltips have different positions (some appear above the taskbar, others overlap with the taskbar and so on).
  • Never mind.
  • We need to see how horrible RS4 will actually be, and depending on that I hope RS5 will fix some of the atrocities of RS3&RS4.
  • The only thing that'll make any difference is developer interest.  And I don't know how they get that.  From it's inception, W10 has been just rearanging the deck chairs on the Titanic. ChromeOS went from being utterly pointless to a better bet than Windows with the flip of one switch: Android apps. MacOS, is likewise set to go from also-ran to better supported than Windows later this year when it gets iOS apps. There are only two platforms that matter, and they are Android and iOS.  Windows is completely irrelevant.  How they get that relevancy back, I don't know.  I suspect they don't. I'll keep a PC in my office for my work, but I don't see myself ever buying another PC for personal use again.
  • Microsoft became anti-consumer pushing WM out the door and the OS reflex this with really nothing to get excited about. Your point is on que, all they have been doing is rearanging the deck chairs. Soon that Google laptop will have if not already more capabilities and fun to use while Microsoft gives another update that moves the chairs around this time to a different location. I looking at giving a chromebook a look... 
  • Android apps suck on Chrome OS Windows is still very relevant. Little mobile apps aren't all that most people are interested in. I'm sure you've never used mixed reality either. It's game changing. Mobile VR doesn't even compare.
  • MacOS will only start to be close to Windows if they develop touch.  Until then it's hokey and OLD feeling.
  • MacOS is already growing, it is up to nearly 13% worldwide.   Windows is down to below 83%.   I remember when Windows was 94% and Mac was under 5%.
  • Unfortunately I am not able to get the skip ahead builds. I was in the ring previously but since I needed to reinstall I can't join again. Is there any way to rejoin?