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Microsoft kills Kinect Adapter for Xbox One S, Xbox One X

Kinect (Image credit: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

Today, the company announced it has ended production of the popular Kinect Adapter for Xbox One S and Xbox One X. The original Xbox One, which launched in 2013, contained a dedicated Kinect port because initially, the console required the accessory to function. Due to severe consumer backlash, Microsoft decided to change that policy, with a refined Xbox One S lacking the port a few years later. The same holds true for the recently-released Xbox One X because, just like the Xbox One S, it lacks a dedicated Kinect port.

This news will be disappointing to many gamers who wanted to use a Kinect with their Xbox One S or Xbox One X. The Kinect not only allows you to speak to Cortana seamlessly, but it's also necessary when you're playing titles like Fru or Kinect Sports Rivals. Certain games and applications like Just Dance 2018 and Skype go one step further because they let you to record or transmit video through Kinect.

Not only that, but this is also troubling news for studios that exclusively make Kinect games like Virtual Air Guitar Company. In a statement issued to Polygon, a Microsoft spokesperson said the following about the company's decision to discontinue the Kinect Adapter.

After careful consideration, we decided to stop manufacturing the Xbox Kinect Adapter to focus attention on launching new, higher fan-requested gaming accessories across Xbox One and Windows 10.

The fact that Microsoft will no longer make the Kinect Adapter has also lead to a further price increase across the third-party market, with some adapters reaching as high as $300 on Amazon (opens in new tab). That costs more than the Kinect camera itself! Meanwhile, it's still easy to purchase a Kinect 2.0 on Amazon (opens in new tab) for roughly $80.

The discontinuation effectively means that those who purchase the Xbox One S or Xbox One X won't be able to use the Kinect, without delving into third-party resellers. Studios like Virtual Air Guitar Company already struggle when it comes to selling its games because not many individuals own the peripheral to begin with, and this change only amplifies its struggles. Not many gamers, if any, will be willing to drop up to $300 on an adapter. Even sellers on websites like eBay are asking around $100 for used ones.

When the Xbox One S launched, the company offered a free Kinect Adapter to those who had a camera. There has been a shortage of Kinect Adapters for months now and the company is yet to provide a viable solution (and likely never will) for existing owners. Abruptly discontinuing the Kinect Adapter seems like the opposite reaction to this problem.

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Asher Madan handles gaming news for Windows Central. Before joining Windows Central in 2017, Asher worked for a number of different gaming outlets. He has a background in medical science and is passionate about all forms of entertainment, cooking, and antiquing.

  • Looks like my first gen Xbox one just got more valuable.
  • Indeed
  • Still good for Skype. Also good for adding images to videos, if that is your thing.
  • ""Due to severe consumer backlash, Microsoft decided to change that policy""
    I didn't know Microsoft listen to customers.
    How refreshing, i assume Nutella was still a staff member in the workshop.
  • Okay, no Xbox one s or x for me. Kinect was really the only reason I got an Xbox.
  • I got the adaptor for free, but had to contact them.
  • That free option has long been over.
  • I got my adapter from eBay for about $25. I still use my Kinect to this day on my Xbox One X and love it.
  • Do you only play kinect games or something? That's a pretty limiting selection to purchase an Xbox one x
  • Glad I was able to buy a second handed adapter in mint state a few months ago. Even than it was already double the normal price.
  • I made my own Kinect adapter with ~20dollars parts. Who does not mind little soldering can continue using the Kinect with XOX without problem.
  • Hello Jaroslav, any chance you could do a post on what is needed and how to do it, I am sure there will be plenty of other people looking to do this with no adapters available for the last months and now being discontinued.
  • The video is in Czech language, but what he does is quite obvious even with muted sound.
  • I found a video about the mod on youtube. This site prevents me from posting the link, but basically you connect it using USB 3.0 A-B cable and solder a 12V 1A source directly to the PCB in your kinect.
  • Maybe they will bring a USB version out. Didn't MS say they want to kill the password? Maybe this is all part of the plan?
  • Doubtful.  They added support for regular webcams---which is completely lame compared to the Kinect.  But they figure that's "good enough for our fans".
  • I don't think so. I think this is the final nail in the Kinect coffin.
  • This was announced yesterday, you were just slow off the mark on this story:
  • they have no idea how important that could have been to there eco system to make them stand out from the crowd
  • There should exist regulation for this whole killing stuff. Companies like Microsoft like to experiment too much on consumers. As a customer I like to make make choices so that I spend my money in a way that I'm not throwing it away. I bought a pc in 2008 and it still works. Try this with any of todays products... It's impossible. The life in todays products is way too limited. Tech companies kill just whatever they want, whenever they want. This should not be allowed, it should stop. I don't own any xbox, but people might have chosen the xbox over the ps4 because of Kinect. And now it's a lie. I bought into so many lies last years it's unbelievable. I can switch to Apple and buy $1000 phone and throw it away after 2 years because the cpu will be throttled. You can't even replace batteries anymore. The tech world is going to ****. And they want to act 'Environment friendly'? What a joke. I'm throwing away tech products every year because they simply get killed are not designed to last longer than 2 years. There should be ******* regulation. It cannot be allowed for these companies to make billions of cash and not support their products for at least 5-6 years! I mean come on, it might cost only a few millions. I'm starting to hate all of them now. Microsoft, Google, Apple.. They are all garbage. Name me any product i can buy now that you can guarantee will work in 2028!
  • As much as all this sickens me, I have to disagree with you.  I'm not a fan of government overregulating businesses.  Yes, I feel like I was screwed over for so completely believing Microsoft would actually stick to these newer technologies.  Microsoft over-sold and under-supported in almost every instance.  But, in the end, they are in this to make money.  I'm probably just as angy at the average consumer as I am at Microsoft.
  • Xbox e3 2017 all your accessories And games will work with the x biggest lie
  • Well, it will work, you just need to find in adapter from online seller
  • I agree with you!
  • I'm officially all in on PC. Just sold my Xbox One S. A couple of months later than I had planned. Not sure what to expect with Xbox, so may as well be where I feel my money will be better spent. Steam Sales are really good. Just hope Microsoft keeps giving PC gamers their Gears of War Fix with new iterations and I'll be golden.
  • I am going this way too. This will be my last Xbox. I'll just hook my PC up to the TV or get an Nvidia Shield to stream all my games.
  • I thought about getting the Shield TV. I've had it before. But I sorta wanted to use the Steam Controller. I know it gets a bad rap, but I like it since I'm not a KBM user. To my knowledge, it doesn't work with the Shield. So, I bought the Steam Link when it was on sale for $15. 
  • Steam link works great at my place. I've hooked it on one of the TV. The great part was how easy it was to get my steam and PS4 controller.
  • Well so much for Cortana on my XBox.
  • Even though I rely on Cortana constantly, I'm convinced at this point that Microsoft is going to abandon Cortana and move completely to Alexa.  Heck, I'm convinced they're just going to throw in completely with Android.
  • Agreed. There has been almost no news or leaks about any Cortana improvements in a while. Most tech sites don't even mention it when talking about personal assistants anymore. So much potential wasted.
  • ... and change their name to Microogle. Yay... Not.
  • Well, Microsoft has pretty much assured we won't be purchasing a new Xbox in our household.  I'm sure the list of "fan-requested accessories" is nothing more than a stupid plethura of multi-colored controllers.
  • People here butthurt about MSFT axing Kinect Adapter.  Y'all crack me up.  I can only imagine the statistical use of Kinect in day-to-day use was minute compared to its' broad user base on Xbox One, S, and X.  Yeah, it sucks, but I would hazard a guess that it was a practical business decision -- the software was barely there, at least, not enough to be practical.  I actually used Kinect's gesture features pretty regularly when controlling the UI but it was tough and an inconsistent user experience.  If people are using Windows 10 and Cortana (whether with a PC, or the Cortana app on iOS/Android), using voice (i.e., "Hey Cortana") or future Cortana integration into the Xbox app can satisfy users who use voice commands more so.  In other words, imagine using your device of choice with Cortana-baked Xbox app to use voice commands to control your Xbox.  Seriously people, it's not that big a deal.
  • Just wait until they cancel a service or product you like to use. I'm sure it won't be a big deal then, right?
  • I was disappointed when they axed Groove, but you know what?  I survived.  I'm not going to divest myself of a system or device because of that.  I migrated to Spotify.  And unless MSFT is planning on killing Office 365?  Windows 10?  Xbox?  I'm keeping the big picture in mind and the sort of plans they may be developing to execute -- especially with Andromeda and CShell on the horizon.
  • But for you when Groove was ended could still download your purchased music and stream music elsewhere outside of the Microsoft audio player.  So, your example is not the same. There will be no way to play those games or alternative USB device options fthat you had with Groove ending.  Removing the Kinect and now especially the USB converter completely either removes the option to get those games for the Kinect or the ability to update your older Xbox to an X (or even an S) and continue to have that option in any way to use your Kinect.  For example, with my brother, Microsoft lost an Xbox X sale. He was going to update to the new model in the coming months from the original model with a Kinect to his new 4K.  He does not want to keep two devices around and that is what it would take for his young family to enjoy those Kinect games they like to play. Microsoft is becoming idiots so often these days.  They continue to sell two consoles that require the USB device for the Kinect to function but have no option for a large swath of individuals who own the Kinect to do so. It sets another bad example of how Microsoft is willing to throw it's customers under the bus. Not only screwing over game owners but, game producers or any type of developer willing to invest in Microsoft.  Any future accessories or new devices are ever increasing questionable investments (especially one that was forced upon those that bought the original device)  At the very least they should allow some small Chinese company the ability to make the USB dongle on their own accord
  • So are you or your brother using Kinect for voice commands or using motion control for gestures within games or UI?  Because Windows Central posted an article third week of September highlighting third-party webcam support live for Alpha Insiders at the time.  So you can be butthurt (again, your comments proving my point) about the divestiture of Kinect support but MSFT caught a LOT of backlash for it being forced on consumers in the first place.  Now they're getting a lot of backlash for withdrawing support when it really wasn't GOING ANYWHERE.  Make up your minds guys!  With third party webcam support, you'll be able to plug-and-play your own device on your own time, on your own dime for a fraction of the cost of hanging on to something that, again, HAD NO VECTOR.
  • There is a limit to the damage control.
    People are mostl unhappy about how MS handled the entire thing.  First this was suppose to be the future of gaming. They made fake demos like milo to hype up fake potential. They sold this as the thing that sets XB1 appart from the competition.
    Yet they never really supported it with many games. You say "the software was barely there" and whose fault is it? Say what you want of PSVR at least Sony is supporting it with content. Then there were the lies and misleading information... Even though MS weren't making many games for kinect and how they removed it from the bundle, they just kept making statements about how they are commited to kinect. They knew fully well that they were not going to support it but they just kept making statements to make people buy it... Even recently in 2016 he said
    MS clearly said all original XB1 accessories will be compatible with scorpio... The whole thing is a mess really. I wish people defend fellow consumer instead of damage controlling for these huge multinational corporations...
  • Man, you are so spot-on here. How MS is getting away with this is absolutely unbelievable. If I invented a product that promised something great, then took your money for it CONCEALING that - in order for it to actually work - you'd have to pay more than twice what you paid for the original product, I'd be a liar and a thief. If I did the same thing to many, many other people, I'd go to jail. And if I raised my eyebrows, shrugged and said, "Oh, for you," I'd be hunted down by angry villagers. This is a real travesty, and they need to be called out. 
  • You crack me up I use this device and couldn't find a place to buy one for my xbox one x scorpio for some time
  • I use Kinect on my X and have used Kinect even on my 360. From the Day One console I've used the Kinect for voice commands and some games. I still use the 'Xbox' initiator because I tried to go to Cortana on my Xbox but when I said 'hey Cortana' my Xbox, Surface Pro 3, Desktop and Phone all pipe up awaiting for instruction. I was hoping that cross ecosystem use of Cortana would become a thing, but never seemed to eventuate. Perhaps that is still in the planning stage.  
  • Whether this product was "impractical" according to a member of the geeksquad is sort of a non-issue. The masses who lost money on it because they weren't techie's and chose to - at Christmastime - trust a company to deliver what it promised are the ones who are "butthurt." Oh, and all the kids who got a bunch of worthless Kinect-required games that they can't play, they're butthurt, too. Pretty sure you went well over your break at Best Buy to post that sophomoric mockery.
  • Why don't they just build a microphone into the front of the Xbox One X or sell a USB plug in microphone accessory so people can use Cortana? 
  • Fans vibrations
  • I've tried using a variety of smaller microphones and they don't work as well. They're even obscured by sounds from the controller.
  • This is tough but I've gotten used to it: Zune, Windows Media Center, Windows Phone, Microsoft Band, Bing Food and Drink (hands free rocked), Groove. I am glad I purchased a new Kinect and Adapter for my XBOX One X. I went ahead and picked up one more adapter from a well reviewed place overseas. I use the heck out of voice commands and Skype with my family. 
  • Sounds great for you, but not everyone has an extra $600 - $800 to drop for a couple of adapters they weren't supposed to need in the first place.
  • Biggest fing lie of xbox e3 2017. All your accessories and games will work with xbox one x!!! No my Kinect doesn't with out a dank dingle! And now they won't sell me one in Canada!! I'm pissed I looked amazon us 300 to 1000 for one!!!!!! In Canada!!,
  • I am still wary of this site but seen some positive remarks here...can get one $92 or so shipped:
  • That's what gets me. Some of these posts have quotes from MS saying that all accessories work on X and S, when they knew it was a complete lie.
  • Funny looking back on the backlash:
    "It's always listening! "
    "We have no privacy" Fast forward a few years and everyone is buying Amazon Echo and Google Home devices. I figure another year and apple will release a Siri microphone, claim they invented it, and people will line up to buy it.
  • Apple already announced it but then it was postponed or something. I don't really follow Apple, you can Google it.
  • All Xbox One accessories will be with you on S and X, Phil said. ☹
  • Then Phil's an outright liar.
  • I love the Kinect. I know it has its issues, but I have a lot of fun playing the kinect games with my kids. I think it really sucks that they didn't really try to innovate more with this tech. Obviously, some of the tech can be found in other products now. 
  • My wife and 4yr old daughter are playing kinect adventures as I read this article and sit down after a long day at work. My daughter is LOVING it!
  • As long they are happy and getting good use of it. Plenty of game left you can get cheap used.
  • The adaptor is bulky, so is the Kinect itself. If they ever release another one, make it smaller with only a USB plug.
  • Even though I find the Kinect pretty useless in my case, they probably could've handled this better. Giving a date to get more adapters to people before randomly shutting it down would have been better, huh? I can understand being mad about that, but I really don't get the big deal about losing the kinect. It is largely responsible for Xbox falling off of its pedestal, but now that it's gone, everybody is upset?
  • Really sucks because now I just have this useless Kinect sitting around collecting dust. I've searched everywhere for one of these adapters.
  • I think I'm just going to sell mine to be honest. Can't use it with my Xbox One X because I can't spend so much on the adapter.
  • How is this even legal? My kid asked for one thing for Christmas: an Xbox One so she could play Just Dance. Other family members purchased other games that required the Kinect. The only available console was the XBox One S. We shelled out $250 for that, then another $80 or so on the Kinect. And of course, the games. Naturally, Christmas for her was ruined, because we'd put all our eggs in the XBox basket. After the holidays, we rushed to GameStop to pick up the adapter. "We don't carry it, but Microsoft realized their mistake and are giving the adapter for free to customers." Welp, not true. In fact, if she wants to play even ONE of her new games, we'll have to shell out between $300 and $400 for the adapter. This is like Microsoft saying, "We're so greedy at this point that we'll stoop to tricking customers into buying completely worthless products. Oh, and any potential longterm effects of doing business this way are inconsequential." And maybe it's true. But as for me, I find this practice revolting enough to forego any urge to purchase anymore of their subpar products (I was already unimpressed - just not repelled like I am now.)
  • I can't upgrade to Xbox One X until I get hold of an adaptor.
    (Which should be included for free in the box, IMO).
  • The worst possible time to stop producing and selling this adapter: Right as theyre launching their newest kinect-portless console. This will only hurt Xbox One X sales. MSFT=VERY STUPID.
  • So I can't upgrade to Xbox One X now? I guess I will just save some money
  • Vote here! See if we can make Microsoft rethink their madness.
    The title from the OP might need to be changed, but it this gets enough votes, it just might get their attention.