Microsoft loves the United Kingdom and Canada – launches “Bing Places” to help local businesses

Microsoft has always been ready to help small businesses whether it be through their BizSpark program for entrepreneurs or through Bing Places for locals. The Bing Places for business service allows local business owners to efficiently create an online presence and “stand out from the competition” in Bing.

Bing Place launched in the United States and allowed users to list their business for free on Bing. Business owners could then also enrich their listing by including photographs and other details. Have 10,000 different locations of your store? No problem, Bing Places will allow you to easily list up to 10,000 different locations with a single click.

Microsoft states that the launch of Bing Places (also known as “Places for Business”) is the company’s first step to helping local business get recognized and engaged with their local customers.

If you are interested in signing up for Bing places and already have an existing business you can do so easily. First, visit the Bing Place’s website by clicking here – from here, you will be able to update information about your business, modify URLs, and add photos for your already existing business.

Store Listings

If your business is completely new to the web, you can also head over to Bing places by clicking here. Once you are there, fill in your company information and add information including your website’s URL, photos of your business, hours of operating and more. Microsoft states that you may add up to “10 business categories that may help increase the discoverability of your business”.

After either updating your existing business or adding a new one, you will receive a phone call to verify that you are the proper owner.

Are you a small business owner – have you taken advantage of or thought about taking advantage of Bing Places?

Source: Bing

Michael Archambault