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Microsoft launches Windows 10 cumulative update build 16299.19 to Insiders

Following up on a new Windows 10 Redstone 4 preview build headed out to Fast and Skip Ahead Insiders today, Microsoft has started pushing a new cumulative update to its other Insiders as well. Windows 10 preview build 16299.19 is now rolling out to Slow and Release Preview ring Insiders who are currently on the Fall Creators Update build 16299.15.

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As Microsoft explains, this release doesn't contain any new features, but it does pack some general quality improvements. Here's a look:

  • Addressed issue where, after removing apps, they're reinstalled on every restart, logoff, and login.
  • Addressed issue where localization of the error output from a JET database is broken. Only English error strings are reported.
  • Security updates to Windows kernel-mode drivers, Microsoft Graphics Component, Internet Explorer, Windows kernel, Microsoft Windows Search Component, Windows TPM, Windows NTLM, Device Guard, Microsoft Scripting Engine, Windows Wireless Networking, Microsoft Windows DNS, Windows Server, Microsoft JET Database Engine, and the Windows SMB Server.

This quality update comes just as Microsoft is getting ready to ship the final Fall Creators Update release to the public on October 17. If you're on the Slow or Release Preview rings, you should be able to grab build 16299.19 from Windows Update now.

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  • This is on Release Preview as well, if you've upgraded to 16299 already. I was already on 16299.15, I believe...
  • wow nice big on security with this one
  • It keeps downloading/installing Facebook/Minecraft etc.apps all the time. Glad this update fix the problem.
  • Facebook Ok, i understand :-) But Minecraft ?!!! Whats wrong with you ;-) #Joke
  • "Addressed issue where, after removing apps, they're reinstalled on every restart, logoff, and login." Holy mother of god, it's about freakin time
  • Build 17017.1000 for me on release preview
  • Fast ring surely?
  • Right, it's not even October 17th and RS4 will launch any day now.
  • Fast ring on release preview but it removed everything of my pc home screen and start menu and his all my files in old windows
  • finally the brightness adjustment (in the sidebar) in my new Surface Pro is annoying before
  • It was a fast update on all my machines except my main one. I notice that it now says AMD-64 instead of Update for 64. Anyone know why? After the install, it took almost 20 minutes for my machine to come up. Not sure what was happening between the lock screen and the start screen.
  • i had 16299.15 and opted out of Insiders preview, will I still get this update?
  • Same here I had  installed the preview 1699.15 as well. Then left the preview program. Do I need to rejoin for .19, and stay on until the official release on the 17th, THEN I can leave the preview program and continue to get regular updates as if I never joined the preview program?
  • Errr, the article says it's being pushed to SR and RP. If you've opted out of the program, then you aren't eligible for .19.
  • I rejoined the program to .19. Didn't know if I had to be on the RTM build before it went live on the 17th. Then was going to switch back to the non-insider ring, and hopefully continue to get updates like normal.
  • till the 17 when fall update is roll out
  • yes but not till the 17
  • I hope this finally fixes the windows store download problem. Windows store has become unreliable with updating in the last three build. Regular app updating issues with many error codes.
  • And i still have no Remix Story in my photos App :-( Is this feature canceled ? 
  • Hi all, I have been a Insider since the beginning, and is aware of the risk. Have had issues and sorted them out. Now however, I have a challenge. Updated to 16299.17 from .15, every thing seemed ok, but after a while I lost access to adding mail accounts, mail stopped working, and I even lost access to settings. I rolled back to .15 and everything was fine. Then .19 arrived, and I updated again, and again with same issues. This time (unfortunately :-) I tried a restore (with keeping files options) well aware that I lost the rollback option. The restore did not work, and I did not had access to Edge, settings, mail account option etcetera. I tried a complete restore (the option where I had to enter the restorekey). Oddly enough I received a message saying that personal files could not be deleted, but it completed the setup. Once I ran through new setup, and logged inn with my microsoft account. I realized that I had the exact issues. Any ideas? Now, I'm preparing the 16296 iso file, and will try a clean install. I hope this will resolve the issue. By the way, I love my Surface Pro 2017, and we (family of 5) have the SP1, SP2, SP3, 2x Surface2, 2x L950 and 2x 640, so for sure happy windows users :-) Sorry for my language, it is no my main (from Norway)
  • Clean install using the 16296 ISO seemed to fix it. Even after upgrading to .19 things now seems fine.
  • I went from .15 to .17 to .19 on RP without problems. So far so good.
  • Alt+shift in Edge doesn't work half of the times. I hope the fix makes it to the FCU!
  • "Windows Wireless Networking"
    Krack Patch?