Microsoft looking to find Steve Ballmer's successor by the end of 2013

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft is set on finding a replacement for Steve Ballmer before the end of this year. Sources have stated that the company is currently reviewing a list of possible candidates as a successor. The choices are currently being narrowed down and lists of declined candidates and candidates currently up for consideration have arisen.

Sources who are aware of information within the review board have commented that EBay Inc.’s CEO, John Danohoe, and others have declined the opportunity. Current outside prospective candidates include Ford Motor’s CEO - Alan Mulally, former Nokia CEO - Stephen Elop, CEO of Pivotal – Paul Maritz, and current head of Microsoft business development and evangelism chief, Tony Bates.

Microsoft’s choice of CEO will be a monumental decision for a company that has only had two, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. Microsoft is trying to redefine itself and the choice of CEO will serve as a steering point for the company’s future vision.

Ballmer retirement

Will Microsoft make its deadline to find a replacement CEO this year – and who will it be?

Source/Image: Bloomberg, Comic via: Woodenplank Studios

Michael Archambault